Survival Training & Anjali's M. Rockers Goodness melts Kabir's B. Horses Ego, brimming Healthy Competitive Spirit


Mountain Rockers vs. Black Horses Tussle

Anjali’s Mountain Rockers (MRs) and Kabir’s Black Horses (BHs) finally sorted out their differences and have good/positive feelings for each other thanks to Tekla survival training competition phase. Anjali and Aakash helped BH’s Yohan whose his own team didn’t help him as they wanted to win and come first. Arjun was the monitor of that competition and tried to influence Anjali that she should focus on the competition and not on Yohan but she was defiant and helped him. As a result, Mountain Rockers lost that competition but won Yohan’s heart who apologizes to Anjali for causing her dangerous fall from mountain. He assured her that his team didn’t intended to harm her and only wanted to scare her, the same was spoken by Kabir earlier. Yohan was upset with Kabir and BHs. When Arjun spoke of MR’s team loss to her, Anjali asked him directly, whether he will leave someone during his expedition and let him die. On that note, Arjun gets uncomfortable and remembers how he left his colleague Sadbir to die during their expedition trail while favoring his own desire to win and reach the mountain peak. Arjun talks about right and wrong and suggests that they depend on situation and circumstances. By helping Yohan, Anjali and MR’s have realized the Abhiyankar’s teaching in practice to a larger extent. Abhiyankar informed them earlier that a mountaineer will never betray his team and also about team spirit.


MR’s and BH’s next challenge of survival training is to find, prepare their own food for the night. MR’s find first good staple food from the forest, while BH’s couldn’t find much with Pari only finding mushrooms. MR’s begins to eat and sooner finds BH’s not having any food. Here comes the big step, Anjali and MR’s goes ahead to offer food to Kabir and BH’s. Kabir has a change of heart and his ego has gone and with humbleness he accepts the food and gives it to Sangi who was badly affected with hunger. Kabir hugs Aakash and thanks him for the help. MR’s and BH’s are now together and a fine example of their bonding was visible when they go ahead to sing and have music (with utensils) under a camp fire (bonfire) setting. Coming to Aakash and Anjali’s bonding and blossoming love. Earlier, Aakash’s cute apology to Anjali with a flower after his fight with Arjun have made her smile and happy. Another bonding scenario happens that same night of survival training (2nd day). Anjali and Aakash found their own space and have good time together. While gazing at the stars and moon, Aakash goes into philosophical mode and Anjali calls him mad with a broad smile. They are inching closer and strengthening their bond with time. At Arjun’s end, he continued with the survival training on Awasthi and Rana’s insistence plus Abhiyankar’s words on self-reliant/self-ready. However, Anjali and MR’s stand and goodness is too much for him and his sort of outburst will be on Raman who is the smartest fellow of MR’s and knows much of the route map, coordinates, trek estimate. Will Abhiyankar’s words of All knowledge is good knowledge for mountaineering (viz. Raman knowing a lot) will help either MRs or BHs at the end of survival training phase ?

Next morning, at the end of Tekla survival training, BH’s faces another problem with Kabir slipping from a mountain cliff which makes Pari much worried. Aakash runs to save him and the scenario is similar to that of Gaurav yearning for help. Aakash tries his best to save Kabir but he looses grip of the robe and is seen falling down. For Aakash, saving Kabir’s life will also help him a lot in overcoming his own vertigo and acrophobia problem which continues to haunt him. Will Kabir survive that fall by help from Raman or someone else ? The survival training module of N.I.M training comes to end and colonel Abhiyankar has to announce the winner. He will take into account Anjali and MR’s help to BHs team member Yohan since it highlighted good and healthy team spirit. Will Mountain Rockers emerge as winner in 2nd week of training too ?

Additional Cast Info:
* Saatvic as Kabir. He is also director, economist, singer, tabla player.
– Few Details (Studies, Acting) about Saatvic from his Twitter Chat on 29th November (6PM IST)

* Kanika as Nikita
* Teejay Shah as Beeju
– Teejay have recently worked in Yeh Hai Aashiqui and Love by Chance episodes.
* Sonel Singh as Pari
* Know more at their Twitter pages – Sattvic, Sonel Singh,Kanika, Teejay Shah
* We will incorporate this above Additional cast info to our first post on EVEREST where we have provided details of Cast and Crew.

Anjali’s Journey at N.I.M and also sharing Best Student Award
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