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Private Investigator Star Plus

The show starts with Raffe as a child and his mom are going in a car and he asks about his dad and also where are they going ? She tells him to solve a puzzle and stops the car and speaks to man and tells him something about the car which was standing there. She comes back to her car and informs Raffe that we should always look ahead and not turn back. However, Raffe looks back via rear-view mirror and finds the car which was standing back to be blown away. Raffe as a youngster wakes up on that thought and speaks of staying alone with his mother and suggests that his mother believes that everyone are alone. He speaks that his mother used to find puzzles for him which he thinks on keeping his mind busy when alone. He used to solve those puzzles with much ease and by the age of 14 yrs he has read all his mother’s detective novels. He then understood that even human can be alone or incomplete and not only bottles. He found finer details on God’s unique creation – Humans. He shares an example of a man standing in parking lot. Raffe starts to speak that the man is waiting for his girlfriend and works as a call centre or other job and he knew because he can observe people well. He then goes into more details and suggests that the man is a left hander and also speaks that he is a smoker. Raffe thinks that every person has a story full of surprises only if we observe.


Raffe’s mother  comes and asks whether he is not going to college and also gives him a detective book to read. Raffe’s friend Raghav (Raghu) calls him and he wants him to manage his things in the class. There is a criminology class going and Raffe at his end finds a college girl Yasmin being taken away by the police. He follows the police and comes to Yasmin’s home and learns about a murder took place in her room 301. Raffe observes things and the guard speaks that at 7:30 pm a man was seen going in the building and 2 hrs later at 9:30 pm Yasmin went out, and after another 15 mins the housekeeper lady found the dead body once she opened Yasmin’s flat. A neighbor Mrs. Chopra speaks about Yasmin and her behavior. Siddharth, another neighbor comes and she informs him about the murder which took place in Yasmin’s flat. Yasmin is being taken away by the police and her friends learn it. Raffe finds a man running in his car and he takes a pic of it. He then becomes a Tea vendor to reach the crime scene and goes there with tea/samosas and offers it to police. He starts to speak about the incident and the police constable speaks about a murder and thinks that the deceased’s girlfriend have killed him. Raffe looks at a photoframe and observes something. He then goes to the police lockup where Yasmin has been put and cites an excuse of giving her the book to go and meet her. The policewoman allows him to meet her and he asks her about the photo frame where she was seen in the bar. She becomes much annoyed and starts to cry and suggests of not doing any thing and thinks her parents will call her to Nairobi if they know that she was put being in lock-up.

Raffe asks whether someone else has the key of the room. She remembers now that her house broker Ajit has the key since once she saw him in her bathroom who then cited the excuse of repairing water tank in a loft. Raffe asks whether there was really a problem with the water tank. She then puts emphasis that Ajit has the key. She provides detail about his shop which is close to flyover. She again wants Raffe to help her and he leaves from there. Raffe reaches the Ajit’s antique shop and introduces himself as coming from Poonawala and Sons and wants antique for his shops and makes it clear to the man there of the need to have real antique and not just show pieces. The man (employee of Ajit) speaks of having antique pieces which are 200 to 300 years old but they are in the godown and it is sealed and changed his words to closed and wants Raffe’s number for contacting him later. In the night Raffe recollects the crime scene while lying on his bed and try to arrange clues and details – photoframe mismatch, the deceased got cut deeper left to right, Loft was locked and Ajit having key, Ajit’s strange behavior, theman speaking of his godown seal and then changes to closed. Raffe searches for the common thing from those clues and find Yasmin’s home as the answer. He goes there in the night and starts looking at photo frames and takes some pics. He goes to her bathroom and finds the stolen items – Murtis (sculpture of idols) being hidden there in the loft. He finds a man approaching him who turns out to be Inspector (Tiwari). Tiwari thinks that Raffe is having an affair with Yasmin as they are both college students and thats why he is there and then Raffe introduces himself as P.I. Tiwari thinks that he is drunk and then Raffe speaks P.I is private investigator or detective.

Tiwari calls himself as the king of detectives and asks Raffe to take private tuitions according to his age. He also adds on knowing quickly about the murder and holds a gun aiming at Raffe. He thinks that Raffe and Yasmin have killed the deceased and also Raffe came there to remove the evidence. Raffe counters by saying that in that case Tiwari’s job will also go since he was resting here with AC (air conditioners) on and relaxing much. Tiwari speaks of fixing Raffe in sections 108, 304 and Raffe suggests that for murder IPC 108, 302, 304 are applied, Right ? Raffe speaks that Yasmin’s home keys are also with housekeeper lady and broker Ajit as well. He takes Tiwari to the bathroom who sees the Murtis which are stolen from temples. Raffe informs that the broker Ajit has hidden them there. Tiwari starts to eat and read the bio of Raffe. He asks Raffe why he wrote his mother’s name in father’s place. Raffe replies of staying with his mother and then cites the Gita Hariharan judgement which makes it clear that either mother or father’s name is enough. Tiwari asks whether he knows all details so well and wants Raffe to not been seen near the crime scene. Raffe pull Tiwari’s leg and leaves. Raffe comes to his home and is quiet and his mother asks why he haven’t slept nicely and also slept with his shoes on. She wanted to know what’s bothering him and he doesn’t answer. Raffe gets composure and speaks of not really knowing who is his father and his mother becomes annoyed and doesn’t want to talk anything. She again asks where was he last night ? He replies on promising to her that he will not ask about his dad but haven’t made promise to tell her where he will be during nights and speak about privacy since he is an adult and 21 years old. He greets him and goes to the college.

Raffe is seen at the beach front and meets his friend Raghu. Raghu asks Raffe how come he has bunked the class again and Raffe starts speaking about the murder and suggests that according to autopsy report she was present when murder happened. However, Yasmin told him that she even didn’t know the deceased and she is speaking truth and Raffe wonders how that possible ? Raghu asks what matters whether she is saying truth or lie ? Raffe replies that it matters a lot to know the truth [and feels about not knowing his father]. He then asks whether the broker Ajit brought the man there who was murdered but then why she didn’t saw it happening. And how about the photo frame and thinks it is connectd with the murder ? Raghu looks at the photo frame and speaks of the night club – Xanadoo which was seen in it. Raffe goes to the Xanadoo club and informs the manager of liking the food and lovely ambience and will recommend good ratings and review next week., Raffe then speaks of a friend recommending the place and shows Yasmin’s photoframe pic. The manager and waiter recognizes her and have seen her with some man who is tall. Raffe gives some attributes of looks and some names (Arjun) but the waiter speaks that the man seen with Yasmin wears a diamond earring in the ear. Meanwhile, Raghu calls Raffe and informs that the dead body has been identified and that person is Sunder Patel from Andheri East, Gautam Ngr. Raffe goes to the deceased Sunder’s home whose mom is crying there for her son’s loss and speaks that he wanted to become an actor. Raffe finds Sunder’s friends and colleagues who are from Xanadoo and they inform that Sunder’s parents came just today from Jamnagar. Raffe acts emotional and speaks of coming there after watching news. He finds some bank statement doc of Sunder and learns that there are 2 deposits of 49,000 INR and wonders how come he got this cash amount of money. Raffe speaks that Sunder used to work at Xanadoo where Yasmin used to frequently visit and he then went to her home and there got murdered. Sunder Patel used to earn 10,000 INR per month but then how come there are 2 cash deposits of 49,000. Raffe ponders and look at the blackmail angle and thinks about the photo frame. Whether he went to blackmail Yasmin and there Ajit murdered him ?

Raffe thinks that its not a crime to have an affair unless the diamond earring man is married. Raffe recollects and learns about Siddharth, Yasmin’s neighbor to be that diamond earring man. Next morning. Raffe goes to meet Yasmin and she admits to having an affair with Siddharth. Raffe suggests that she went to see Siddharth once his wife went out of town and also she was not present at the time of murder. She says yes. Raffe suggests that Sunder might be knowing the affair of her with Siddharth and might have blackmailed him. In return, Siddharth might have killed him to make matters to rest. Yasmin defends Siddharth and suggests he was with her from 8 to 9 PM. Raffe makes it clear to her that case is strong and she has to testify the truth whether she was really present with Siddharth. And if she does so then she can get bail otherwise difficult. Yasmin speaks of Siddharth being married and his family and Raffe thinks its too late and she should have thought it before. Raffe thinks that even Siddharth’s wife has the right to know the truth, right ? She agrees and Raffe thinks that after hearing Yasmin two things are clear – First, the murderer knew that she was with Siddharth at his home and Second, he was having the key of her home. Yasmin is being called in the court and she thinks Ajit to be the killer and Raffe at his end starts on the lookout for Ajit and his car. He is helped by a young auto driver Sonu who finally takes Raffe to Ajit’s blue car and gets compliment. Sonu asks Raffe why he wants to get in other people’s problems and issues. Raffe responds by saying that one who couldn’t solve their own issues/open ends are much interested in others. He pays to Sonu and leaves and goes atop a under construction building.

Ajit holds a knife against Raffe and also Ajit’s friend comes to attack Raffe. Raffe gets some hit but soon he overpowers them with the help of Sonu who comes there to distract them. Raffe injures Ajit and his friend’s hands to overpower them and soon Ajit speaks of being a pure businessman and didn’t know the identity of Raffe before. Raffe at his end gets the info that Yasmin got bail and feels relieved. He informs Ajit that he got what he deserved since he was smuggling Murtis and also have hidden them in Yasmin’s room and if he haven’t done those things then for sure he will not have become a prime suspect. Raffe is clear that the murder is not done by Yasmin, Siddharth and Ajit. Sonu comes in and suggests that Ajit and his friend might be making them fool. For that argument, Raffe informs that murder is carried out by a left-handed person and the attack wound on the dead body is from left to right and thickening. And Ajit is a right hander. Raffe informs that the murderer is the one who has the key to Yasmin’s home. Raffe goes to meet Yasmin and looks at the keys of her home which belongs to the housekeeper lady. Yasmin wants her friend Divya to let open the curtains and reminds that after staying in the jail/lock-up for some days she felt Claustrophobia [Fear of having no escape and being in closed or small spaces or rooms] and wishes to throw all the curtains out. Raffe then speaks that there is a story behind every crime and it is built with some details. and each detail to be looked upon with much care. He takes an alcohol bottle and Divya reminds him that there is no house party. He then dips the housekeeper’s key after heating in the glass filled with alcohol and shows them the wax paint which is found on the key. This means that someone has made a duplicate key with wax print. He asks Yasmin where else her housekeeper works apart from her home. She replies Mrs. Chopra and also speaks of a guy who used to wear check shirt and his flat no is 402 and his name is Navdeep Khanna. Raffe goes to meet Navdeep and requests him to ask Shakku Bai (housekeeper) to not leave Yasmin’s home.

Navdeep speaks of not understanding and Raffe suggests to him that only he was the one who have supported Yasmin on the day when crime was learnt to police and neighbors. Navdeep says that people become judgemental and he will speak with Shakku bai. Raffe asks for some water which was an excuse to get inside Navdeep’s house. He goes inside and Navdeep speaks of shifting the flat in 2 days and also heard about broker Ajit getting arrested. Raffe replies yes and suggests that the suspicion is on Ajit. Navdeep also informs that Ajit was also a broker for his flat and then suggests that today we cannot know who will do what. Raffe looks at the cartons there and finds the labels written in Gujarati and also finds that Siddharth’s room balcony is visible from Navdeep’s balcony. Raffe took Navdeep Khanna’s pic in disguise and asks him whether he is punjabi. Navdeep replies yes and then Raffe informs him that the cartoon’s labels are written in Gujarati. Navdeep replies that the people who packed it are Gujarati. Raffe leaves from there while Navdeep gets little worried. Raffe meets a pizza guy at his home and wants him to call Navdeep Khanna asking for Pizza. He calls Navdeep about Pizza and succeeds in the second try when Navdeep vents out his anger by speaking in Gujarati. Raffe thanks the Pizza guy since he got Navdeep’s lie on being a Punjabi.

Raghu asks Raffe about his theory. Raffe asks why Navdeep tried to hide that he knows Gujarati, what is the relation between Navdeep and Yasmin, Yasmin and Siddharth used to go to Xanadoo where Sunder used to work, then who is this Navdeep Khanna ? Raffe speaks that Navdeep can speak Gujarati but maybe he is not Gujarati and then suggests to Raghu that name can be different but not the face. He asks Raghu to trace Navdeep’s face. Raghu replies that’s easy for him and also wants Raffe to not come close to him like Betaal from Vikram Betaal. Raghu searches for Navdeep’s face and after some search learns that Navdeep’s actual name is Vimlesh patel. Raffe gets the connection between Sunder and Navdeep (Vimlesh) and both are from Jamnagar. Raffe knows well the connection and is on the way to reach Vimlesh. Raghu is also with him and wants to know the connection. Raffe says that Navdeep is actually Vimlesh from Jamnagar, and he used to hear all the things spoken at Siddharth’s home and for this reason he knew about Siddharth and Yasmin’s affair. [Navdeep/vimlesh is shown hearing Yasmin on phone in Siddharth’s home from his balcony]. Yasmin was staying with Siddharth after his wife went out. Navdeep was following Yasmin and reaches Xanadoo but there he found Sunder. Sunder identified Navdeep and started to blackmail him and then Navdeep stole Yasmin’s housekeeper key, made a wax print to generate a duplicate key. He then went to Yasmin’s home and murdered Sunder there. Raffe wants to go to Navdeep’s home since he might be fleeing.

Navdeep is seen preparing to go in his car and finds Yasmin jogging on the road. Raffe reaches Naveep’s home to find some people are doing refurbishment works and also learn that Navdeep is already gone. Navdeep at his end is seen at Yasmin’s home and trying to physically abuse her. Raffe rings her bell but there is no reply and he awaits. Yasmin battles with Navdeep at her end and Raffe after waiting sometime goes out of the building and finds Inspector Tiwari. He informs Tiwari that the Vimlesh Patel is the murderer of Sunder Patel. Tiwari asks about Vimlesh and wants some proof ? Raghu then shows Navdeep aka Vimlesh patel’s photo in a newspaper and Vimlesh is on the run and facing case in court. Raffe informs Tiwari that Vimlesh knew that Yasmin was in Siddharth’s home so he killed Sunder at her home with much ease. Moreover, Vimlesh put the photo frame so the police comes to know about Yasmin and Siddharth’s affair and then the suspicion will go on both of them. Tiwari wonders where he will find Vimlesh ? Tiwari asks his assistants Bhosle and Hazare to make arrangements to find Vimlesh in the city. Vimlesh at his end reminds Yasmin on how he once went to her home asking for some sugar and he received it from her housekeeper. He forces on her more and Raffe looks at her flat and finds the curtain to be closed and also have heard some voice from her home just earlier. He goes to her home and catches Vimlesh and protects Yasmin from his abuse and attack. Raffe speaks to Vimlesh about his crime in raping an American woman Eva in Jamnagar, and asks whether he thought to not get caught after doing such crime. He confronts Vimlesh more and says that though he have changed the city but again put his evil intentions on another girl Yasmin. Vimlesh replies that such girls need to be treated in the way he did. Raffe is holding him tightly and replies that who is he to tell what they deserve and punches him hard.

Tiwari compliments Raffe for doing excellent work and acts humorously and also media coverage compliments Tiwari and his team for finding and arresting Vimlesh who is the murderer of Sunder and inform about Vimlesh’s crime. Raffe’s mom watches the news on TV and finds him also standing there behind the police. Raffe in his college is greeted by Yasmin for all his help and she hugs him for saving her life and she doesn’t need to go back to Nairobi. Divya also comes there and Yasmin asks Raffe whether he wants to join her for coffee. Raffe gets a call and Divya thinks he is busy. Raghu steps in and suggests that they are not busy and Raffe also didn’t take his mom’s call and agrees to go with Raghu, Yasmin and Divya for a coffee. Raffe’s mom Anita ponders and calls to Vijay and he recognizes her voice very quickly. He was watching the same media coverage about Vimlesh and his crime and how he got arrested by Tiwari. Anita speaks to him that even after so many years he recognized her voice at the drop of a hat (quickly) and he asks how she is doing and why did she call him with a light smile ? She replies on having some work with him.

Next Episode – The Mummy Mystery Case , 14 December 2014 :
There is a Mummy at the museum and Raffe and Tiwari goes there as some incident happened. Raffe learns from a young guy there that the mummy has itself gone out from there and such thing is very strange. Raghu wants some detective mind like Raffe to know something. Tiwari is seen with Raffe at the seafront and speaks to him of getting his eyes sore as he is looking at sea since 2 hrs. Raffe speaks of wanting to help him. Raghu tries to motivate Raffe as Tiwari has closed the case. Raffe goes to the museum again and there a foreigner lady informs a man to take care.

Some Info on Cast:
* Raffe Roy Choudhary is portrayed by actor Mrinal Dutt
– Worked in Channel V’ Roomies in the role of Zizou (2009-2010).
– Role of Vikrant ‘Viku’ Chaudhary in MTV’s Webbed in 2013.
– Recently, portrayed the role of Harsh in Zing TV’s Pyaar Tune Kya Kiya 2nd Episode aired on 30th May 2014. If interested, read its WU here.
– Mrinal’s Facebook Page and Twitter page.

* Raffe’s mother – Anita Roy Choudhary is portrayed by actress Sandhya Mridul
– Forayed in acting in 1994/1995 with Television shows Swabhimaan, portraying the role of Shivani; and Banegi Apni Baat portraying the role of Shivani.
– She was born on 28 March 1975 and worked in Bollywood films as well. Got acclaim for portraying roles in films – Saathiya (2002), Page 3 (2005).
– Runner-up in Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa Season 2 in 2007. Read more at her Wikipedia page. Sandhya’s Twitter page.

* Police Inspector role is portrayed by actor Vrajesh Hirjee
– Vrajesh is a prominent Gujarati actor and well-known television and theatre personality.
– Debut on TV in a comedy show Tea Time Manoranjan(1994).
– Some of his Bollywood movies – Rehna Hai Tere Dil Mein, Kaho Naa Pyaar Hai, Mujhe Kucch Kehna Hai, Golmaal Returns. Contestant of Big Boss 6, 14th place. Read more at his Wikipedia page

* Yasmin is portayed by actress Shivangi Desai
– She recently worked in Bindass’ Love by Chance Episode 22 aired on 25th October 2014. If interested, read that episode WU here.
– Shivangi’s Twitter page


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* Vijay is portayed by Actor Aamir Bashir.
– Portrayed the role of Police Inspector in the movie A Wednesday (2008) and got acclaim.
– Recent work in the movie Haider (2014), portraying the role of Liyaqat, Arshia’s brother. Actress Shraddha Kapoor played Arshia.
– Aamir’s Wikipedia page.

Episode Video: Private Investigator, 7th December 2014

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