Pyaar Tune Kya Kiya Season 2 24th October 2014 Episode 9 starring Rashi Mal and Kunal Thakur on Zing TV – Written Update

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Pyaar Tune Kya Kiya - 24th October - Rashi Mal and Kunal Thakur as Alka and Siddhant on Zing TV

Meiyang Chang (the host) starts the show and suggests lovers challenge the society’s mindset and sometimes they change us and we can be one of them as well. He speaks of a couple’s story from Jamshedpur, Alka and Siddhant who are Bindass type, have some childish nature but possess maturity as well.

The story starts with Siddhant asking for a kiss to Alka but she is shy and doesn’t let him take it. He tries to pamper her and lifts her and suggests that she will always belong to him. Later, in night he calls her for a movie date and when she doesn’t give favorable reply he speaks of going with some other girl. Soon Alka’s father comes there and she changes her tone and acts like she is speaking with a  girl. Alka’s father informs her of going to see some land in the village and they will return by night and asks her to stay at home after coming at 5 PM. She messages to Siddhant about the development at her end. Next day, Alka meets Siddhant and he informs why her father doesn’t let things to go ahead and makes a taunt. Siddhant’s brother comes there and he is being told to greet Alka. Siddhant goes for the lecture and after the movie drops Alka at her home and she finds her mother waiting for her. Alka’s mother asks who is that boy ? She replies on getting late and thus dropped by a friend. She is being informed that the friend should be friend and not more. Alka calls Siddhant and informs him that her parents have seen her and also him and she has cited him as a friend. Her father comes and asks her to cool down and he speaks of his sugar (diabetes) under control if she is fine. He speaks of his confidence that she will not do any wrong which will hurt him and bring shame.

Next day, Alka is being informed that a boy’s family is coming to see her for marriage proposal and she cites some excuse. Alka’s father informs that if a good boy is found then she would be married. She meets Siddhant and informs about the development at her end and asks him to speak with her parents. After some humorous talks, he speaks of informing his parents. Soon, he gets a call and goes from there. At the college, Siddhant’s younger brother was being threatened by some men and Siddhant comes to his rescue. Later, in the night, Siddhant speaks to his father about Nishant (younger brother) that he has participated as a volunteer. He then speaks to his father about something and he learns that his son is speaking about liking a girl. Nishant wants Siddhant to disclose the name of his bhabhi and Siddhant introduces the girl as Alka. His family is happy to hear him. At Alka’s family end, her parents are looking into Kundli of the boy. Alka speaks to her father about college friend Siddhant who wants to speak with him. Alka’s mother wants her to forget if she is having a relationship with that boy and becomes angry. Alka’s father speaks that proximity with boys is not good and nobody does love marriage and asks her to concentrate on studies. He informs her that nobody will stop her in going to college but only for study and informs that they are looking for a good boy for her. She becomes sad and dejected.

Next day, Alka meets Siddhant and he informs that everything is set at his home and she informs nothing is set at her end and asks him to do something. She informs that not all parents are alike. She then suggests on doing court marriage and he calls that idea as nonsense. He tries to convince her and suggests that her parents will talk to him. She becomes angry with him and leaves.

Meiyang (the host) speaks that Alka and Siddhant used to love each other a lot, and when Alka spoke about Siddhant her parents didn’t agree and instead they spoke about finding some suitable boy for her. She has given an option to Siddhant for court marriage after running. Siddhant’s parents were ready to speak with Alka’s parents but maybe the situation was not right.

Siddhant at his home receives a call from a friend who informs that Alka has met with an accident during the day while she was returning from college. Siddhant rushes to the hospital and reaches there and meets Alka’s mother. She asks him to not leave and doesn’t show any compassion. The doctor speaks that Alka’s went into coma after a head injury but he believes that she will come out of it. Alka’s father comes to speak with Siddhant who is also there and informs that in his society affairs aren’t thought in good way and suggests that he can pray for her and always remain a good friend. Siddhant at his home is being told by Nishant to not worry about Alka and Nishant wants to take his brother to the hospital and asks him to take food. Siddhant’s father asks him to eat and asks to not worry and should not distract from career and studies. Siddhant couldn’t eat food and Nishant sees it.  Sooner, Nishant takes Siddhant in the disguise of hospital nursing staff and Siddhant goes to meet Alka in the ICU and cries there. [Chalti Hain Jaha Dua.. Saat Jo Tu Nahi. Zindagi Ka Kya Kare.. song plays]. He holds her hand and continues to work as a nurse staff. After a while, Alka shows some signs of improvement and moves her hands and some months passes by and she starts to come back to her senses and out of coma.

Meiyang (the host) speaks that happiness and sadness come together suddenly and to manage it takes lot of time. Alka and Siddhant were dreaming to have happiness and now they were in a tough time. Siddhant was not knowing what to do and somehow he managed to make an entry in the hospital to see Alka. She was discharged in a month because of mix of medicine & prayers and got fine.

Siddhant comes to know that Alka has been discharged and she got her senses back and is taken by her parents. He thanks the nurse staff and leaves towards Alka’s home. Alka is seen at her home and Siddhant comes to her home and tries to persuade her mother in order to meet her. Alka’s mother asks him to not create more troubles for them and cites that Alka has been sent to her aunt’s (Mausi) home. Siddhant becomes dejected on hearing it and Alka tries to call Siddhant and she is informed by her mother that Siddhant didn’t came to the hospital even once (a lie). When Alka took food, she started vomiting and her father calls the doctor and informs about his daughter’s health. At the hospital, Alka and her parents are informed that she is pregnant and vomiting are not related to head injury. Alka becomes shocked to hear it and the doctor informs that under her current circumstances the pregnancy can’t be successful. She opens up more and informs that pregnancy cannot be possible and thinks that reports are mixed-up. The doctor informs that its their personal matter and asks them to think carefully on how they would be dealing in such a situation. The doctor gives her the files and she becomes more anxious on seeing it. Alka comes to her home and her mother suggests who will marry her and even the boy who was taking her on drives (referring to Siddhant) even he will not marry her. Alka’s father speaks of being father and has the right to know all the things. Alka’s mother thinks that Siddhant has done some thing to their daughter and wants her husband to call him.

Alka in a teary voice speaks that nothing have happened between her and Siddhant and tries to convince her parents in heavy voice. Alka’s mother suggests her husband to call Siddhant and know from him. Siddhant is being called and he hurriedly comes to Alka’s home. As he reaches her home, Alka’s mother gives him a tight slap at the onset without knowing whether he has done any such thing. She informs that Alka is pregnant and he asks how come such thing can happen and suggests that nothing of that sort have happened between them. He tries to ask Alka and she informs about not knowing anything. Alka’s mother tries to put blame on Siddhant and he replies on loving Alka and if he has to do something like that then they would have ran away to do such things. Alka’s father asks how come such thing can happen ? Siddhant thinks for a while and speaks that things have happen in the hospital and it is his believe. Alka becomes more nervous on that thought and Siddhant goes to inform his father about Alka’s situation and seeks his father’s help in setting up an inquiry to catch the culprit who did such a thing with Alka. Siddhant’s father asks who would want to bring such a girl in their family ? Siddhant reminds on how his father has earlier called Alka to be a family member and speaks of knowing his father’s true face. He speaks of giving support to Alka at any cost and suggests that his father can move around with fake respect in the society. He becomes angry and leaves.

Next day, Alka and Siddhant comes to the hospital and informs the doctor about Alka’s situation and how the suspicion is hanging on the hospital’s staff or related people. The doctor informs on not being able to take such actions and Siddhant presses that he should take one. The doctors inform that if they can prove rape then DNA test needs to be done and also informs that finding the culprit is not an easy thing. Alka and Siddhant’s morale is low and the doctor informs them of having the option to go to police in this case. Siddhant speaks that things have happened at the hospital ward and wants to speak with the people who were attending that ward. The doctor calls those people there and Alka at her end is in tears. She looks at nursing staff and then Siddhant also looks at them with suspicion a bit but couldn’t find anything. As Alka’s health was deteriorating, he takes her away and suggests that things will be normal and they will identify the culprit. Soon, he looks at the nurse staff man who has earlier given him entry and she also looks at that man. That man acts strangely and she learns that Siddhant used to visit her during stay at hospital and this is spoken by him.

Siddhant gets hold of that nurse staff man and he informs hesitantly that Siddhant’s younger brother Nishant have came to the hospital after he left. The flashback shows Nishant raping Alka while she is unconscious and after that horrible act he went way and the same nurse staff man found him going. The nurse staff man apologizes to Siddhant and leaves. Siddhant is shocked to know his younger brother Nishant being the culprit of rape crime and goes to his home to confront Nishant. Siddhant asks Nishant whether he has gone to meet Alka at the hospital in high voice. Nishant replies yes (maybe) and suggests that Siddhant have became mad in her love. Siddhant becomes more upset and thrashes his brother and asks how come he has touched and physically assaulted Alka. After thrashing, Nishant starts to bleed and becomes unconscious. Siddhant informs his parents about Nishant’s crime act and he didn’t got much support. Alka is seen leaving her home [Pyaar Tune Kya Kiya title song plays] and greets her father before leaving with Siddhant. Siddhant speaks to not leave her side always. The story ends on that happy note with Siddhant giving Alka strong support because of love.

Meiyang speaks that Siddhant’s brother Nishant shameful act has made sure that their parents are not willing to accept Alka as their daughter-in law. In this tough time, Siddhant showed great courage and humanity (Insaniyat in hindi) and have the same feelings for Alka in his mind like before. Alka reciprocated the same and continue to love him. Siddhant’s father ultimately understood that there is no better match for Alka than Siddhant in that situation. In this story, one thing is proved that love is done by heart and if in our society there are people who commit rape but there are also ones who do unparalleled and true love like that of Siddhant and Alka. Meiyang asks people what would they do if they were in the place of Siddhant, whether they have accepted Alka ? People can share their opinion using the hashtag #PTKK on Zing TV’s Twitter and facebook pages. Meiyang signs off by wishing all a very happy Diwali.

Additional Note: We (TellyReviews) believe that today’s episode of PTKK was an emotional love tale with a social message. The actors (Rashi, Kunal) were amazing, Kudos to them. Moreover, PTKK team have made sure the story is gripping and managed it well. 

Info on Cast:
* Alka is portrayed by actress Rashi Mal.
– Rashi debuted with the show MTV Rush [By Bejoy Nambiar] and appeared in one of the stories in the series.
– She worked and got appreciation for the role of Gauri Laada in Channel V’s show Paanch -Five Wrongs Makes a Right.
– Worked in a recent episode of MTV Webbed 2.
– Recently, Rashi worked in Bindass Love By Chance Episode 19 aired on 4th October 2014 portraying the role of Divya (first one) opposite actor Ankit Narang. If interested, read that Episode WU on our site here.
– Find more bio details (studies, acting) about Rashi on her Facebook page. Rashi’s Twitter page.
In this upcoming episode of PTKK, Rashi is seen in traditional Indian wear (Kurtis) which is quite different from her attire which she wore earlier during her acting stint in Channel V’s Paanch, recent Love by Chance episode.

Pyaar Tune Kya Kiya - 24th October - Rashi Mal as Alka

* Siddhant is played by actor Kunal Thakur
– Portrayed the role of Arjan Dharamraj in Imagine TV’s show Bandini which ran from 2009 to 2011
– Kunal worked in the movie The Xpose (2014) and worked as production manager for the movie Manjhi the Mountain Man (2014) [Based on the life of Dashrath Manjhi who broke the mountain for Love].

Image credit: Twitter and Facebook page of Rashi Mal.

Episode Video: PTKK, 9th Episode, 24th October 2014
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