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Love By Chance Bindass 19th Episode, 4th October 2014

Love by Chance Episode story is named Meri Waali Divya. Kavi Shastri (the host) starts the show and speaks that in life is difficult to decide between right and wrong. While, Right leads you to success and wrong will lead to your downfall and suggests that many times we mix both of them.


The story starts with Harsh looking confused while ordering coffee or tea and is referred as the confusion king. He meets his friend Vinni and she informs of a class reunion and Divya is coming there on whom he had a childhood crush. She also suggests that Divya had a recent breakup with her boyfriend as well. She pulls his leg a bit and he asks why does he want to go for the class reunion only because of Divya, right ?. In a not so happy tone, he asks since Divya doesn’t remember him then why should he go. Vinni informs that its just a class reunion and wants him to call and speaks that she will spin the wheel for him and made sure that he gets introduced to Divya. Later, Harsh comes to his home and wonders whether he should look for her on the social media and after pondering a bit he starts looking for Divya Sharma since he had a big crush on her. He finds 23,890 profiles of Divya Sharma and asks himself on how to find the right girl. He thinks that Divya had changed her school then how could he identify her face and he then enters Budding Angel school, batch of 2006, Vashi and then the results show some different profiles of Divya Sharma. He is confused since some profile photos are blurred but he sends a friend request to one of them and learns that a girl Divya has accepted his friend request. He thinks that she has recognized him and hence accepted his request and then goes on to begin to chat with her. He chats with her and she asks him he is the one who pee’d  once in the school’s assembly and asks him why didn’t he come to talk with her then. He thinks whether to tell her that he used to love her and then stops. He reminds about how she used to come to the school and used to wear a cap, red tiffin box with two small teddy bears, and she used to have small hairs. She replies on not remembering those things though it might be true. He also informs her that she has applauded him for his class debate.

Kavi (the host) speaks that the current Divya sharma doesn’t know anything and he thinks that there is something amiss there.

Divya ends the chat with See you soon message and he doesn’t inform her that she was his first love. She then sends an eye wink emoticon and he imagines a dance with her. Later, he again chats with her and she informs him of not able to chat with her since she has to go to an event and asks him to come there so they can meet and talk. He thinks its a great idea and she informs the event is at library cafe @ 8 pm. He is happy and asks how can he identify her ?. She replies he can ask anyone there about Divya sharma and they will guide him. Harsh’s mother calls that the milk is getting colder and he speaks to himself that the matter is such his crush on Divya is getting heated up and on other hand the milk is getting colder and shows his displeasure. He goes to the library cafe and sees Divya sharma there and thinks that she looks differently from her school days. She starts her storytelling session and the story is about Mitthu – a parrot and he looks at her and imagines a dance sequence with her. He comes back from his imagination and greets Divya. He informs that her story was good and she thinks of speaking a stupid story. He replies that the story was based on the identity crisis of a parrot and she thinks that her story was silly. He speaks that her story was original while others repeat the same kind of stories. He is hesitant and speaks on not able to identify her if she was not called on stage. He looks at her so as to check when she insists and speaks not bad on a lighter note. She then speaks of not knowing that the school boys after becoming adults are very forward. He informs her that she can also check him if she wants and she thinks that argument to be funny. He speaks that one time during their Arts and Crafts session in school she has forgotten her handkerchief and he is sure that she didn’t remember it. He then takes out that old handkerchief of her and gives it to her and it has the note H &D friends foreover. She then learns from him that its abbreviation is Harsh and Divya friends forever and that note is written by him. She speaks of not knowing that incident.

Kavi (the host) speaks that Divya knows only one embarrassing moment of Harsh when he peed in the school’s assembly. This means all the things are wrong and moreover she might have short term memory loss, or lost her partly, or this Divya is not the one whom he was looking for.

Harsh ponders to himself on disclosing that he used to love her but stops again and with a smile suggests that it was his right to return the handkerchief. She then asks what other things has he stolen ? He again goes into the mode of pondering to disclose about his love for her and speaks on not stealing anything and just came to return it. With some hesitancy, he asks her how does her boyfriend likes her stories which she presents there ? She starts to reply and then smiles looking at him and asks why he haven’t asked her directly whether she has a boyfriend ? Harsh becomes shy and wonders on what question has he asked and keep his eyes away from her. She replies on not having a boyfriend, he then asks husband and she replies no. He gets a sigh of relief and thanks God to hear it and suggests on asking it for just info. The organizer of the storytelling session informs that all the invited storytellers have presented their stories and asks if anyone interested to present a story they are welcome. Divya persuades Harsh to go and give a spontaneous story and he becomes shy and speaks of not knowing any story.  The organizer himself chooses Harsh and calls him on stage and all the people applauds him. Harsh comes to speak there on stage and speaks that there was once a buffalo and the buffalo (Bhains) engaged in a fight with an elephant. Both fight on their identity and he asks the people on what Bhansis were they arguing and then ends his story by saying that elephant and bull get married and they give birth to mixed kids and leaves from there with nervousness. The organizer boy calls Harsh a poor buffalo after hearing his story and people have a laugh. He then reminds not a poor buffalo but poor fellow..

Divya asks Harsh on what kind of story he spoke. Harsh replies that as he said on not knowing stories and becomes nervous. He thinks of becoming a joker there and credits that because of her he went there on stage. She asks why he is acting serious and thinks that he told his story passionately. He replies that the same thing happened to her then she will also feel the same like him and then goes from there by citing that it was his mistake to come there and see her. Divya tries to stop him but in vain. Next morning just after he woke up, he receives a message from Divya and she apologizes to him and reiterates of not having intention to hurt him and informs him of looking forward at the school reunion next day. He is excited and then calls her and she again apologizes to her and he also apologizes to her and cites that he became overexcited. He then asks her whether she can come online for video chat. She agrees to come after 5 mins and both prepares to look good for the chat. He informs his mother to not call him for milk, bread and other things and he will come and eat it later. He begins his video chat conversation with her and suggests that they meet on video chat in the manner that it looks they are having the chat for first time. Just then, Harsh’s mother calls him and informs that the milk is getting cold. Divya hears it and asks him what was that announcement ? He speaks about his mother and then informs his mother in loud voice that she shouldn’t call him again. Divya asks him whether he speaks with his mom in that loud manner. He replies that his mom is different and she also speaks in loud voice with him. She advises him to soften his tone while speaking with his mother and he replies on changing his behavior.  He shows his room and things (Bat, Guitar)  [Dooba Rahoon.. Thats want I really wanna do… song plays] and she also shows him her kitchen and some dresses. They exchange more light-hearted talks and comes close. He then speaks of wanting to say something to her and she asks him to go ahead.

Harsh then wants her to not get angry on him and she agrees with him. He then goes ahead to speak that he had a crush on her right from their school days and she asks really and smiles. On that note, he speaks of picking her next day for the reunion and ends the chat. Vinni calls Harsh and informs him that there is something important and speaks that Divya Sharma wants to meet him. He replies on meeting her at the reunion in evening. Vinni speaks that Divya wants to meet him before the reunion and thus she has called to inform him since Divya was feeling shy to directly speak with him. Harsh was in half-sleepy mode during the call and Vinni informs that he has to meet Divya at the library cafe in 2 hrs. He wakes up and shouts again at his mother and then decides to speak in soft tone and requests her mother for hot milk and his mother returns the answer in soft tone. He remembers that Divya is right to suggest that he should speak with soft tone with his mother. He then speaks I love you mom and his mother I love you too, my son. He feels glad and leaves for the library cafe to meet Divya. Divya Sharma, the one whom Vinni spoke came there at the library cafe and he couldn’t recognize her since she is not the Divya with whom he is having friendship and also a fondly relationship since some time. She then shows the tiffin box dating back to their school days and suggests that now he can recognize her. She informs him on how he used to eat her mother’s delicacy Poha. She speaks that they are meeting after many years and suggests that Vinni has told all the things about him. He asks whether she is Divya Sharma and she replies yes. She asks whether he is not happy to see her and he responds with broken words and looks confused. She speaks of meeting him earlier than their school batch reunion so as to remove their awkardness. She thinks its normal to feel awkward since they are meeting after many years and speaks candidly with him. He again asks her whether she is real Divya Sharma ? She replies yes and reminds him that she was the one who only applauded him during his class debate and also she was the one who used to have short hairs and thus used to wear a cap. She then reminds on how once they went on a picnic in school and he interrupts her and runs from there by citing some urgent work.

Kavi (the host) speaks that he was right and Harsh was crazy about wrong Divya and the right Divya had just came in his life and now it is to be seen how will he manage the things.

Harsh becomes angry at home and speaks in loud voice with his mother and she returns the reply in same tone. He speaks of the misunderstanding and then calls the first Divya and she replies on thinking to call him at the same time. He speaks of sharing something important with her and soon gets a call from the second original Divya sharma he just met. He puts his first call on hold and speak with second Divya. He mixes the conversation with both Divya’s and couldn’t identify with whom he is actually speaking on phone.The second Divya asks him whether he is drunk before the party and he speaks of texting her and asks what is this confusion he is in to himself. He decides to text one for 8 pm and the other for 8:20 pm. He drops the first Divya at the class reunion event place and then informs her of forgetting something and then goes from there to pick the second Divya. He comes with second Divya and Vinni at the entrance suggests to them that they have come together which means that the matter have gone far and wide, right ? Harsh speaks yes because of nervousness and then goes to find first Divya. He meets the first Divya and she asks him where was he since she was waiting for him? He speaks of getting a drink for her and leaves to the drink counter and when he takes a drink for the first Divya, the second Divya comes there and suggests that the drink he was carrying is her favorite and takes it from his hand and also takes him with her. After few minutes, he comes to the first Divya and cites on being late because of the need to go toilet  [Abhi To Party to Shuru Hui Hai song plays] and he continues to leave from there so as to go to the second Divya and dances with both of them in turns in different time slots. Vinni takes Harsh away with her on stage and makes an announcement to all the class reunion batch members that they will play a game. A boy will come and takes out a chit and will find the name of a girl and then goes on to dance with her on a romantic dance number. Harsh takes out a chit from a bowl and Vinni murmurs that he should speak the name of Divya and he becomes hesitant and prays to God.

He calls Divya Sharma and then both first and second Divya Sharma comes on stage so as to dance with him. They get introduced to each other and the first Divya speaks about studying in section C and the second original Divya makes a comment that he will dance with her and tries to take him away. The first Divya speaks that Harsh came with her so he will dance with her and the same is spoken by second Divya. The second Divya further adds that he will only listen to her and takes him away by pulling his ears.

Kavi (the host) speaks that the wrong and right Divya Sharma finally face each other and its good for Harsh since his Tom and Jerry game has now ended. He then adds that the game has not ended but it got just started now.

Harsh has to dance with the second original Divya and soon he finds the first Divya to start leaving from that place since she got annoyed with him. He goes to stop her and she asks him to go and dance with the second Divya. Just then, the second Divya comes there and asks him why does he leave her alone from time to time and the first Divya becomes more annoyed. She asks him why did he came with her if he wanted to dance with the second Divya ? The second Divya steps in there and suggests that he came with her and wants Harsh to speak that he picked her up from her home. Harsh becomes anxious and more nervous and then the first Divya calls him a liar and begins to leave from there. He stops her and the handkerchief which he has presented her before falls down. The second original Divya finds the handkerchief and becomes excited to see it and then starts speaking that this handkerchief is the same one which she had lost in her school and then calls Harsh a sweet heart since he has preserved it until now. The first Divya speaks to him that he kept the second Divya’s handkerchief for so many years and then gave it to her. He tries to speak about the confusion and the first Divya speaks it was her mistake to trust on his words and she couldn’t believe how that happened. The first Divya leaves from there and he asks her why she didn’t realize the misunderstanding before. The second Divya asks him what is all the confusion ? He replies that it’s a big story and then she takes him to a calm place and both sit on a bench there. He begins to clarify the matter and informs her that on one hand she was his crush from 5th grade, right and she then suggests on the second hand, he started to like the first Divya, right. He then informs that one hand she was his first crush, right ? She then speaks on being his past and now she is not with him and suggests that he should forget the first hand and on the other hand, and instead he should go and gets hold of the first Divya whom he loves now. She asks him to hurry now to make sure the first Divya doesn’t leave him.

He thanks her and then goes to find the first Divya who is seen there and arranging her taxi. He meets her and clarifies the matter and also informs about how the confusion developed but now it is ended. He then takes out his handkerchief and writes down a note for her and informs her that the first handkerchief he gave her while thinking that she was the original Divya and now that handkerchief is with the second original Divya. Thus, the new handkerchief he is giving her from his own and wishes that she will take care of it for many years to come. He writes down, Divya Sharma., Budding Angel School, Vashi, Section C and  I have really fallen in love and only.. and smiles. Divya showers a hug to him and she speaks Harsh Rajput, I am in love with you too. He gets a call from his mother who asks him that’s its already morning and he didn’t came home. He speaks loudly and informs her of  coming to the party and not for a Satsang. Divya takes the phone from him and speaks with his mother that they were in a reunion party where old friends met and hence got late. She informs her that Harsh will come home in some time and suggests her to not worry. Harsh’s mother becomes calm and feels relieved and then speaks to his son that its ok if he comes late and tells him to enjoy. Harsh becomes happy and asks Divya how could she does such things and both then shares a warm hug. The story ends on that happy note.

Kavi (the host) speaks that Harsh started to find some girl on whom he had a crush and found some other girl because of chance. He asks the viewers on what lesson they learnt from the story and then goes on to say that both eyes and mind should be open because who knows where and when you will find someone and your heart beating faster for that person and you will also get love by chance. Kavi speaks that the people can give feedback or can post questions about the show using the hashtag #LoveByChance on Bindass TV Twitter and facebook page.

Additional Note:
– We (TellyReviews) believe that today’s episode was amazing with a layered love story and also humorous at right situations. The actors have done a fabulous job in acting. Kudos to actors, Love by Chance team and Bindass TV.
– This episode was directed by Danish Aslam – Director of the Bollywood movie Break Ke Baad (2010).

Info On Cast:
* Divya (the first one) is portrayed by actress Rashi Mal.
– Rashi debuted with the show MTV Rush [By Bejoy Nambiar] and appeared in one of the stories in the series.
– She worked and got appreciation for the role of Gauri Laada in Channel V’s show Paanch -Five Wrongs Makes a Right.
– Worked in a recent episode of MTV Webbed 2.
– Find more bio details (studies, acting) about Rashi on her Facebook page. Rashi’s Twitter page.

Love By Chance Bindass 19th Episode, 4th October 2014 - Ankit Narang

* Harsh is portrayed by actor Ankit Narang
– Ankit is from Surat, Gujarat and has studied in LS Rahega college of Arts and Commerce.
– Debuted with the show Tum Dena Saath Mera, playing the role of Manan Sharma (2011-2012) on Life Ok.
– Worked in the role of Soham in Zee TV’s Pavitra Rishta (2012-2014).
– Portrayed the role of Khush (initially the role was played by Aditya Kapadia) in Sony TV’s Bade Achhe Lagte Hain which ended recently.
– Ankit’s Facebook page.

Love By Chance Bindass 19th Episode, 4th October 2014 - Rashi Mal

Image credit: Rashi and Ankit’s facebook page and Bindass TV

Episode Video: Love By Chance, 4th October 2014
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