Maya fails Sandhya’s plan and chaos the village; Rajkumar adamant to not give up in Diya Aur Baati Hum


diya aur baati hum sandhya and sooraj


As we have written earlier about the show current and upcoming track, Sandhya will have tough time to know about RK’s Operation Grahan. Basically, it’s the barter system between Sooraj and RK. RK has its gang which had Disha and Prema and now an added strong member Maya, has been preparing to free RK from jail, and thus plan a place hijack of Sooraj’s flight, so that they can ask Sandhya to release RK instead of saving Sooraj, Bhabho and all other plane passengers. Sandhya and Zakir get the Operation Grahan. They see the CD and want to find out RK’s network.


Sandhya and Zakir change their getups and head on to Dholipur to catch Maya, Prema and Disha. Sandhya catches Disha who is covering her face with the veil. She aims the gun at her asking her to show her face. The villagers think some goons have attacked their village. Sandhya explains they are finding some criminals and saving everyone’s life. Maya fools the villagers asking why is Sandhya not in her uniform, as she is an inspector. The villagers believe Maya and start beating Sandhya and her staff. Disha runs away in this chaos and Sandhya follows her. Sandhyya finally gets the women’ trio and want to know what they are going to do in Operation Grahan. Sandhya gets shot in the process. Zakir saves her and aims at the goons. Things get late as Sooraj board the plane with Bhabho, and gets his life in big risk. RK is adamant not to give up even if his network is gone. He is happy that Operation Grahan has taken the flight and now no matter what, he won’t be hanged to death. We have to see how Sandhya manages her duty and relationships. New twists and action coming in the show, so keep watching.


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