Yeh Hai Aashiqui 21st September 2014 Episode 68 starring Vallary Lokre and Shivam Patil on Bindass – Written Update


Yeh Hai Aashiqui - Joyeeta and Jeet's Love Story

The story is set in Mumbai 2008. Joyeeta is selling her dance academy and she suggests on the quote that all good things come to an end when the broker asks why she want to sell it ? Joyeeta’s husband doesn’t treat her well and goes to take his flight. He speaks of not having time to listen to her nonsensical talking and she replies on speaking less and carries some sad emotions and tears on her face. She receives a call from her dance academy student who invites her for Navratri celebration. The student informs of a friend who want to learn some dance from her. Joyeeta declines and speaks of not teaching dance anymore. She closes the dance academy with tears in her eyes.

Rithvik Dhanjani (the host) speaks that all endings lead to a new beginning and this quote was turning true for Joyeeta’s life just when she thought that her career and marriage both not working fine. It is said that when all the doors are closed then you get one small window opening because of destiny and it has opened such window for her and has some plans for her. Rithvik welcomes all.

Joyeeta attends the Navratri function at her student’s Roop place. Jeet introduces himself to Joyeeta and he speaks of his wish to learn dance from her. He tries to convince her that once he learnt dance he will appear on TV and tries hard. She asks him to look another teacher. He goes wherever she goes and tries to convince her a lot by doing all kind of requests – giving her food to lying on the floor with much sincere request. She then agrees to teach him dance at her academy next day. She calls him Drama-E-Baaz.  Joyeeta calls her husband Sharad and informs him on wearing dance shoes and she asks him whether he is busy and he speaks loudly on being busy and it is evident.  Joyeeta waits for Jeet and soon Jeet comes with some friends. Jeet performs on Hip-Hop and show some flips and his friends praise him. She thinks that he will learn fast and asks him whether thats right. She then teaches him some Salsa Dance moves which he is completely unaware of and feels dumb. In the end Salsa moves, both share eyelocks and he looks at her deeply and then calls her an inspiration and she looks at the inspiration quote in her calendar. He takes back his words and suggests that he has lot to learn.

Jeet comes next day and she teaches him some dance steps [Tere Bin Main Na Dekhu Na Subha.. song plays] and later he remembers about her and dance. Jeet’s friends calls Joyeeta as Aunty. Jeet confronts his friend but they continue to call her Aunty. He goes to dance class with her and imagines to speak that he is falling for her. He looks at her and the dance form is Salsa which needs body postures to be close and hugs in dance moves as well. She applauds him for learning so much in one week and she suggests that he needs to do more better. They then perform another time a lift dance routine and in the end when he lifts her both share eyelock and at the same time her husband Sharad comes there and finds them in that posture. He comes and asks Joyeeta that she has started her dance class and haven’t informed him. She introduces Sharad to Jeet and when Jeet speaks of extra rehearsals he scolds him and then Jeet leaves from that room. Sharad argues with Joyeeta and speaks of going again and takes keys of home and leaves. Jeet meets Joyeeta when she was returning and he proposes to take her on a dinner. He speaks its sad that someone can forget her birthday and sings the happy birthday song and brings a cake for her. Both share the cake and she asks him how does he know about her birthday ? He calls her inspiration and thus cannot forget her birthday. She then agrees to go with him in his car for the dinner which he earlier proposed.

Later, he meets Roop and speaks of learning the latin dance very fast. She speaks on knowing why is he changing and informs that he is being attracted to Joyeeta mam ? She thinks that it is common to get attracted with teacher but Joyeeta is different and also married. He speaks of not having infatuation and suggests of loving her. He then speaks of loving her without expectations from his side and unconditionally. Jeet’s friend asks him to take out some fun but do not fall in love and relationships. He speaks of loving her and other things  doesn’t matter to him and vows to talk to her and confess his love. Next day, Joyeeta does some dance rehearsal and gets dizzy and loses balance and falls on Jeet. She speaks of having low B.P and he speaks its anti-depression pills. He speaks of coming early so that he can dance well and mistakes will be less as well. She speaks that sometimes he reminds her of herself. She opens up and speaks that when she was of his age then she was very passionate, ambitious and had never say die attitude and now have became mature. He then speaks of registering for the duet for the audition and she asks him that he wanted to perform solo, right ? He speaks that in life and dance when you have someone with you, then the chances of winning is much more thus he registered for the duet. He asks whether she will dance with him and she replies its not possible at all. They start the rehearsal and during their dance he opens up and confesses his love for her and even goes on to kiss close to her lips. [Kaisi Teri Khud karzi .. Re Kabira song plays]. Joyeeta goes inside the make-up room and cries while looking in the mirror and remembers about her husband Sharad’s ill treatment towards her.

Later on, she closes the dance academy and Jeet tries to reach and call her but she is not accepting his calls [Re Kabira Re Fakira Maan jaa song plays]. He then comes to her home and suggests that he just spoke I love you and didn’t expect that she will return the same. She takes him inside and suggests that she is 30 years old and asks him how much old he is? He admits to be smaller than her in age and even then he loves her a lot. She suggests of being married and he replies that her husband even doesn’t know remember her birthday. He speaks of going but wants her to not avoid him and he then holds her hand and suggests that her eyes are saying something different. She wants him to leave and pushes him out of the door. Jeet calls his friend and informs on withdrawing from the audition. Roop comes to Joyeeta’s home and asks her on whether she feels for Jeet. She replies not feeling for him and then Roop reminds her of seeing feelings for Jeet and looked happy with him. Joyeeta doesn’t look at her while talking and cries and Roop believes that Joyeeta loves him as well and she speaks of the difference. On one hand, Jeet wants to express his love to all while Joyeeta doesn’t want it to express. Roop speaks that Jeet will never leave her alone and he is stubborn and will destroy his life for sake of her. She then informs Joyeeta that Jeet’s audition is tomorrow and he is going to withdraw it. Jeet goes to the dance competition and speaks there of his wish to withdraw from the audition. As he was signing, Joyeeta comes there and stops him from signing the withdrawl application.

Joyeeta and Jeet then does the audition together in Salsa dance form with judges watching them. They speak how Jeet and Joyeeta are performing with much grace and energy though they differ in their age. After the performance, Joyeeta falls unconscious and he calls for help and take her to the hospital. At the hospital, he learns that Joyeeta is in last stage of breast cancer and even since some days she has missed her chemotherapy lessons. Jeet cries on learning about it.

Rithvik (the host) speaks that Joyeeta has spent all her life after marriage to be a good wife for her husband and on other hand only after the entry of Jeet she started to think about herself and own happiness.

Sharad comes at the hospital to see Joyeeta. Jeet is seen sitting in the ICU beside Joyeeta’s bed. She wants him to give some documents to her husband and he asks why she doesn’t want to give herself ? She replies what if she is not alive by tomorrow ? Jeet meets Sharad outside the ICU and he gives him the document which Joyeeta has given for him. Soon,  Jeet comes inside the ICU and informs her on giving the envelope to Sharad. She then speaks of sharing her heart out and then confesses her love for him. She speaks before she was married but now she is a divorcee so she can share her what’s inside her heart. She then puts his hand on her heart and confesses her love for him and suggests that they will meet and be in love in next birth. She wants to have a dance with him for the last time. Sharad looks at them from the door glass opening and speaks that rules cannot govern who loves whom and the age and also suggests how he was unable to give love to her which she got from Jeet and leaves. Sharad knows about Joyeeta’s divorce papers. Joyeeta breaths her last in the last dance step with Jeet and Sharad comes inside to see her passing away.

Rithvik speaks that love is indeed very strange and Joyeeta has made everyone think that rules doesn’t matter for love because who are we to set the rules and suggests that love is unpredictable but it makes you think. Rithvik signs off by saying – Keep falling in love guys !!

Yeh Hai Aashiqui Episode 61, Rithvik Dhanjani

Additional Note: We believe that actors have done a fabulous job in Acting, and the story is touching as well !!

Some Info On Cast:
* Jeet is portrayed by actor and dancer Shivam Patil
– He appeared in MTV Webbed and MTV Rush shows.
– Part of dance crew – Street Soul Dance Crew.
– Took an acting course under Barry John in Delhi.
– Shivam was born in Delhi but lives with family in Mumbai.
– Shivam played the role of Rahul in Yeh Hai Aashiqui 42nd Episode aired on 11th May 2014 [with Quote – Life is like a Pizza]. If interested, read that Episode WU here.

Yeh Hai Aashiqui - Shivam Patil

* Joyeeta is played by actress and dancer Vallary Lokre
– She played the role of the Ballroom Teacher – Miss Nicole in Channel V’s Dil Dosti Dance.
– She is the national champion in Latin American form of dance.

* Sharad is played by actor – Zubair Khan.

Image credit: Twitter page of Bindass TV and Shivam’s pic from his Wikipedia page.

Episode Video:
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Next Week: Yeh Hai Aashiqui: Episode 69. Sunday, 28th September 2014
Actress – Sara Khan is playing the lead female lead and the story depicts that love can happen between individuals from different states – Punjab and Tamil Nadu and on a broader note explain that love doesn’t see any boundaries.

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