Love By Chance 25th October 2014 22nd Episode starring Shivangi Desai on Bindass – Written Update

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Love By Chance Bindass 22nd Episode, 25th October 2014 - Apna Hero and Anu's love story

Today’s Love by Chance Episode Story’s name is Can I Drop you Home ? Kavi starts the show and asks who is Pappi Sharma ? and begins the show on that intriguing note.

Kavi Shastri (the host) is seen in a bar and asks why love gets so easily and then why people get sick of it and suggests that love will also be a fashion and though people have breakups in love. He suggests that people live with hope. The story starts with Anu – Choosy Anu who have problems with others and starts speaking with a friend that boys are overcharged and all wears same clothes and have same kind of hairs. She thinks that the boys goes to a girl after some drink and if they didn’t got favorable reply then they will speak with some other boys. They can get vomiting, and next day will get constipation. She asks whether she is a More.. (peacock) and they speak about peacock dance. Anu is being told about a boy who is staring at her since some time and he has seen that she looked at him once. Anu’s friend suggests that he will now come and try to sit with them. It happens the same and kavi introduces the boy as Apna Hero and he is the one who everyone has problem with. He speaks of stalking them on Internet and tries to know their name. Anu calls herself as Meha while her friend calls herself as Sneha. The boy Apna Hero thinks that Anu is good in lying. He asks for her dance and she replies Kyun, and then he suggests Kyun Matlab Kya ? She ponders on that thought and he thinks that She (I) am making your fun. Anu and her friend have a laugh on him.

Kavi (the host) thinks that Apna Hero’s charm didn’t work out on girls.

The boy Apna Hero tries to leave after becoming upset and then he is calmed down by Anu. He asks about her surname and calls himself as dude who has lot of female fan following. He then asks for their intro and calls his funda and also take other 10 girls intro and then go home to check their profile. He speaks of having lot of options and then decide because he is from a middle class family. Anu becomes annoyed to hear him and begins to leave. He then speaks of just joking to say such things and holds her hand and speaks that her name is very cute and  when he calls her name Anu, he feels a lot, and if she wants then he will not speak to her from now on. Now, he is satisfied to speak with her and then goes from there with See you later message.

Kavi (the host) speaks that its so easy to change girls’ point of view. He suggests that the boy holds the girl’s hand, gave an intense look, and instead of hero spoke honestly with Anu. Kavi asks why girls like honesty and suggests that truth can be old-fashioned but always remain stylish. And now came from annoyed to interested regarding the boy.

Anu speaks in the restroom while looking at the mirror that she doens’t need to carried away with the boy -Apna Hero. She speaks to herself that he wore a tight T-shirt, can be chauvinistic, muscles and height doesn’t match, first insults girls and then shows sweet and even didn’t told his name. Anu’s friend wants to have some drinks shots and both of them soon take some shots [Hungama.. Ho gaya song plays]. Anu learns that she has already spent 1,500 INR on shots and wonders how would they be going home ? Anu speaks to her friend Sneha that she is unable to withdraw money from ATM machine [Daru Desi song plays].. Sneha speaks of getting ATM card from her ex-boyfriend and now d doesn’t have ATM. Just then, the boy who was called Apna Hero encounters them and she speaks on wanting to ask something to him ? He replies that his answer is always favorable and yes for her. Sneha looks not in her senses and then asks the boy to drop them home and he asks for both for them ? Sneha asks whether he cannot handle both. The boy speaks that its his speciality to take girls home. Sneha asks whether be belongs to taxi driver’s profession. Anu speaks of managing themselves and he takes Anu’s mobile and takes his own photo and his driver license’s photo and sends them to her parent’s mobile. He then speaks that now she can trust him. The boy meets his friend who wants some favor and intro with Sneha. Apna Hero asks him for his car and then his friend agrees if he joins them. Apna Hero feels that things will be fine with the girls. Apna Hero and his friend Kanishk takes the girls and go in the car. While in the car, Anu inquires how Kanishk have joined them and driving the car.

Kavi (the host) speaks that four unknown people being high and have high level of hormones were going on road and they were not just thinking to drop the girls. And feels that there can be a twist in their story.

Due to Sneha’s worry about her parents seeing her drunk, Kanishk and others gets into some panic and the end result is that Kanishk hit the car against a tree and he feels upset about it. Sneha slaps him and Apna hero tries to manage him. She slaps him another time and then Anu asks how would they go home now ? Apna Hero speaks of focusing on his friend’s car and will not help in dropping the girls whose home is 25 Kms away. Sneha is very high and not in her senses and wants to drink more. Anu thinks that her parents might have complained to police by now or thought that their daughter is already dead. Apna Hero thinks that Kunal have the same color and body type of Kanishk’s car and suggests to Kanishk that they will Kunal and he will come there with his car. Soon, he learns that the network is not coming and Kanishk asks what to do with girls, whether we should leave them there and go ?

Kavi (the host) speaks that the situation was hopeless and Apna Hero’s friend was damaged and to get lesser scolding from Kanishk’s father, he was planning to bring in Kunal’s car. There were 2 girls who were cute.

Anu decides to follow the boys and not remain alone there. Sneha continues to asks for more shots. They wander on the roads for some time and then finds a man (Kavi – host) who speaks of waiting for someone and then offers tea to them. Apna Hero speaks of having a problem and then wants to have coffee and Kavi speaks who wants to come out from being high. Anu and Apna Hero carries a smile on their face and tries to look at each other. Apna hero asks about the direction of the city and Kavi informs of having 25 kms to the city. Soon, a van/tempo comes there and Sneha asks the driver about shots and then Apna Hero wants the driver to drop them to the city and the driver replies of 2,000 INR and not for free. Apna Hero learns that girls have spend their money on shots and his friend Kanishk have 500 INR and he himself 500 INR so in total they have 1000 INR. He asks the driver whether 1000 INR is sufficient and the driver speaks bit rudely but Apna hero manages the situation [Ek main Aur Tu. song plays].. All four of them sits in the back of the van and leaves. There are moments when Sneha was coming close to Kanishk and Anu and Apna Hero were coming bit close as well. Anu was waiting to know Apna Hero’s one name and was feeling cold in the van as well. He offers his jacket and she replies on being fine. He thinks that she is stubborn and it looked like she will slap him at the bar. He asks why she hides fear, angry inside her. She asks when he learnt such thing about her. He replies that her eyes says all and both share eyelock.

Anu admits on those things but speaks of not being afraid. They sit facing the road and getting fresh air. He holds her hand and looks into her eyes and informs that she is sitting on his hand. After some time, she puts her head on his shoulder and gets some nap. He comforts her with his jacket. After reaching the ATM spot, Apna hero pays the remaining 1000 INR to the driver. The driver makes a bad comment to the girls affecting their modesty. Apna Hero becomes annoyed on that note and goes to confront the driver for his remark [Bodyguard dialogue – Mujh Pe Ehsaan Karna Mujh Pe Koi Ehsaan Nahi Karna] and shows some attitude to him. The driver changes his tone and calls the girls as his sister (Behenji). Anu is impressed and thinks he was impressed and wants to know how did he manage such a thing  ? He replies on giving 500 INR to the driver to make sure that he apologizes them. On that note, Anu gets laughter with him. She calls Oh Gosh,, he is really cute and after saying it she becomes shy. He takes an excuse and calls his friend Kunal to bring his car and they have to change the number plates and also wants him to call the Toying service for moving the car. Soon, Kunal comes with his car and all 4 of them goes with him in his car. They reach Sneha’s home and Apna Hero shouts Pappi Sharma and tries to confront him more. Pappi Sharma becomes angry and vows to take his life. Apna Hero becomes nervous when Pappi Sharma comes near to him and then he calls his wife as well.  He engages both of them and Sneha is then pushed inside her home without her parents seeing it. Apna Hero in his final comment speaks of respecting Pappi Sharma and runs from there.

Kavi (the host) speaks that Apna Hero saved the Sneha from her parents, managed the car repair and now the time came to separate. At this stage, Anu remembers one thing which she forgot to speak to him at the bar.

Apna Hero drops Anu at her home and as she walks back towards her home, she stops and asks the biggest problem between themselves that he haven’t told his name until now. He replies its not a big problem and when he will call her she will come to know about him. He asks whether she will pick his call if he calls or whether she will have something in her mind which would block her. He speaks of wishing to see her smile a lot and then she smiles much and showers a bye message to him.

Kavi speaks that it was an adventurous night and Apna Hero didn’t give his intro much and neither took her intro and mobile no and just left. Kavi asks what have happened to them ? He speaks that supporting people – Kanishk and Sneha used to meet more and Apna Hero got the number of Anu from them. He made an awkard call to them and soon Anu and Apna Hero met.  Anu is wearing specs and he asks you have specs and she looks nice with specs. She thinks he is giving compliment but can say just like that as well. He replies on giving compliment if he has something special to say [Love by Chance title song plays]. She asks how many girls he added on his Internet profile and whether he has finalized her after checking many options ? He replies on not getting the necessity to see other girls after seeing her. He begins to try to come close to her and she reciprocates the same feelings like him and finally both became lovestruck.

Kavi (the host) gives a recap of Apna Hero and Anu’s love story and suggests that by taking chance then you can go ahead. He signs off citing the importance to give and take chances which can change the direction of life.

Additional Note: We (TellReviews) believe that Actors have given an amazing performance to an interesting and layered love story. Kudos to Actors and Love by Chance team, Bindass TV.

Episode Video: Love By Chance, 25th October 2014
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