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Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya:
All the villagers tell Sumet Singh, that Avni is Sangeeta’s daughter, having come here to seek revenge. They are determined to kill her. They try to kill her with a sword. Raj comes to save Avni in the eleventh hour. He faces them all and then takes Avni’s hands and goes onto run away, with the villagers in tow. p>

Darpan says he will learn everything. He likes making pals and playing with them. He came to school to play with kids. The blue tent elephant that came yesterday was my brother. He was bored at house. He says the wild animal that scared and beat kids was your brother. Darpan says yes. He says this is too much. The teacher calls Mahesh and tells him that Ganesh came to school and scared pupils. Mahesh says to Darpan he is wild and will always be, from now you won’t play or eat with him.

Doli Armaanon Ki:
Sushma tries to get Shaurya to rethink his decision, making him understand what Urmi has done for him, and that he should not leave his mother. Urmi is stunned to silence and Samrat says that Shaurya shall live with them, and if his mother loves him, then she too shall come back to live with them. He storms out with Shaurya in his lap, while Urmi is shocked and speechless.

Jamai Raja:
DD then sees office employees coming and gets irked. She asks Bablu to kick them out. Sid asks her to calm down and asks if she wants to build impression on Japanese people or not and says they think you are progressive woman who cares for her employees, but if they know about your true colours, they will be disheartened. Sid hosts the party and invites his friend and special guest Gurmeet Chaudhry to dance. Gurmeet Chaudhry and other celebs dance. Naani says she will announce her and DD’s duo dance. DD says once she separate Roshni from Sid, she will dance with her.

Jodha Akbar:
Jodha is looking at the scarlet skies of the evening sky at sunset from the ramparts of the palace she tells Moti that the sky was coloured with the blood of the Rajwanshis who were wounded and bleeding because of Shehanshah’s sword. Jodha is in tears so is Motibai .

Kumkum Bhagya:
Pragya asks Sarla why would she betray her husband asks if she does not believe her daughter. She tells her about the incident where corporator asks inspector to break abhi’s hands and legs via his goons once Abhi is released and says she got him into jail and now will bail him out at any cost. She says she did not what to do at that time as she was very anxious and gave wrong statement. Sarla says you saved him from this prob, but you will have to get him from jail also. Pragya says she will get him out of jail at any cost. Lawyer says Aaliya that without Pragya’s statement, he cannot get Abhi’s bail. Abhi thinks Pragya gave two different statements and knows only to play with his life.

Pavitra Rishta:
Ankita and Naren come down together. Everyone are surprised to see them together. She slips and is about to fall, but he holds her. He then holds her hand and says like he applied haldi in front of everyone, he will marry her also. Ranvijay gets irked seeing them together. Ankita goes and sits beside Ranvijay for haldi rasam. Neelima and Kavita apply haldi on them. Pari reaches there with sweets. Rushali sees her and asks what is she doing here. Pari says it is her sister’s marriage today and hands over sweet box to her. She challenges her that Naren will not marry Ankita. Pari says Naren that still their relationship is not over and he cannot marry Ankita.

Qubool Hai:
Seher tells Tanveer that she won’t hesitate for a second to kill her. She says that the relief with which people cut their birthday cake, would be much less than the relief that she would have to cut her throat away. Tanveer is tensed to find such an unusual reaction from Sanam.

Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke:
Gunjan says she misses her mama, and can never realize she has left. Shayl smiles, as Gunjan goes on Rachna’s call. Mayank comes there, Shayl gets afraid and asks him what he is doing; she doesn’t believe she was just here with her in the room. Gunjan slips the step, Mayank helps her and resultantly the Sindoor gets into Gunjan’s head. Akash was watching, Shayl says this is the reality and we can’t undo it.


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