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Balika Vadhu:
Subhadra hears Daddu is going with Shiv, Anandi and Amol. She thinks she and Anoop will be at home and she should use this chance. Anoop tells a lady to do as he says. He asks for all sales details. Anandi comes to the lady and Daddu comes to Anoop.

Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi:
Ishaani requests RV to forget the old things. He asks she also thinks he is taking revenge from Sharman. She says she was just asking, him to keep police away.

Sasural Simar Ka:
Simar says how could you forget that Ravan never forced Sita, you are even worse. You can marry me forcefully but you will never have me. But if I lose I will consider it my fate and will be yours with my will. Roli hides her face and goes with Leela.

Shastri Sisters:
Shastri ji comes home and tells his daughters that she hates his daughters when they are so good. He tells them about Minty behind all this. Sareen tells Minty, he would have made Shastri ji go if she said she hates his daughters. He says you wanted daughter and what did you do with them. He says Nikki has done this and asks her to get out if she has filled poison. Nikki says she did this to revenge from Devyaani. Sareen says Minty did this because of you. He asks her to get out of his house. Sareen tells Minty their relation won’t be normal as before. Neil hugs Minty. Sareen takes Rajat with him and goes out.

Chakor says forgive her and asks Arjun to sit. Ishwar tells Chakor about what Arjun wants to explain her. Ishwar asks will this sign go he erases. Chakor says it will go if she studies. Ishwar says it will not go by studies alone. Arjun shockingly sees the sign. Ishwar tells Chakor to race to get place in school for study and erase sign. Lakhan tells Bhuvan Imli is finding hard to be alive in haveli.

Akash gives a card for Nandini and Rani sees the card and says that this a credit card. Nandini says to herself that Akash you care this much for me as this is why you gave me this card as you have accepted me in your family.


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