Tussle between Anjali's Mountain Rockers and Kabir's Black Horses, Good to reign supreme over Bad in EVEREST


Anjali's Everest is to win father's love

With NIM training commencement, there are two teams – Mountain Rockers (led by Anjali) and Black Horses (led by Kabir).


Black Horses are harassing Raman, a bespectacled and studious guy from day one. They harassed him in canteen, during race and other places. Aakash and Siraj stood for Raman and confronted Kabir and even advised him to not think of leaving NIM training. Anjali also wanted to help Raman and tackle Black Horses who has also given her name Behenji, and vows to defeat them with hardwork, talent and zeal of sipahi taiyar (soldier is ready) confidence. She believes in goodness will defeat the evil principle. Arjun doesn’t echo the same feelings of Anjali and believes that egoistic and aggressive guys should be dealt by applying the same behavior to them aka Tit for Tat approach. Pari’s first plan of locking mountain rockers team so as to lower their morale backfired thanks to Anjali finding way out via windows. Pari along with Kabir turns their attention to Raman and inflicts more harassment on him by locking him in a room while also tying his hands and mouth. Arjun steps in and asks Kabir to behave and not indulge in harassment and gets hot-headed reply in return. Arjun will be irked by such blatant reply from Kabir and will give a fitting reply to him at an opportune time. Aakash, Siraj & others run to the rescue of Raman who was locked and will help him.

Coming to Aakash and Anjali, their bond is getting stronger and he tried to openly flirt with her in a good way and also boasted of having many girlfriends and at the same time declared his uneasiness to talk with girls and credits Gaurav, his late close friend as a witness to it. They also share good moments during theory class when he easily made the 8 knot while she couldn’t do it. On top of it, she showed her exuberance just to pull his leg. Colonel Abhiyankar is a principled coach/mentor who spoke about giving training for the last time and has successfully summitted the Mt. Everest. His Everest is to give personalized and best training to Arjun. He is very objective and didn’t keep in mind Arjun’s brazen behavior in trying to buy his services during first meeting in Roongta’s presence. He instills in Arjun the qualities/attributes of patience, passion of winning should outweigh the fear of failing, better control on oneself and always be in limit. He regards the Everest expedition as a journey with challenges at different stages. Moreover, Colonel Abhiyankar expressed to take his last breath on Everest since the expedition gave meaning to his life. However, he doesn’t wish to lead Arjun’s expedition and keeping mum on Arjun’s request for the same. Is there something more to his story which is stopping him ? Coming to training, the instructors Rana and Awasthi are teaching the fundamentals of mountaineering – making knots (to attach things, climbing, rescue), indoor climbing wall and the best student award of 1 million INR scholarship will be decided upon the completion of training. Anjali & her team Mountain Rockers’ Everest at NIM training is to win that scholarship.

Coming back to current track, Will Arjun help mountain rockers by piggybacking his support to deal with black horses as they need strong opposition ? How Anjali’s principled stand – hardwork and talent will overpower Black horses’ ego, superiority and harassment ? What’s more in store for Anjali and Aakash bonding, whether it will take some shape – feelings, friendship and trust ? Will Black Horses learn about having healthy competitive spirit ? Keep Reading..

Anjali’s journey to conquer Everest and her Dream – First Glimpses
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