Pyaar Tune Kya Kiya Season 2 10th October 2014 Episode 7 starring Priya Chauhan and Puru Chibber on Zing TV – Written Update


Surbhi Jyoti (the hostess) starts the show and speaks of two extreme feelings – friendship and enmity but by coincidence they are found together as well. She speaks that we also falls in love with someone who is not good and it happens because we realize that the people who are not good have lots of goodness and there is a scope for improvement. Thus, love can bring a positive change in them and do good to them. She speaks the story is based on such thoughts and informs that the story is about Chandu and Kanika who are very different to each other. Let’s see their story.


The story starts with Chandu seen talking with his gang head Borde and Borde informs them of a plan which is commit some crime and then escape. Soon, the police comes there and nabs Borde while Chandu and Milind escapes from there. ACP Roy arrests Borde and brings him to Bandra police station and informs his seniors that they have arrested Borde in the connection of Lakhani builders extortion case. He informs that 2 of Borde’s accomplices escaped while one is killed. Chandu and Milind are seen going in a car and he plans to help their head Borde. Chandu calls ACP Roy and asks him to leave Borde and warns him to think on his words otherwise he will know by evening on his course of action. ACP Roy seems defiant and both ends the call. At ACP Roy’s house, Kanika is seen reading a book and much interested in it and asks her father whether he took dinner. He compliments her and asks how come she prepares nice food ? Kanika is preparing for her exams – Human Anatomy and he informs her that from tomorrow one constable will accompany her. He then informs her of arresting a gangster and thinks that there will be backlash from his gang members which would want to hurt her. She speaks of teaching them a hard lesson on a lighter note. He gets the call from Chandu who threatens him again and asks whether he doesn’t want to say good luck to his daughter for exams. After hearing it, he runs inside the home to find Kanika and then learns that Kanika is being abducted and taken away.

Chandu and Milind kidnaps Kanika and takes her in their car and takes her to some isolated place. ACP Roy at the police station prepares to get back his daughter and makes arrangements and Borde who is locked up at the station there suggests that Chandu will not be caught easily. He threatens Borde of dire consequences if something happens to his daughter. Next morning, Kanika is seen with tied hands and Chandu gives her water and then wants her to speak with her father and she should ask him to leave Borde otherwise she knows what will happen to her. Kanika speaks to her father and suggests him to not leave Borde at any cost. Chandu becomes annoyed with Kanika and calls her mad and slaps her couple of times and leaves. Soon, he comes back and cleans her wound since blood was oozing out from her mouth. He informs on not hitting children and women but he didn’t like her behavior on phone. He suggests that she should inform his father to leave Borde so that she become free. Kanika becomes puzzled to see the softer side of Chandu.

Surbhi (the hostess) speaks that Chandu and Kanika’s world were different. Chandu struggled a lot in his life and forget the difference between right and wrong and his aim at that moment was to free his boss Borde from the police. Kanika is the daughter of an ACP and she didn’t like crime, kidnapping and theft from childhood.

Later, in evening, Kanika is being given food and after eating it she asks Milind whether he cooked it and he replies yes and he suggests her to eat without much talking. She then asks him how did he become gangster and suggests that nobody is born a criminal and thinks there was some reason for him. He cites on not having job and then Borde offered money in return of work like extortion and he listens to him. She asks whether he feels good in doing such work. He replies on not thinking about right and wrong when doing his work. Chandu calls ACP Roy and asks him to leave Borde by morning and then Kanika will be fine. ACP Roy wants time by morning since he has to choose between law and daughter. Chandu asks him whether he needs time to think about his daughter’s safety. ACP Roy at his end wants his team to trace Chandu. Milind informs Chandu that Kanika is not an easy girl and thinks that it would be difficult to get Borde released. Milind informs that Kanika is not afraid of death so how you can make her scared ? Later, Chandu speaks to his mother and informs her of coming next week and wants her to take care and take medicines for her cough. Kanika overhears his conversation and then speaks of not getting sleep and starts conversation with him. She asks whether he is remembering his mother or whether he will meet her or not ? He replies yes and she then asks whether he feels shame to speak about work to his mother ? He replies how could he inform her about his gangster work. She asks him to surrender once and in doing so he will get jail for couple of years but she promises to help him in finding a job.

Chandu replies that she was taken there so as to release their boss and not to get themselves surrender. She informs that her father will never his boss Borde and if he wants  he can shoot her at the same moment. She suggests that wherever he hides her father will find him and shoot him in an encounter. She then informs that maybe he is a big gangster but for her he is human first who is astrayed and doesn’t want to see him dying like a stray dog. She asks him to think that when he goes to meet his mother and if her Dad tries to have an encounter there and by mistake his mother gets shot, then what ? He becomes annoyed while she speaks of seeing him changed and not to see him dead. He ties her hands and she speaks of seeing goodness in him like caring for his mother’s medicine. She wants him to think once again on surrendering to police.

Surbhi (the hostess) speaks that we all know that a bad person is not bad by choice and there is inherent reason and compulsion for it and Chandu was no exception. Kanika used to hate him but slowly he realized that if Chandu is being counselled or talked then things can change. She came to know that Chandu respects and care for his mother a lot like any other normal person. Though Kanika was being kept as a hostage but now she didn’t hate him and have the believe that she will change him and make him a better person.

ACP Roy learns that Chandu has kept Kanika hostage in some isolated place in Vasai which is at some distance from Mumbai. He instructs his inspector Rathod to become a sniper and go there and  has to fire at both kidnappers. He wants Rathod to fulfill the mission next day without any possibility of limitations and failures. Next morning, Kanika asks Chandu on what  has he thought about surrendering ? He speaks of replying to her and then makes a call to ACP Roy and asks him what has he thought about releasing Borde ? Borde replies on needing 2 hrs more since he spoke with his seniors who are preparing for Borde’s release. The police Inspectors comes to that isolated place as snipers and prepares an attack on Chandu though he is not aware of them. Chandu is seen in their shooting range. Kanika asks him what did he spoke with her father ? He replies on not trusting anyone after his mother was sold in the market and asks who is she then ? Just then, the inspector as sniper shoots at Chandu and he gets hit on his arm and falls down. Kanika tries to remove the ropes which has ties her hands and Milind goes to attack the police and shoots Rathod down. Milind comes back and Kanika offers her help to Chandu and both takes him for medical help. ACP Roy learns that mission is failed since Rathod is not accepting calls and then thinks that Chandu would have ran away by now.

Surbhi (the hostess) speaks that believing in oneself is important and if we have that thinking then any task is already completed by half and if you don’t have believe in yourself then you will fail in life. She suggests that Chandu was feeling he will not be able to get Borde released and his self-confidence was diminishing. Kanika at her end was trusting Chandu more and her believe that there can be a positive change in him was getting stronger.

Kanika nurses Chandu’s bullet injury and asks milind to bring some medicines and informs him that she will not run from there and wants him to trust her. Some time passes by and she prepares some food for them and learns that he is getting better. He asks her that if she would have wanted can run from there but why she has saved his life ? She replies on her believe which suggests that he should get another chance and she knows that police’s work is to end crime but she thinks that law should not only punish criminals but also to make them better person. He then asks whether she thinks that they can become good people ? She replies yes and wants him to try once. He speaks on not trusting anyone since childhood since he was backstabbed by ones whom he have trusted. The flashback scene shows his childhood days when his mother was beaten up by his father. He speaks that his father has left first, and then his uncle has stolen all the money which his mother saved for his education, and then he was arrested on the charges of selling drugs by police and was duped by a friend then. Thus, he doesn’t trust people. She then speaks of instilling in him trust and he asks whether she is serious about it. She wants him to trust her once while holding his hand.

Next day, Kanika is seen nursing him on his wounds and soon he gets a call from his mother. He wants Kanika to speak since if his mother hears his voice then she would realize about his health situation. Kanika agrees and speaks to his mother and suggests that Chandu went to eat and forget his phone on a desk thus she took the call. She starts to talk openly with her and his mother asks her whether she is married ? She replies no and speaks of finding a bridegroom for herself and bride for Chandu as well and ends the call. She speaks that his mother is going through the pain because of her health issues but what about the pain she will feel when she will come to know that his son is a criminal ? He speaks of not murdering anyone until now and asks her how much punishment he has to serve if surrenders himself ? She replies one or two years and not much and he begins to contemplate. She becomes happy to hear from him and wants to call her informing the same. She calls her father and informs that Chandu and Milind have decided to surrender and she has explained to them of getting lesser punishment. She informs that they want to surrender next day and wants a promise from her father which is that they will not harm them and try things such that they get minimum punishment. He responds that Chandu and Milind will be made public witness and will serve less punishment. She is happy to hear her father’s words.

ACP Roy has some other plans and not the ones which he has spoken to his daughter Kanika. Kanika and Chandu are seen spending some time together [Hum Na Rahe..Hum.. Jo The plays] and having good time. He then gives her some dress which has been brought by Milind upon his insistence. After receiving it, she calls him romantic and soon she begins to check his left palm and thinks that he has a big lifeline. He responds that she should check boy’s right palm and thinks that next morning her father will shoot at him. She speaks of taking care of him and he asks what if she gives him a deceit ? She replies then he can shoot her. He replies that before shooting her he will shoot himself. On that note, she keeps her head on his arm and both comes close. Next morning, ACP Roy comes with his team at Chandu’s hideout and Kanika meets her father and informs that they will be surrendering now. ACP Roy wants them to put their weapons down and keep their hands high and she insists them to not fear and do as her father has suggested. Chandu and Milind keeps their weapons down and soon ACP Roy holds his gun against Chandu and Milind. Chandu thinks that its wrong and Milind becomes much scared while Kanika tries to inform her father to not do such thing. ACP Roy asks Chandu on how he has thought to abduct his daughter. In those intense moments, Chandu gets hold of his gun and tries to shoot at ACP Roy but the bullet hits Kanika at her centre and she is fatally wounded and falls down. ACP Roy runs to his daughter and she informs that her father has broken his promise and soon she dies. He is broken while Chandu is heart broken and is taken away by police. Chandu is seen locked up in jail..

Kanika and Chandu's love story

Surbhi (the hostess) speaks that Chandu and Kanika never thought that the end of the story will be such tragic. She speaks that a boy Chandu has kidnapped her but she was developing feelings and love for him. Chandu has kidnapped her because of his mission and Kanika’s mission started after being kidnapped which was to make him a better and changed person. But, she has lost her life in doing so. Surbhi signs off by asking viewers what would they be doing if they were in the place of Kanika – either to save yourself or Chandu ? You can share your opinion using the hashtag #PTKK on Zing TV’s Twitter and Facebook pages.

Info on Cast:
* Chandu is portrayed by actor Puru Chibber
– Puru was born in New Delhi and is 22 years old, and the son of actress Vibha Chibber (role of Krishna ji in Chak De India).
– Portrayed the role of Hameer Rizvi in Sony TV’s Khotey Sikkey (2011)
– Worked in the role of Sachin Sachin Deshmukh / Sachin Manav Deshmukh in Zee TV’s show Pavitra Rishta (2011-2012). Worked in Channel V’s Gumraah (2012).
– Worked in the role of Rocky Singh in Colors’ Beintehaa (2014) and as Karan in Zee TV’s Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se (2014). Essayed the role of Bitto’s (Ranvir Singh) best friend in the movie Band Baaja Baraat.
– Worked in the role of Raghav in Bindass Yeh Hai Aashiqui Episode 28, aired on 2nd February 2014.
– Puru’s Facebook page.

* Kanika is portrayed by actress Priya Chauhan
– Priya is originally from Shimla and now lives and work in Mumbai.
– Role of Alina Khurana in Star One’s show Pyaar Kii Yeh Ek Kahaani (2010-2011).
– Worked in Jaane Kahan Se Aayi Hai movie (2010)
– Role of Taani in Sony TV’s Kya Hua Tera Vaada (2012-2013)
– Worked in Yeh Hai Aashiqui’s Episode 31 in the role of Priya as party escort and also worked in MTV Webbed (2013)
– Recently worked in Bindass’s Yeh Hai Aashiqui Episode 53 aired on 27th July 2014 in the role of Priyanka opposite a young boy who is a writer who wrote Promises and Lies novel depicting their love story. If interested, read that episode’s WU on our site here.
– Priya’s Twitter page

Image credit: Twitter page of Priya Chauhan and Facebook page of Puru Chibber.

Episode Video: PTKK, 10th October 2014
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