Yeh Jawaani Ta Ra Ri Ri 11th September 2014 42nd Episode Channel V Written Update


Yeh Jawaani Ta Ra Ri Ri Channel V 39th Episode 4th September 2014

Precap: Kimaya’s birthday is celebrated by Armaan and Cheeku comes and wishes Kimaya but soon shrugs off his hand. Devika learns that Cheeku has started to develop feelings for her and wants him to be calm. Gattu wants Cheeku to wish Kimaya since there are 4 hours left.


Highlight of the Episode: Cheeku continues to blame Kimaya on giving deceit to him while enacting the scene of Shakuntala-Dushyant. Later, Cheeku opens up to not accept Kimaya by heart and is satisfied as a friend.

Cheeku speaks of not able to go and wish Kimaya since she has already moved and is with Armaan. He thinks that she will wonder how he is trying to come in her life and then Gattu informs him that Kimaya and Armaan are only friends and Cheeku asks how come she knows about it ? Gattu asks him whether he is questioning her. Cheeku thinks it is wrong to wish even if Armaan is there or not and speaks that he has already moved and makes a final decision to not wish her. At Sid’s office, he is seen again going to sleep and his colleague Tanisha helps him. His boss comes again and thinks that Sid is flirting with his colleague Miss Tanisha and warns him to not do such activity and then goes with another warning. Tanisha provides him support.

In Cheeku’s class, his teacher speaks about Shakuntala and calls about the classic literature and calls it relevant in today’s time. When one boy speaks that the story is not classic and another girl makes a taunt at that boy. Then the teacher asks a question – Shakuntala and Dushyanta story is not real ? Few students replies affirmatively and she then speaks of a solution which is that they need to do a project on the life of Shakuntala and Dushyant and speaks that every team will have a boy and girl and each Jodi has to read the story and understand the characters and recreate in 2 days and they have 3 days in total. She speaks of the Jodis and calls the name and one of the names is Aditya and Kimaya and the project grade is 20 marks which will be added in the finals. Cheeku becomes nervous and ponders. Dodo is flirting with a girl and speaks that Yo Yo Honey singh is a friend of him and then comes Gattu. Gattu also speaks in the same line with Dodo and speaks that Dodo has many more celebrities as friends and calls Yo Yo as Dodo’s childhood friend. Dodo then speaks that he studied along with Yo Yo in school and after some pondering comes with a false school name St. Peters School. The girl with whom he was talking then learns that Dodo is a liar since she knows lot of info on Yo Yo Singh and informs Dodo that Yo Yo has studied in Sardar Patel school and not in St. Peters.

Dodo then tries to calm down the girl Shivani but she doesn’t listen and throws the chip on his head. Dodo and Gattu finds Cheeku and stops him. Cheeku speaks that he got a project on Shakuntala and Dushyant and then with some sigh and calmness speaks that he got a project partner who is Kimaya. Dodo and Gattu laughs after hearing him and she informs that only Kimaya is destined for him and that may be good or bad. Dodo and Gattu informs Devika as well and she is amused as well. Devika wishes that last year if she was present then she should have portrayed the role of Shakuntala and Sid the role of Dushyant. Kimaya comes there and asks whether they have seen Cheeku and she is being told that Cheeku has gone to the library to find some references for the project. Sid is at home and wakes up and meets him parents and his father asks why does he come late and arrives in the morning. He wants an answer from his son Sid but he comes annoyed and leaves. Sid’s mother argues with her husband and he further makes a taunt that the tea has more sugar. Devika calls Sid and asks him about his plan for the evening and he asks whether he should sent an excel sheet with his plan and schedule and then hung up the phone on her. Dodo thinks that Sid’s love story is going towards the down turn.

Kimaya at her end meets Cheeku at the library and speaks that he has already started his preparations. She wants to join him and he speaks that there are many books and interpretations that he is confused. He then speaks of not able to work in the library and she advises that they can go to the classroom since there will only be 2 of them. Cheeku declines the classroom idea and also the idea to go to Kimaya’s place. Cheeku’s starts his preparation and sketches the story turning point – Dushyant giving a ring to Shakuntala, or Shakuntala losing the ring, or Dushyant forgetting Shakuntala. Kimaya is also there and she informs the turning point would be Dushyant forgetting Shakuntala and suggests that just imagine what shakuntala felt when he forget her. Kimaya suggests that they enact a scene so that they can get new element and understand better. Kimaya and Cheeku are seen in ancient attire and in the character of Shakuntala and Dushyant respectively. In the scene shown, Shakuntala is trying to remind Dushyant how they have first met since he has forgotten her and calls herself as his wife and he has met her in a forest when he came for hunt and she was in the Ashram of Rishi and there they fell in love and also their marriage was realized. Dushyant calls it nonsense and suggests that he cannot remember anything like this and she reminds that he loves her so how could he forgot her easily ? Cheeku aka Dushyant replies that he haven’t forgotten anything and asks what kind of love is she talking about ? He speaks that love means trust and he then comes out of the character and speaks that he cannot forget her lies in particular with the ones about Armaan who is currently her boyfriend.

She speaks that Armaan is only a friend and was a boyfriend before and he then shouts lie. The scene comes to Cheeku and Kimaya in the present and he apologizes to her and she asks him whether he has feelings for her in his heart. He wants to talk on another topic and she speaks on her thought that he is very sensitive but actually is very weak. She informs him on talking with him on any matter and is about to leave. Cheeku stops her as she was leaving and holds her hand from behind.

Next Episode: Cheeku after some thought speaks to Kimaya that he doesn’t have any feelings for her in his heart. After hearing it, she carries a teary face and forcibly thanks God and suggests that she wanted to listen the same and thinks that they need to have a fresh start. When she puts forward her hand for friendship, he accepts it and is very glad. Dodo and Gattu are seen in the cafeteria and he again speaks on flirting with a girl and Gattu reminds him when was the last time he spoke in the similar manner – at Cheeku’s birthday. Cheeku is also with them and speaks of doing something for Kimaya’s birthday. Kimaya then finds a Belated Happy Birthday Message on a class room board.

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