Pyaar Tune Kya Kiya Season 2 3rd October 2014 Episode 6 starring Harpreet Chhabra, Karan Chhabra, and Isha Chawla – Written Update

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Pyaar Tune Kya Kiya Zing

Surbhi Jyoti (the hostess) starts the show and speaks about college days are the memorable and important days in one life and how we have cute fights, friendship and love are common things. She welcomes all on the show and today’s story is set in a Mumbai college and it has love and also hitting back at it like revenge.

Aditya is seen with his friends and they are trying to pass some comments at girls. He then finds his girlfriend Taniya and goes to hug her. She wants to take him away from there and doesn’t look to be happy. They reach some aloof place and she speaks on not liking his obsessive behaviour and asks why she should pick his calls during her dance rehearsals. He speaks what’s wrong in it and why is she rude and reminds her on winning the face of the year. She then speaks of breaking-up with him and he then responds on finding another girl who is better than her and also vows to win the dance competition. He then wants her to go from there and focus on her career. Aditya’s friend comes there speaks to Aditya that some other girl can come in his life after Taniya’s exit. He also suggests Aditya that he should not have left Taniya and should have pleaded her with some requests maybe by bending on his knees. Aditya replies that his behaviour will not let him do those things and then his friend informs of choosing a girl for him and wants Aditya to replace Taniya with her and calls it as the bet. Aditya accepts the challenge of his friend. Both comes to the college’s terrace and finds some students doing drawing there and they belong to fine arts department. Aditya’s friend finds Pooja – a bespectacled girl and chooses her as the girl to whom Aditya has to woo. Aditya forcibly accepts the challenge to woo Pooja and goes to meet her. He imagines some dance sequence with her and before he spoke she left.

Pooja is seen giving alms to a poor blind man on the road and Aditya sees her. He follows her and goes to the library so as to introduce himself. He comes close to her near the book racks and she informs why is there close to her and reminds that she knows him since 2 years but now seeing him trying to talk with her. He replies on liking painting and knows that she is a good painter and wants her help in choosing a book. She asks why does he love painting ? He replies on loving painting and wants her help to find a book. She gives him some books written by famous painters and then asks him about his famous painter. He begins to ponder and with some nervousness replies Bob Marley. She gives him books of Raja Ravi Verma, a painter whom she likes a lot. After then, she begins a move to her class and he asks her for a coffee after the class. She replies on not liking coffee, cigarettes and other drinks which can make you high. On that note, Aditya feels much low and he goes to meet Pooja’s friend and wants his help regarding pooja and in exchange he will help him. Pooja is seen with his friend at the cafeteria taking lunch and soon he goes from there and Aditya comes and sits with her. He informs her on being a Veggie and she speaks of not liking outside food and even water and suggests that all utensils are of silver. She offers him some sandwich and speaks of making on her own. Aditya imagines some 80’s/90’s dance song with her and she then informs of liking Karela’s juice. He then speaks of liking fresh fruit juices and there is a nearby corner where they can go. She asks him why and then he informs on not intending to hurt her.

Soon, she begins to laugh and accepts his proposal to go at a nearby juice centre. They meet later there and she asks him whether he has read those books and he replies on reading it later. He asks whether she wears the specs always and she replies on wearing since childhood and gives him more details like how she got it from her father. He speaks of a gift for her and gives her some lenses for eyes. She accepts them and wears the lenses. Aditya begins to imagine another fun dance with her. He begins to pamper her and suggests that she looks beautiful and wants her to try some new clothes.. She leaves from there. Later, Pooja is seen at the college’s terrace working on her drawing and her friend compliments on knowing that Aditya has fallen in love with her. She blushes after hearing it.

Surbhi (the hostess) speaks that Aditya was falling in love with Pooja and was getting attracted to her and the same feelings were getting grown in Pooja. But the fact remains that Aditya was doing all those things to follow on his bet which is to replace Taniya with Pooja. Pooja is unaware of this fact and she was thinking that all the things happening to her was genuine. Surbhi suggests that things in love are genuine as well.

Aditya takes Pooja to the dance rehearsal place which also has a pool and he informs her on that they will participate in the dance competition and also they will win the face of the year title. She shows some initial hesitation and asks whether he is sure ? She finally agrees to him and goes on to do rehearsals with him. Both are seen doing rehearsals and he is showing her some dance moves. In her dance routine, she is hitting him by mistake since on being a dance novice but he supports her. They meet more often and on one occasion she presents him a sketch of himself and after getting it he showers a hug to her.. [What a feeling song plays]. Taniya learns that Pooja is participating in the dance competition and her friend informs that Aditya has filled in the form of her and informs that Pooja is from fine arts dept. Taniya becomes annoyed and speaks that Aditya is a loser since he has brought in some girl from fine arts dept and wants to meet Pooja once. Taniya goes to confront Pooja in the cafeteria and spills the drink on her table and asks Pooja whether she has left her painting and started dancing. Pooja is shocked and becomes uncomfortable at that moment. Taniya pokes more fun at Pooja and makes a taunt that she belongs to the fine arts dept.

She asks Pooja whether she knows why Aditya is helping her and what’s the purpose behind it since he is helping a fine arts student. Taniya shows exuberance and speaks of winning the dance competition like every year and wants Pooja to go back to her painting classes. She also wants Pooja to improve her costume and speaks that she can never become like her. Pooja goes to meet Aditya and informs him how Taniya came to her and suggests of not willing to participate in the competition. She then informs what Taniya spoke to her. He replies that Taniya might be jealous with her and wants Pooja to smile and reminds her of their dance rehearsal next day and wants her to be on time. Next day, Aditya and Pooja are seen at the dance rehearsal and he is seen teaching her some dance moves. [What a feeling song plays]. He informs her on wanting to say something and she also speaks of saying something to him. When both doesn’t say anything, she informs that he was a liar since Bob Marley is a singer and not a painter [referring to his earlier words that Bob Marley is his favorite painter].  On that note, both shares a laugh. Taniya at her end wants to know from Aditya’s friend Manish on what’s going on between Aditya and Taniya. Manish replies that after the breakup, Aditya made a bet to replace Taniya with some other girl and he is following on that. She then thinks that Aditya doesn’t love Pooja and is just taking revenge against her.

Later in the night, Pooja is seen rehearsing at the rehearsal place, and Taniya comes there. Pooja thinks that Taniya will speak about their dance competition and she wants her to go and practice more. Taniya speaks to Pooja that Aditya doesn’t love her and actually he is following a bet. She wants Pooja to asks Aditya or his friends and calls her as zero. Taniya reminds that Aditya is doing all these things for his own benefit and calls her as the fool in the college. Soon, Aditya comes there and Pooja is in shock after knowing from Taniya and the revelation. She informs him that everything is wrong – hanging out, love, and other things and she thought that he loves her but then suggests that it was all for a bet, right. He replies on agreeing that it was started on a bet but he fell in love later and its not a joke. He suggests on wanting to inform her but didn’t do since he doesn’t want to lose her. She shrugs off his hand and suggests that Taniya is right and calls herself as fool and calls him liar, cheat, and fraud. She informs that nobody is with her and she madly fell in love with him and also supported him in his dance competition. But what she got in the end for just a bet. He tries to speak with her and she then goes on to slap him. She becomes dejected and leaves while Aditya is unhappy as well.

Surbhi(the hostess) speaks that Aditya was worried because of the bet he made with friends, and wanted to inform Pooja about it but didn’t do either he was afraid to lose her or the fear that his love will not be complete. She asks for how long their relationship would have survived since it was set-up on a lie and it was bound to fall. And when it falls, it is difficult to manage.

Aditya and Pooja are seen lonely at their ends and remembers fond memories of each other. Pooja also cries at her end while Aditya is quiet and sad as well. [Piya Lage Na Jiya Lage Na.. Tera Bina.. song plays]. After a while, Aditya is seen at the canteen and Taniya comes and meets him. She speaks that bad thing have happened since he has lost his beta and suggests that he cannot do anything without her. She then calls Pooja as Gawaar (uneducated). He asks her to whom she is saying such a thing and informs her that Pooja respected relationship. He calls Taniya as the biggest loser and speaks that she has selfish motives and has ran away from her. He speaks that she has already lost psychologically and will loose another time on stage referring to the dance competition. She makes a challenge and asks him to win 6/10 in the dance competition with Pooja and she will herself give up her face of the year title and leaves. Pooja is also there and looks back at Aditya after Taniya left from there and shows concern for him. Aditya later goes to Pooja’s class and tries to apologize to her and another occasion apologizes to her in the canteen with a Sorry chart. She looks at him but doesn’t do anything. He later meets her but she speaks of not interested to see him and wants him to leave her alone. Sooner, Pooja goes to the college terrace where she does her painting sessions and finds all the charts there colorful and also decorations is done there. She soon finds Aditya there and he again says sorry to her with his heart. He speaks that whatever he did was a prank and he didn’t mean to really hurt her and speaks how he was scare to lose her. He speaks of really in love with her and then goes down on his knees and confesses his love for her and speaks that its tough for him to live without her.

He speaks that everything is true – all feelings and environment and says that whether she loves him back or not, he loves her – I love you Pooja message and wants her to forgive him. She doesn’t reply and goes from there. Later, Pooja comes to meet Aditya at the rehearsal place in night and he again speaks of loving her. He speaks that she is listening to Taniya but doesn’t listen to him and vows to not hurt her again. She speaks of not believing him and suggests its not her fault and doesn’t want to the things of love. She reminds him that he was selfish when she fell in love with him but now she wants to be on her own and suggests that her only motive is the competition. She wants to participate in the competition and wants to defeat Taniya. He says its ok and wants to train her in dance so that she wins the competition and thinks thats enough for him. He wipes off his tears and then he helps her in dance routines and they prepare for the competition. The dance competition is underway and the organizer calls Taniya as the heartthrob of the college and introduces her on stage. Taniya comes on stage and performs with a partner on Teri meri….. bang bang and the dance has some close moves. The organizer calls Taniya’s performance as amazing as always. Pooja is seen there and something falls on her dress by mistake and becomes uncomfortable. Meanwhile, Pooja is being called on stage and she informs Aditya on not able to participate in the dance competition. Aditya informs that they have to make it and supports her and wants her to trust him. Their dance starts with Aditya pouring colors on her  [Jabse Dekho Tujhe. song plays] and have some sensual moments and they share good chemistry while getting drenched with more colors.

The organizer calls Aditya and Pooja’s performance as amazing and Wow and suggests that it would be difficult to choose the winner. Aditya at his end informs Pooja that whatever the result may be for him she is already the winner and speaks of loving her a lot. The organizer declares that Taniya and Rohit are winners with 9 pts and also informs that the second runner-up is Pooja and Aditya with 6.5 pts. Taniya remembers her words which she spoke to Aditya earlier in the canteen which is to give her trophy if Aditya-Pooja duo gets more than 6 pts. Taniya comes and hands over her trophy to Pooja and fulfills her promise. Pooja becomes happy and showers a hug to Aditya and thus resolved her differences with him and the story ends on that happier note.

Surbhi (the hostess) speaks a quote – the destination and purpose was unknown, was just walking and treading the path. She suggests that Pooja found her own happiness after her life was going on like that quote initially. Aditya and Pooja’s love have came through and succeeded after the initial set-up of bet and ego. She speaks that the feeling of revenge sometimes show you new dimensions in life and also brings positive changes. Pooja was a simple life arts students and is now an aspirant dancer and on other hand Aditya has started with the purpose to take revenge but he fell in love again. Thus, the feeling of revenge has brought in positive changes in both Aditya and Pooja.

Info on Cast:
* Aditya is portrayed by actor Karan Chhabra
– Won the first season of UTV Bindass Superstud
– Worked in Channel V’s V The Serial.
– Portrayed the role of Rahul in Bindass’s Emotional Atyachaar episode (2014).
– Recently worked in the role of Karan in Bollywood movie Heropanti (2014).

* Pooja is portrayed by actress Harpreet Chhabra
– Pooja played the role of Pooja Chopra [air-hostess, neighbour of Bhavesh) in SAB TV’s RK Laxman Ki Duniya.
– She recently worked in the role of Juhi in Life Ok’s Savdhan India episode (2014).
Harpreet‘s Facebook page.

* Taniya is portrayed by actress Isha Chawla
– Isha is an upcoming actress.

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