Love By Chance 1st November 2014 23rd Episode starring Neelam Sivia and Vicky Arora on Bindass TV – Written Update


Love By Chance Bindass 23rd Episode, 1st November 2014 - Babul and Sheetal's love story

Today’s Love By Chance Episode name is English Course Speaking. Kavi Shastri (the host) starts the show and speaks that boys and girls don’t know how love is growing in them and we live with ‘trial and error’ when there is no one language to express love.


The story starts with Sheetal and her friends speaking about a boy – Babul who looks like an uncle and Sheetal also speaks of her Maths problems. Babul who was earlier called an uncle by girls attends the class with the professor asking a Maths/Reasoning question – Whether two trains collide or not given their speeds ?. Babul gives the answer after some Hindi and then answers directly and gives the speed of trains accurately and cites that questions asked are coming directly from the book. The professor is not impressed with Babul and wants him to leave the class. Babul doesn’t want to go but then leaves from the class by becoming emotional and thinks that if he stays 10 mins more then his IQ will go down more. Babul before leaving shouts slogans in Hindi that Education is strength and Jai Hind. Later, Babul meets the same professor who informs him of meeting the principal. Babul learns that the principal wanted him to give the Annual day speech since he is the first ranker of the college. Babul speaks of giving the speech with focusing on Science (Vigyan). The professor informs him that the speech should be in English. Babul is worried since he doesn’t have good english skills and the professor speaks of waiting for this day when Babul ki Dua will come to his office asking for help. Babul gets a get out message and soon the professor meets Sheetal. Sheetal informs of not understanding things in the class and the professor asks her to take arts instead. She speaks of missing 7 lectures and just then Babul comes there  and wants the professor to speak with principal again. The professor finds Babul and Sheetal in one frame and thinks of them as Saanp (Snake) and Lathi (Stick) combination. He gets an idea and informs sheetal that Babul knows everyone thing about Science which will be known in coming times. He then asks Sheetal to take help from Babul. Sheetal is not impressed with babul and leaves.

Kavi Shastri (the host) speaks that Babul was a straightforward guy, duffer in style, dumb in English, and scholar in other subjects and came from Benaras while Sheetal was confident in english but she was somewhat dumb in other subjects and needed help of her friends. For her to keep contact with babul so uncool.

Babul is giving demos and succeeds in Chemistry and Mechanics lab while has to make sit downs in English. Babul finds Sheetal speaking on her mobile with good grip in English. He thinks that she is speaking on deep subjects and she just says many NO’s on her phone. Babul tries to mimic and says No message. She thinks that he is eve-teasing openly and asks whether he is a pervert. He replies yes. She speaks of calling the cops and he says yes and she asks him whether there is some misunderstanding and reminds of calling police. He gets the word Police and ask why she is speaking about police since he was just speaking to her and even not touching her. He speaks of saying Ya Ya Ya as learnt from other persons. She thinks he doesn’t know english and laughs on him. He opens up and speaks of having some grip on English and speaks of his english speech for annual day which he has been told to give by the principal. She begins to move by citing that if someone sees her talking with him then they can make strange remarks. He tries to stop her by calling Sheetal and speaks that she has a beautiful name. He speaks of thinking that they can help each other and he informs that she is somewhat weak in Maths and on other hand he is expert in Maths specially in Algebra. He thinks that she is too good in English and if she helps him in English then he can give her something. She asks what ? He takes out some books wrapped with gift wrapper and they are all science books with solved problems.

Later, Babul meets Sheetal and she asks him about the essay. He takes out the essay which is about him and reads it. He speaks bit slowly and she suggests that confidence is important rather than grammar and he can speak loudly as well. Babul tries to speak – My Clothes have gone for washing with some confidence with help from Sheetal. She becomes excited and touches his cheeks. He begins to move after it and speaks that there should be some distance between people. She asks whether he keep distance from friends as well and asks whether he has some friends ? He calls his class friends as selfish and speaks of being new in the city since only 3 yrs have passed. She replies that it took only 2 months for her to be not new in the city. She then calls him Bechara (helpless) fellow and asks with whom he talks/smiles and go to cafeteria. He speaks that earlier he used to speak much with the professors but soon stopped talking since they were lagging behind in Syllabus and he was already much ahead. She says sorry to him and tries to hold his hands. He gets some shock and hesitantly speaks that she is putting more salt to his wound. She calls him Dramebaaz (dramatic fellow) and leaves.

Next day, Sheetal meets Babul and thanks him since the professor was happy with her because of his notes. She offers friendship to him and he agrees to be friend with her. She thinks after friendship needs inauguration which is that they need to eat Chanas (grams) at the roadside. She orders Masala Chana and he wants normal Chanas. She thinks his taste is bland and he thinks that just after they became friends she started making taunts at him. She replies that if friends do not criticize then who else will do such thing and asks Chana vendor’s opinion – What you say Mr ? The chana vendor starts speaking in English and he speaks – I was made to loving you.. He speaks of selling Chanas to foreigners who asks him what is the mobile/style no ? Babul thinks that Chana’s vendor speaks much better english than him. Sheetal wants Babul to listen to her and be confident. Soon, Babul attends more english lessons with Sheetal and prepares in english speaking. She wants him to describe such thing like a girl whom he likes. He speaks of not liking any girl and cites that his grandfather spoke that Brahmachari (celibate, noun) is a good thing. She then wants him to say something about her. He becomes nervous and then says – You are girl, you are young and you made food poisoning. She asks where is the feeling and asks him to express. She takes his hands and puts it on her cheeks. He calls in one line – You are very soft. [English Vinglish…I am loving Acha Lagta Hain..Dheeme Dheeme song plays]. Later, he teaches Sheetal some Maths problems and speaks that you need to completely enthused when solving Maths problems.

He begins to explain her and by mistake touches her hand and apologizes. He then shows solving an algebra problem and wants her to solve it. She solves the problem and he says she is right in doing it. On hearing it, she becomes excited and showers a hug to him. He becomes nervous but soon calms down. Sheetal’s friends see her with Babul who they call him as Chandu/Champu. They meet Sheetal and asks how come she is seeing with Champu ? Sheetal informs of playing with Babul and just using him. One of her friends asks whether she has not sent I love you message on V Chat. She replies no. Later, Babul comes to Sheetal’s room with notes and asks whether she lives alone in that big room. He speaks of living in hostel and there is only one bed and he has take care a lot. She says Wow and thinks that his life is very much different from hers. She suggests on never thinking from other’s perspective (point of view). He thanks her and asks why would she think from his perspective ? He says that she has made friends and everyone tries to fit in. She thinks he is suggesting that she wants to fit in things and speaks why would she need to do and informs that Jo and other friends are fan of her in college. He asks whether after befriending him her image got hurt. She doesn’t want him to think in that way.  She then speaks of not having a boyfriend and he asks why not ? He speaks that there are many good looking and beautiful boys in their college. She replies there are no such boys of her type and he then asks about her type ? She replies the one who is bit mad, sensitive, one who makes her laugh, and .. He ponders and speaks on being sure about her choice, smiles and leaves. Sheetal remembers how Babul called her Wow..

Kavi (the host) speaks that for the one whom we were waiting all our life is just in front of her. Sheetal realized that she was describing Babul when she spoke about her perfect guy.

Babul meets Sheetal in the cafeteria and she asks what is he doing there ? He meets her friends and greets them what do you do ? Sheetal suggests How do you do ? is the right greeting. Sheetal’s friend asks him whether he likes Sheetal. He replies yes and informs that Sheetal has helped him in Annual day speech with  – she helped him a very message. Sheetal corrects the sentence and her friends were not impressed and leaving. She stops them and makes fun of Babul’s english and specially makes fun of his family when he spoke of having 3 sisters and both of them are girls. Sheetal and her friends laugh on him which makes Babul bit sad and he leaves from there. Sheetal after some time realizes her mistake and then goes to Babul. He speaks of the need to become angry and doesn’t want to speak with her and not wish to see her face as well. He wants to give speech on his own and is very much sure on getting applauds as well. He leaves from there and doesn’t listen to Sheetal.

In the class, the professor finds Babul quiet and learns that there is a separation/fight between Sheetal and Babul. Babul speaks of giving speech for himself and not for Sheetal. Later, Babul goes to buy some normal Chana and Sheetal comes there and asks for Masala Chana. She apologizes to Babul and speaks of saying one thing and doesn’t wish to see his insult on Annual day stage. She speaks of not intending to insult him earlier and she didn’t mean to hurt him in any way. She just wants him to see the envelope once which she kept for him and doesn’t need any other thing for him. She returns the notes and doesn’t want his friendship and leaves with some sadness. Babul comes to his class to fetch the envelope while Sheetal is at her home bit sad [Kaisa Jaaon Main Paraye Des. Jiya Re… Dhaag song plays]. He reads the note from the envelope and ponders a bit and smiles. The Annual Day comes and Babul is being called on stage to give the Annual Day Speech and he is being referred as Babul K. Dua. Babul comes to give the speech on the podium and greets all. He speaks that highly ridiculous principal told him that the college is temple of learning. In 3 yrs of his college, he learnt that the college is temple of frustration, frustration of below average students, rude and arrogance. He speaks according to his Tau ji (eldest uncle) that someone will show you light (way) when you can’t see anything. On that note, he thanks Sheetal Verma and speaks in Hindi that if she was not there then he wouldn’t have spoken that much in english.

He wants another 2 mins from the professor and then speaks of his feeling which is of loosing her. He asks why everyone is scared to loose friends and it is a scientific question whose answer is impossible to know. He speaks that since we are scared of losing friends we make mistakes. But then suggests that it is because of friends our mistakes are realized and becomes bit emotional. He comes back to speak in English and says that college is temple of Life and he learnt such thing from her. He speaks that life has problems but nobody will have Sheetal Sharma who will show you the way. Everyone cheers Babul and he speaks of not being afraid of anybody’s father. Sheetal gets a laugh and he then speaks of liking her – Sheetal, I like you, How you are ? Where you are ? When you are ?  So friends let’s give a Taali (Clap) to friendship and Sheetal. Everyone claps on Babul’s emotional note. Babul at his end becomes happy and Sheetal comes to meet him and she asks whether he wants to become friends again.He reminds on what he spoke earlier on stage ? She then showers a hug to him and she calls him a Wow person. Babul and Sheetal become lovestruck and their story ends on that happy note.

Kavi speaks that love doesn’t have a language and its important that you communicate and pass on the message. Babul with his broken english has said things which touched and reached Sheetal’s heart because he spoke from heart and was true. Kavi suggests that Truth is the international language of love and if you are true then your love will be a Wow. Kavi speaks that people can share their opinion on the episode using the hashtag #LoveByChance on Bindass TV’s twitter page.

Additional Note:
* We (TellyReviews) believe that this episode is one of the best episodes of Love by Chance. Vicky was amazing in his acting and was lively throughout the episode. Neelam did amazing job as well. Kudos to both actors and Love by Chance Team, Bindass TV for bringing a layered, hilarious and emotional love story.

Info on Cast:
* Babul is played by actor Vicky Arora
– Vicky was born in Delhi but brought up in Mumbai and graduated with Bachelor of Commerce.
– Gave almost a thousand auditions for ad films and tv but never appeared for a single commercial.
– In April 2013, Vicky Arora got a break in Zee’s show Rab Se Sona Ishq in the role of Mohit – the cupid. Read more about him at his facebook page.
– Currently playing the role of Karan in Ek Hasina Thi on Star Plus.
– Vicky’s Twitter page.
– Vicky Arora’s Audition Video: March 2014
[youtube id=]

* Sheetal is played by actress Neelam Sivia.
– Neelam is a model and actress originally from Denmark coming from an Indian family.
– She did modeling assignments in Denmark and did print Ads there. She did modeling and print Ads with UTV Bindass and other agencies in India.
– She portrayed the role of Anika – Anushka Sarkar’s daughter in Sony TV’s show Kya Hua Tera Vaada.
– Neelam portrayed the role of Sonia in Ishq Kills 6th Episode telecast on 23rd March 2014. If interested, read that Episode WU on our site here.

Episode Video:
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  1. […] * Dr. Malvika is portrayed by actress Neelam Sivia – Neelam is a model and actress originally from Denmark coming from an Indian family. – Did modeling assignments in Denmark and did print Ads there. She did modeling and print Ads with UTV Bindass and other agencies in India. – Role of Anika – Anushka Sarkar’s daughter in Sony TV’s show Kya Hua Tera Vaada. Portrayed the role of Sonia in Ishq Kills 6th Episode telecast on 23rd March 2014. If interested, read that Episode WU on our site here. – Recently worked in Love By Chance 23rd Episode aired on 1st November 2014 and portrayed the role of Sheetal. If interested, read that episode WU here. […]


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