Soumya to taste the marriage side effects; Suhani to sail happily in Suhani Si Ek Ladki


soumya suhani yuvraaj in suhani si ek ladki


Soumya has finally met Krishna’s parents. His dad worked for her and calls her Baby ji upon meeting, but to his wife replied rudely saying she was our boss before, but now Soumya will be touching out feet every day and giving us respect. Soumya does not feel bad and agrees. She later faces troubles as Krishna’s mum and his sister Rakhi does not leave any leaf unturned to insult her. The man whom she loved, Krishna, does not support her and stands numb seeing her insult done. Soumya feels bad and regrets now. She thinks about Suhani, who married Yuvraaj and is happy with him. Soumya truly loves Krishna and expected him to be supportive and loving husband just like Yuvraaj. Well, Krishna’s parents have just come and the time will show how Soumya has to face more problems every day. Krishna’s mum takes all expenses under her hands and instructs Soumya to follow her guidelines. She takes much work by Soumya and even changes her attire. Krishna does not take any stand for Soumya, which annoys her.

On the other hand, Suhani is happy in Birla house, even in the presence of Rags and Menka. They try to make Suhani get scolded by Dadi by hiding the bowls, but Sharad helps Suhani in last minute, which makes Rags and Menka’s plan flop. They get punished another time and its happy time for Suhani once again. Yuvraaj is knowing her better now and also started trusting Suhani. Yuvraaj defends Suhani infront of Dadi and does not want Suhani to know he does not love her. He thinks he can’t break her dreams and hopes. Yuvraaj and Suhani have some moments of secluded moments. Sharad senses Yuvraaj is in love with Suhani and not admitting it. He makes Yuvraaj understand and accept it, but Yuvraaj avoids the talk and stays with friendship tag. Will Suhani’s love grow in Yuvraaj’s heart and make them inseparable? Keep reading.


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