Love By Chance 8th November 2014 24th Episode starring Harpreet Chhabra & Kushabh Manghani on Bindass TV – Written Update


Love By Chance Bindass 24th Episode, 8th November 2014 - Myrah and Rehaan's love story

Kavi Shastri (the host) starts the show and the episode name is After Sale Service. He says we don’t have time to love and so why to speak its anecdotes then. He speaks that we are over stressed and much work is always there. He speaks about Myrah –  protagonist of today’s story who have asked for holidays from her boss after feeling over stressed.


The story starts with Myrah going to her boss office asking for 2 days holidays. She informs him of going to holidays after 3 yrs. She thinks that her boss is not shouting and just giving his approval so easily. He tries to calm her and informs about his multi-national company and suggests that if he takes 2 months holidays then it will be fine for the office. He suggests that she is just 22 yrs old and worked tirelessly for 3 yrs and advices her to take vacation and enjoy life. A marketing boy Rehaan intrudes into her office and trying to distribute pamphlets for his uncle’s book shop. Soon, he has to go out after getting beaten up by the security guard.

Kavi (the host) speaks that Myrah knows that her life is sad and she is now an executive but the problem that she is 22 yrs and workaholic and already got 3 promotions starting from the intern position.

She figures out what she needs to do as told to her by the boss – Friends, Party, Zumba, Selfie, Get a Life. She thinks on how she could complete so many things in 2 days time. She gets some confidence and decides to meet friends first. She takes the phone and only finds the contact numbers of services and doesn’t have any friends. She thinks of party and gets strange thoughts. She then calls his boss and wanting to come to the office but her boss suggests some things to relax – watching TV, reading books. She decides to read a book and will be going to a book shop. Myrah goes to Rehaan’s shop quite unaware of him. He comes there and meets her and both recognize each other about meeting in her office. He offers his help but she doesn’t want to take it and soon she needs to take his help and asks what book she should read ? She first speaks about liking – budgets, databases, log sheets. He asks whether she needs their shop’s inventory. He speaks on being lucky for her and says that she is beautiful which is obvious and wants her to change her life and learns that she have been workaholic. He speaks of giving discounts to her and suggests of being a good man and wants to offer a fresh lease of life to her. She agrees to buy the books at the discounted price and its costs 20,000 INR. Rehaan’s uncle is impressed with his nephew on the sale and he then goes from there.

Kavi (the host) speaks that Rehaan didn’t have problems in his life but after selling the books to Myrah, there were some big problems in his life which just started.

Myrah calls Rehaan on his mobile and speaks about a line – You win some, You loose some and thinks it as a cliche line. She then tries to identify herself and says that there are no case studies. Rehaan was sleeping but takes the call at 3 am and asks how come he will know the answer. She wants the meaning of – You win some, you loose some. He replies sometimes you win and sometimes you loose, and the one who loses first and becomes winner is a Baazigar and the one who calls you at 3 am is a mad person. She doesn’t get his message and instead thinks that there should be a balance between winning and losing. At 3:30 am, she calls him again and says that Success comes to those who wait and tries to ask about it. He disconnects the call but she tries to call him again.

Kavi (the host) speaks that Rehaan promised after sales service and now he has to lament for his decision and has to run like never before.

Next day, Rehaan is at his book shop and Myrah calls him for some help in repairing her shower’s tap in the house. He speaks on selling books and not a plumber. She speaks of reading in the book that you don’t need to internalize your problems and thus she decided to call a friend. He pulls her leg and asking whether he has become her friend. She calls him sweet and also regards him as his friend. Rehaan agrees to help her and feels excited with his friend. He goes to Myrah’s home and suggests there he has been called there for some other purpose and repairing shower was just an excuse. He was referring to some random fling. She partially understands it and says no. He begins to repair the shower and in the process the shower breaks and he gets drenched. Myrah speaks of calling him not only for repair but for some other thing as well. She begins to speak loudly and cites that she needs to go office tomorrow and before going she wanted to have a friend. He feels scared of her and she asks whether on being crazy. He calls her as a walking office but is not mad and thinks that she is super sorted and does all things as planned. He speaks of not able to fill the forms for American universities and haven’t completed his SOPs (statement of purpose). She suggests that to lead a life in a proper way is also a target with a smile.

Rehaan comes to his shop and speaks to his uncle on how he met Myrah and what he understood about her. He says that she needed help and calls her as one of a kind. He calls her sweet and have explained many of the things written in different chapters such as How to be happy ? She has to change everything starting from how does she look ? Myrah goes to her office in new stylish clothes and all the people there becomes surprised. She gets more confidence and gives a presentation on how to have optimal office time and speaks about the shortcoming of employees on how they waste time. She informs that Time is money and teaches the employees Yoga Asan and asks them to stop smoking. Another lesson is All work and no play will make Myrah a dull girl so she decides to go out more often with Rehaan. Myrah is seen with the Rehaan at his shop. He says that she doesn’t have a boyfriend, right ? She says yes and then suggests that she is cute and on that she feels happy. Soon, a girl walks in the shop and Rehaan tries to speak to her in suave manner. Myrah becomes jealous and goes to interrupt him. She then wants him to fill the forms for American universities and he thinks that she is jealous of other girl and thus wants him to do form filling just then. She replies on not being jealous and then he fills the form. After a while, he speaks of getting some scolding from his uncle since he is weak in Accounts. She speaks of helping him and goes to help his uncle in Accounts. She informs his uncle of completing the annual statement of 1000 crore firm in 2 days. She gives the uncle some idea on how to save money in some lakhs if he purchases things from many vendors. Rehaan goes to bring some Pakodas (fried snacks) while Myrah was working. He comes with pakodas and she thinks he is angry with her because his uncle likes her much. Both share a sweet moment with Myrah making sure that he eats a Pakoda from her hand.

Kavi (the host) speaks that Myrah was falling for him though Rehaan might not be knowing it. Rehaan was giving balance in her life while she was losing balance in love. Rehaan was not so much careful or concerned about life but Myrah’s thoughts and feelings were becoming quite intense.

Myrah is feeling very happy in the office and is in her own world. Myrah’s boss finds her in that state and speaks that she is in love and asks about the boy. She first replies on not knowing the boy and then speaks the boy is good. She speaks of not opening up to the boy and her boss suggests that she should go and confess her love to him. She plans to follow it. Myrah goes to meet Rehaan and his friend speaks how he puts his hand at the wrong girl and got couple of slaps. Rehaan’s friend goes and then Myrah speaks of bringing something for him. Myrah gives a diary with the chapter notes which she has written after knowing the details from him. He says that she is different from other girls – dedicated, good nature, soft-hearted. On that note, Myrah gets happier quotient gets a big boost and she goes on to kiss him. He then tries to take back the good words he spoke for her and becomes nervous. He says thanks and she informs on kissing him just then. He asks why has she kissed him ? She replies on not knowing and just felt to kiss and says sorry to him and thinks to leave. He also agrees for it and she begins to leave and then stops. She opens up and says that after such embarrasment she would not be meeting him but wants to say something important. She says that he was a special person in her life and her life was very much different before him and she really liked the change. In a teary voice, she thanks him and leaves.[Gustakh Dil song plays]

Rehaan goes to his uncle and informs the development and says that Myrah started liking him and he doesn’t know from when, how and why ? Myrah also reaches there and wants the uncle to donate the books. She speaks of knowing on doing wrong when she learnt the actual cost of books to be 5,000 INR instead of 20,000 INR (payment she made) and also did mistake in reading the quotes with their explanation. She says things were fine until she kept quiet but once she spoke things were not fine. On that note, she leaves from the book shop and doesn’t want to speak with Rehaan. Rehaan speaks to his friend on not loving her and asks who will love in this time and people do just time pass. Rehaan’s uncle speaks that boys have problems and get content and happy with online videos and doesn’t read books which need patience. He wants Rehaan to move ahead in life which will give him maximum happiness. Rehaan’s friend informs the uncle that even he was chatting and liking Sharma  Aunty’s social network photos. He advises Rehaan that some happiness are not seen and only felt and we need to fight for happiness.  Rehaan gets more resolved and becomes more thoughtful. Myrah at her end in the office is quite reckless and is searching for a file with much anxiety. Myrah’s boss is surprised to see the relapse since some days back she was fine. Rehaan comes there in the office and speaks How to fall in love ? which is a chapter from one of the books and the first line is Learn to give love a chance. He comes close to Myrah and she smiles looking at him. Myrah’s boss wants them to go out and continue their romance. They go to the cafeteria outside and suggests that the love line he spoke directly without reading and have understood. She speaks of not being sure about his filmy speech. He agrees for the same and says that self-help book doesn’t help much and instead they can help each other which would be better. She informs on not kissing him first and he replies by pulling her leg by citing that she should give him chance as well. The story ends on that note.

Kavi speaks that for love we don’t have much time but we still love and everyone finds love. Kavi asks the viewers to share the opinions using the hashtag #LovebyChance on Bindass TV’s Twitter page.

Info On Cast:
* Myrah is portrayed by actress Harpreet Chhabra
– Harpreet played the role of Pooja Chopra [air-hostess, neighbour of Bhavesh) in SAB TV’s RK Laxman Ki Duniya.
– She recently worked in the role of Juhi in Life Ok’s Savdhan India episode (2014).
– Recently worked in Pyaar Tune Kya Kiya 2 Episode 6 telecast on 3rd October 2014 portraying the role of Pooja. If interested, read that episode WU here.
Harpreet‘s Facebook page.

* Rehaan is played by actor Kushabh Manghani.
– Kushal plays the role of Ankit Agarwal in Channel V’s show Sadda Haq.

Image credit: Facebook page of Harpreet


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