Shaurya rejects Durga by his doubt layer; Rajnath convinces Dev to marry Durga in Ek Hasina Thi


dev and durga to marry in ek hasina thi


Shaurya has come in Sakshi’s words and thinks why did Durga agree to marry him, knowing his paralyzed condition and it may take even years for him to get well. Shaurya has got a doubt in his heart, planted by Sakshi and Karan. He is afraid to lose his image infront of Durga, when he will look incapable to her post marriage. He saves his image and acts good to her, being positive looking and asking her not to sacrifice her life for him. He tells her that he loves her a lot and can’t keep a big burden on her, knowing he can’t keep her happy and give her a good married life. Shaurya thinks to leave the bet as its meaningless now, and marrying Durga was never his plan.


Sakshi is feeling glorious and supporting Shaurya, making Durga’s plan flopped to marry Shaurya. She still wants Durga to be infront of her eyes and waits for the most common question if a girl’s marriage breaks in her mandap. Daya reacts angrily and asks who will marry Durga after Shaurya rejected her. Sakshi gives a planned solution asking Dev to marry Durga. She wants Dev to move on and stop looking for Nitya, and wants Durga to be in Goenka Mansion. Dev refuses to marry Durga, as he loves Nitya and can’t think of someone else. Dev is angry understanding Sakshi’s plan why she stopped him from going to US by acting sweet to Suchitra.

dev and nitya in ek hasina thi

Dev says he knows his value now and is angry seeing Sakshi take the decision for his life. Dev has failed to find Durga is Nitya till now. Durga tells Dayal that she will not marry Dev, but Dayal convinces her that their motive is to enter Goenka Mansion as the bahu. Durga is still reluctant for cheating Dev. Durga was doing a sake marriage with Shaurya, we have to see if Dayal instructs the marriage to be done fake is real, knowing Dev loves Nitya and he is the best life partner for Durga. Dayal is happy in his heart that Durga will be marrying a right man and is sure Dev will always protect her in Goenka house.

Dev is adamant on his decision. Rajnath talks to him, and wants to save the reputation and link with Thakurs. He pleads to Dev to marry Durga. He promises him about finding Nitya for him, and helping him in his search, but right now Dev has to listen him. Rajnath emotionally blackmails Dev about their relation and he being as his father’s place. Dev finally agrees to marry Durga, as the fate brings the true lovers together. Dev is still unknown that he married his love Nitya, but post marriage, when they stay together, will Dev still be clueless? Hope not, and we expect to see Durga sharing her truth with him. So, hurray for Dev and Durga’s marriage!! Looks like Dayal’s prayers for Durga are answered finally. Suchitra is happy to welcome Durga as her bahu, and feels she will give a new direction and bring out Dev from Nitya’s memories. Shaurya will be jealous seeing Dev and Durga together, and he will regret on his decision later on. The show will be having new twists when Sakshi’s outhouse secret comes out. What is Sakshi’s planning? Keep reading.


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