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Love By Chance Bindass 27th Episode, 29th November 2014- Shivangi and Sunder's love storyPriya Chauhan in Love by Chance on Bindass

Today’s Love By Chance Episode name is Do Jugaadu Ek Haseena [Two guys knowing work-around and one beautiful girl]. The story starts with Sunder eating food and is seen with a friend who pulls his leg on overeating. Sunder counters on not backing out and also makes a taunt to his friend on just giving a treat on food (Samosa) after taking work from him. In the process of their fight, some food curry falls on his pants. He reiterates on not backing out from meeting a girl Shivangi.

Kavi Shastri (the host) speaks that Sunder boss is the one who doesn’t have a backed out word in his dictionary and he will work on things like college popularity, exam paper, fake parents, hostel, bike for some hours but will never back out.

Shivangi comes there and asks about Sunder. Sunder compliments on her beauty and he asks about the jugaad. She asks about needing the break-up from her boyfriend Ajit. His friend speaks of not doing such a thing while sunder speaks of deciding himself. Shivangi calls them ordinary guys and on hearing it he accepts her work. She gives them 5,000 INR and leaves. Sunder is impressed with her while his friend asks how come he has become a detective and makes a taunt. Sunder speaks about the situation that a girl wants to become a single because of him and is happy about it. Kavi (the host) speaks that the girl came to Sunder for a break-up. They were all having unique quality which is clumsiness.

Sunder and his friend begins to spy Ajit and find that there are four girls who might be Ajit’s girlfriend. They are seen in a cafeteria and sits just behind Ajit. Sooner, Ajit meets his four bodyguards whose names are Sweety, Lovely, Pinky and Dolly and makes a taunt at them. Sunder’s friend sees them and understands that Ajit was not speaking earlier with his girlfriends and actually with his bodyguards. Ajit is scolding his bodyguards and threatens them and starts having hiccups. Sunder and his friend meets Shivangi and informs that her boyfriend Ajit is the son of a gangster Surya Dada and confronts her on why she didn’t disclosed earlier. She informs of getting hit by a truck and got some pain. She then provides details that actually she was late because the truck didn’t move because of which her car got stucked. Sunder asks why she speaks half things and she replies on being busy. Sunder’s friend wants to not take her lightly. Shivangi thinks that they are afraid after hearing about Ajit’s father. On that note, Sunder speaks about not backing out since it is not in his style and cites some examples – like removing the air from car’s 4 tyres at once. Before leaving, she gives his friend some money to change the body spray. Sunder continues to spy on Ajit and find him with some rose and showering a kiss on phone. Sunder then sees Ajit meeting a girl who turns out to be shivangi and not any other girl. On another occasion, they find shivangi with Ajit and their mission is not progressing.

They meet Shivangi later and she is annoyed a bit with Sunder. She informs them that Ajit got some suspicion about her. She explains them how she put a mike in Ajit’s bag while she met him earlier and ate roadside snacks (Pani Poori). Thus, now with mike set-up, they can hear with whom Ajit is speaking and the content. They all put their headphones so as to hear but didn’t hear any voice. Sunder asks Shivangi to not take tension and she replies that the assignment belongs to him. They continue to wait for hearing Ajit’s voice but in vain and gets sleep. Next morning, they wake up and Sunder’s friend asks him whether he got tired. Sunder replies on never getting tired and also the matter is about Shivangi’s life and thus he is not tired. He calls her Shivi and says the same thing. He looks at her and goes in dreamy eye mode [Dooba Rahu song plays in background]. Shivangi also seems to reciprocate to him and he is interrupted by his friend who also encounters his dreamy eyes. Sunder’s friend speaks of putting the speaker and he replies on deciding himself and only then they will be put. Shivangi steps in and asks his friend to put the speakers since her ears are getting pain. After hearing it, Sunder’s friend asks him what has he decided then, whether he should put those speakers ? Sunder says fine and Shivangi wants to go out to a park since she was feeling stiff. Sunder speaks about nearby park and agrees to take her to the park.

They start jogging in the park and she is not impressed with the grass size in the park. He opens up and asks about her current boyfriend Ajit who is the son of a gangster and why she said yess to him ? She replies on trying him to have some fun since he is good looking and powerful. He then asks on what kind of boy she needs ? She speaks that boy should understand her and doesn’t wish that someone tries to change her. Sunder speaks that he is fitting the bill and feels happy. She compliments him and soon she fells on the ground. He also stumbles over her and both share eyelock [Dooba Raho song plays]. Soon, they get up and she asks how did he manage to save her. Kavi (the host) speaks that by just falling down nobody thought that 2 people can literally fall in love. Sunder was already impressed with Shivangi and wanted to come close to her and now shivangi also started developing some feelings for him. In this small feelings, many more things can happen. They didn’t got any proof against Ajit cheating on her.

Sunder comes to his home and scolds his friend who was calling him earlier. Sunder’s friend informs them about hearing voice from Ajit and they find him speaking about his watchman Tommy and some allergy. They all have a laugh on it and Sunder’s friend raises the question whether Ajit is really cheating since chances look bleak. Sunder replies that since Shivangi has said cheating so that should be right. Shivangi changes her tone and asks when she said about cheating and what if Ajit is cheating and she needs some proof and its not her problem. Sunder’s friend speaks that the problem lies with her and asks why she didn’t go and directly told about break-up to Ajit on his face. Shivangi says thats a good thing but what about his bodyguards and suggests that they will thrash sunder and his friend. Sunder’s friend is worried and she asks sunder to complete the work and how come he can leave her in the midway. Sunder’s friend asks if Ajit is not cheating then how could they can bring the proof. On that note, Sunder gets a flash of idea and Shivangi asks whether he is thinking the same like her. He says today both have similar thoughts and smiles. They decide to send a girl to woo Ajit and fix him and in that way get a proof. Natasha goes to Ajit and calls him hottie and his bodyguard run from him. Sunder and his friend see Natasha with Ajit and their discussion. Natasha sits with Ajit and wants to have a coffee and calls him Ajju. He begins to show nervousness and speaks of already having a girlfriend. She replies so what he is so good and thus can give her some place in his heart as well. She holds his head and requests him dearly.

Ajit pulls away her hand and reminds what is her problem and suggests that she looks to come from a good background and also cites that he is unable to manage his only girlfriend. He wants her to leave and she shows her annoyance and informs that whether he knows her. She introduces herself as Natasha Singh who won last year’s Miss University and won best skin category and also doesn’t love him. Sunder’s friend speaks to her via microphone to control her anger. She replies with go to hell message to him and in a fit of anger reveals to Ajit that she came there on his girlfriend’s insistence and set-up. She adds further that his girlfriend is right since how could she manage him and also speaks about hiring college’s jugaadi jodi Ramnik and Sunder were hired in order to dump him. She calls him loser and leaves after giving him the microphone. Ajit gets the microphone and informs Sunder and Ramnik that they will pay a price and will visit hospital after their bones will get broken and makes a taunt asking whether they have some connection there. He orders his bodyguards Lovely, Pinky, Dolly to go and find Sunder and Ramnik and also do some thrashing. Both Sunder and Ramnik are worried in their home and soon hears the door bell and thinks the goons came so fast. They open the door to find Shivangi who informs that Ajit’s bodyguards were looking for her in the college and she managed to run away as she wore slippers.

Ramnik is worried and she speaks of coming there to mediate with Ajit’s men and will asks them to leave Sunder and his friend while she agreeing to go with them. Sunder wants her to inform him the complete thing and she replies on helping them since they are nice and have helped her. Ajit’s men comes there and wants Sunder to come out. Shivangi wanted to go out and she is stopped by Sunder who holds her hand by saying that he is the boss and will go out. He looks at the men – Sweety, Dolly, Pinky and lovely from the balcony and says their names are nice. He then speaks of not being afraid with them and also reminds them that this is the fight of love and wonders how come their boss Ajit didn’t came directly to confront hi. He also informs them of Shirin-Farhad, Romeo-Juliet love stories and wants the men to go and inform Ajit that he should come intervene and fight man to man. All four of them speaks to themselves and agrees with Sunder and also greets him before leaving.

Kavi (the host) speaks that Sunder is fine after some twists and turns. However, Sunder and Shivangi are very different and things can’t be normal between them. Kavi adds that Sunder always employed style and funda and nothing else, what will happen next ?

Ajit calls Shivangi and Sunder and his friend also hears the conversation. Ajit informs that she should tell her friend Sunder on how he will make beautiful designs on his face. Sunder is worried and Shivangi speaks to Ajit that the matter is between them but he doesn’t listen and informs her of coming there in 15 minutes with some teasing smile on his face and cuts the call. Shivangi asks Ramnik to make a list – ladies perfume, wild mushrooms, and also to remove his socks and with her plan nothing will happen to Sunder. She also wants Ek Chutki Sindoor as well. Ajit comes there and they begin their action with Sunder going first and putting his face on Ajit’s face which triggers hiccups. He takes out the socks and Ajit gets more of them and couldn’t do anything Ajit also starts to puke and Sunder offers some mushrooms and lily which makes him more allergic. Sunder tries to pull Ajit’s leg more and asks whether he wants to marry Shivangi. She comes with Sindoor and asks Ajit whether he wants to marry her. Ajit who was battling hiccups and speaks of coming to confront Sunder since he belongs to gangster family and was doing it because of peer pressure. Sunder speaks that Shivangi will now decide and also informs that Ajit spoke the truth. Ajit replies of being educated and calls himself as misfit for her and leaves from there after wishing her. Sunder at his end speaks hesitantly to Shivangi that now she is single and she says wait and then showers a kiss on his cheek. Both Shivangi and Sunder finally do some ballroom dance in the end after becoming lovestruck. The story ends on that happy note.

Kavi asks who thought that Shivangi and Sunder’s love story will unfold like this and he adds that both of them knew about their strengths and weakness and worked as a team. Thus, they could face a big problem together with ease and have passed in their love test.

Additional Note:
* We (TellyReviews) believe that the story was humorous and layered and the actors have given a good performance. Best wishes to Actors and the team.

* The episode was directed by Danish Aslam – Director of the Bollywood movie Break Ke Baad (2010) who have directed couple of earlier Love by Chance episodes as well.

Some Info On Cast:
* Shivangi is portrayed by actress Priya Chauhan
– Priya is originally from Shimla and now lives and work in Mumbai.
– Role of Alina Khurana in Star One’s show Pyaar Kii Yeh Ek Kahaani (2010-2011).
– Worked in Jaane Kahan Se Aayi Hai movie (2010)
– Role of Taani in Sony TV’s Kya Hua Tera Vaada (2012-2013)
– Worked in Yeh Hai Aashiqui’s Episode 31 in the role of Priya as party escort and also worked in MTV Webbed (2013)
– Recently worked in Bindass’s Yeh Hai Aashiqui Episode 53 aired on 27th July 2014 in the role of Priyanka opposite a young boy who is a writer who wrote Promises and Lies novel depicting their love story. If interested, read that episode’s WU on our site here.
– She has also been roped in Star Plus’ upcoming show Private Investigator opposite actor Mrinal Dutt portraying Raffe.
– Priya’s Twitter page

Additional Note:
* Jugaad is a colloquial Hindi-Urdu word that can mean an innovative fix or a simple work-around. Used for solutions that bend rules, or a resource that can be used as such, or even for a person who can solve a complicated issue.
– It is also often used to signify creativity to make existing things work or to create new things with meagre or frugal resources. In Sanskrit, it is called Yukti.  Read more at its Wikipedia page

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