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Yeh Hai Aashiqui Episode 53 Priyanka and Rohan's love story

The show starts with a young writer Rohan signing autographs for his fans. He is being given a coffee with a smiley and also suggests that Priyanka who is the senior waiteress there in the coffee shop should make the coffee for her instead of other girl. The media person asks him why has he made the title of his book – Promises and Lies. He speaks on the title is inspired by girls who breaks promises and speaks lies and looks at Priyanka while speaking those words. Moreover, he adds that his story doesn’t have either a happy or sad ending and there will be no ending and the story is incomplete like dreams. He also suggests that there will be no sequel and when the pages end also the book ends.

Rithvik Dhanjani (the host) comes and starts the show and speaks of Rohan’s book title – Promises and Lies by Rohan Khatri. He speaks that the title is interesting, Isn’t it ? He speaks that there are stories which doesn’t have a happy ending and we call it tragedies. Rohan was right since his story didn’t have any end and if tell you the story then you will also think that the story doesn’t seem to end and you will feel that we should have a sequel. But, before making the sequel we should be aware of the story which happened and written in the book. Rithvik welcomes all to the show and the story is about Rohan Khatri and Priyanka.

The story starts with 14th February, 2009 an year ago at the coffee shop where Rohan comes there. Priyanka sees him there and calls him loser. She speaks to his colleague that Rohan is also a loser and we should call him Tommy since he gives lot of gifts to his girlfriend even though she doesn’t return the same love and care. While speaking those words, Rohan comes there and hears the conversation. He doesn’t want to take the coffee prepared by Priyanka and wants her colleague to make new. Priyanka gives him complimentary cookies and he is waiting for his girlfriend for 2 hours. Priyanka’s colleague asks her how does she know a lot of things about his love life and speaks that she is showing sympathy for him. Rohan’s girlfriend comes there and Priyanka speaks of giving him free cookies because she find him poor. Priyanka’s colleague suggests that she started to like him. Later, on her way back home, she asks the question to herself whether she likes him. She then remembers about giving words to her dying brother about not leaving the side of her parents and will not marry so as to take care of them.

Rithvik (the host) speaks that Priyanka has decided to not marry or fall in love but her colleague Kriti’s one comment has affected her a lot. She didn’t have words of commitment, love in her dictionary. Does she really not have a problem ?

Priyanka comes to her home and gives things to her aunt. She meets her paternal aunt (Chachi) who invites her and her maternal uncle and aunt (Mama and Mami). She informs her aunt of not able to make it and also her mama also informs the same citing the excuse of not able to get train reservation. She convinces her Mama to go for the wedding and takes the responsibility of booking tickets. Priyanka’s Chachi wants her to come since she might also find someone for her and cites that in places like wedding such relationships can be made. Her mama speaks that Priyanka doesn’t have interest in marriage and suggests that she also have the same view. Priyanka informs her chachi that she will not marry. Then,  her Mami informs that priyanka has made a promise to Adi (Maami’s son) to not marry so as to take care of them. Adi died long time ago and she speaks that Adi was a brother for her and if he is not there then she is there to take care of them.

If she doesn’t take care of them then who will take ? Mama speaks that she has to take responsibility citing his own worry of job. He  also suggests that after her father’s death (his Jeeja) he has brought her and took care in her growing up years. After hearing it, Priyanka becomes sad. Chachi leaves from there. Next day, Rohan again comes to the same coffee shop and Priyanka serves him the coffee. He is busy looking at his laptop. She apologizes to him and suggests that she was not judging. He speaks that she was judging and asks her why did she told that ? He wants her to sit until his girlfriend Deeya arrives. She responds that Deeya will come late after half an hour as usual. She then takes back her words and he accepts her apology. He asks her why does she think that there is no love seen between him and Deeya ? She informs of not seeing love between them. He offers her cookie and calls about a special occasion since he got a job in San Francisco. He got a job exactly like the one which Deeya wanted and also which brings happiness on her smile. Priyanka leaves the cookie after hearing it and wants him to share the cookie with Deeya instead.

Priyanka learns that she cannot do the booking for her Maami and Aunt with her boss’s laptop and also she cannot go outside. Rohan offers his laptop so that she can book the tickets. She starts to do the booking at his laptop and learns that he also writes. He speaks that writing is his hobby. She finds the written work with the title Promises and Lies by Rohan Khatry and there the chapter 1 speaks of Valentines Day 14th February 2009 , a breezy evening with white lillies.. (this was the same day they met and Rohan became upset with her). She reads it and he asks her does she know how to book. She replies no and he then books the ticket for her. In return, he doesn’t want to have complimentary cookies. In the night after the coffee shop ends, they walk back on the road. She asks him to celebrate about getting his job in San Francisco with his girlfriend. He informs that when the girlfriend knew about it he saw some fear in her the one that she is going to lose him. When he spoke about going to US to her,  he saw her very nervous and he felt nice to see it and believes that she will miss him as well.

Next day, he again spends time with Priyanka and on many days help in making cookies at the coffee shop and feels happy in her company (I got to tell you How I feel…Tumhe main kaisa bataayon.. Tum jo Mera Saath,..Mujhe Duniya Mil Gaye Hain jo Tum mera saath ho). He sends her message and asking her what she is doing ?  and also informs that he is feeling bored at friends party [Hasee Hasee Hain yeh Safar.. Saji Saji Yeh Rahein..Jhuki Jhuki Hain Yeh Nazar Khuli Khuli Bahein Mujhke Duniya Mil Gaye]. They meet and hang out later and at the coffee shop she sends him a message whether his girlfriend will be taking her interview via text SMS. He informs while smiling via SMS that she will put him in trouble. She informs on protecting him as she is there with a smile. He is seen with his girlfriend Deeya but his interests and focus is on Priyanka.

Some other day, Rohan comes to the coffee shop and finds Priyanka having an off day and Kriti her colleague gives him an invitation card which Priyanka has kept for him there. He finds the invitation for dinner at her home. Kriti informs him that it is priyanka’s birthday and wants him to not share that she disclosed about it. Priyanka at her home is anxiously waiting for Rohan and then comes Rohan and looks in a dilapidated and dejected look. He speaks that Deeya has ditched him and has dumped him. He reminds how Deeya told him that long distance relationship doesn’t work and she doesn’t want to come between his career and with that excuse breaks the relationship with him. Priyanka speaks that as she has said earlier there was no love between them. He responds that she always spoke wrong and blames her. He speaks of praising Priyanka in front of Deeya and after hearing it she became more annoyed as she was compared with a waiteress. He thinks that because he spoke of Priyanka so his relationship is broken with Deeya. He then leaves from there and doesn’t listen.

Priyanka wonders whether she should be happy to know that Rohan has spoken with Deeya about her or not [Gustakh Dil Thoda Sambal Thoda Buzdil.. song plays]. Priyanka awaits for Rohan at the coffee shop with much anxiety and even waits for him more by excusing to check the inventory of the shop. Sooner then, she calls him on phone and he comes there. He speaks of committing a mistake and she replies yes. He speaks of not doing any wrong by speaking her name in front of Deeya. He speaks of thinking whole night yesterday in finding out his fault and speaks of doing lot of things for Deeya and for the first time he shared what’s inside his heart. He informs that Deeya has never love him and cites that Priyanka was right in saying so. He suggests that in 2 years Deeya didn’t understood him while she supported him in just a small time. So, now as Deeya has left him he is feeling very alone. Priyanka speaks that he will never be alone and she will not make him lonely. He speaks of becoming a remote control in Deeya’s life and she then suggests to show him the path until his destination always. He asks her always ? She replies always and he then smiles. She kisses him on the forehead and both share a warm hug. He goes on to kiss more but she stops him. She speaks that he is weak after the break-up with Deeya and needs her support. He becomes dejected on hearing about it and asks her whether she believes in that way. She then shrugs him off and leaves. [Priyanka there remembered about her promise to Adi and mami/mama].

Rithvik (the host) speaks that what Priyanka suggested that Rohan was rebounding towards her after his break-up with Deeya. He suggests that Priyanka was quite aware that Rohan didn’t love Deeya and vice-versa. Either she wanted to hold on to the promise she gave to her dying brother or take care of family’s responsibility.

Rohan comes next day to the coffee shop and holds her hand and speaks that he never love Deeya and she was the one who realized him about it. He speaks of not loving Deeya and then confesses his love for her – I love you Priyanka. She wants him to not give the name of rebound and insult his love. Priyanka becomes shocked and nervous [bas ishq hain.. song plays]. He is being told to leave from the staff. He then again comes to her and suggests that she promised to show him the path and be by his side. She informs him that he is not understanding her. He replies on coming everyday to the coffee shop and writing a book on their love with a happy ending. He follows his routine and writes down the book at the coffee shop and finds Priyanka in a teary face. At her home, she remembers the promise to her brother of not marrying and taking care of the responsibility. Maami also learns about her situation. He informs her that the story is about to end and wants to end. She informs him that not all stories have a happy ending and couldn’t disclose more about her reason. Rohan’ book Promises and lies becomes the top-seller.

The story comes back to the present and Priyanka reads the book and feels for Rohan. At her home, Maami speaks with her husband and asks him for how long he will live on the earnings of Priyanka. He again reminds of Priyanka’s promise to Adi and she speaks that he is speaking such thing because she takes care of their living. He speaks of taking care of Priyanka’s after her father died. She reminds because of that favor he is treating priyanka in that way. and speaks that Rohan is a good boy. She reminds him what if Priyanka was his own daughter. Next day, Priyanka at the coffee shop informs her boss of the decision to leave the job. Kriti informs her that Rohan will not leave her and will follow wherever she goes. She informs that Rohan will not come. At the same time, Rohan who is now a well-known writer comes there and speaks whether she thought that he will forget her and speaks that he was wrong. He asks whether she was thinking to leave because of him and informs her that he will only leave and she doesn’t need to go from there. He meets Priyanka’s Maami outside the coffee who wants his autograph.

Priyanka celebrates with her colleagues as she is leaving the job and hugs Kriti her colleague and also cries. She speaks with her boss that as it is the last day of her work so she wants to lock the coffee shop for the last time. She takes the coffee jar and feels about Rohan (Adhoori Kahaani song plays). Soon, Rohan comes there and asks for a last coffee. He speaks of learning about the promise that she gave to her brother and Mama/Mami. He also suggests of his promise to make her happy which he couldn’t manage to fulfill. He then suggests of another promise which he will hold on to until his life and speaks of supporting in her promise for her Mama/Maami. He will take care of them along with her and wants her to trust him. She asks him whether he is fooling with her. He speaks of having the support of her mama/mami there and then they come there along with other staff of the coffee shop. The Mama speaks of his mistake in not taking care of her and then Mami hugs her. She feels happy on hearing the same and then their engagement ceremony with ring exchanges happen at the same place [Yeh Aashiqui title song plays]. All cheers with a coffee.

Rithvik (the host) speaks that destiny has brought Rohan and Priyanka close and love is always meant to be and sweet like almond cookies and coffee. It could be now or who knows it has already happenned but if you don’t get you love until now he hopes and pray to God that you will get your love soon. He signs off by saying people can share their opinion on the story using the hashtag #YehHaiAashiqui at Bindass TV facebook and twitter pages.

Yeh Hai Aashiqui Episode 53 Priyanka and Rohan love story 2
Info on Cast:
* Priyanka is played by actress Priya Chauhan.
– Role of Alina Khurana in Star One’s show Pyaar Kii Yeh Ek Kahaani (2010-2011).
– Worked in Jaane Kahan Se Aayi Hai movie (2010)
– Role of Taani in Sony TV’s Kya Hua Tera Vaada (2012-2013)
– Worked in Yeh Hai Aashiqui’s Episode 31 in the role of Priya as party escort.
– MTV Webbed (2013)
– Priya’s Twitter page

* Rohan is played by an upcoming actor and model Subir Rana Gupte.
– Modeled for designer Vikram Padnis
– Plays Tennis, Know more about him and photos at his Instagram page.
– Subir’s Youtube page
– Subir has earlier auditioned for the movie Aashiqui 2 in 2012.
– Subir’s dubbing photo possibly for Yeh Hai Aashiqui’s episode for this Sunday via his Instagram page.

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