Love By Chance 28th Episode starring Kaizeen Daruvalla – Life is like a book which needs a partner to read, 6th December 2014, Bindass TV – Written Update


Love By Chance Bindass 27th Episode, 29th November 2014- Ragini and Jigar's love storyKaizeen Daruvalla in Love by Chance on Bindass

Today’s Love By Chance Episode name is Papa Ka Siyapa. Kavi Shastri (the host) speaks of doing a Yoga Aasan to show that I am committed relationship and there is no stress in his love life and have to meet the girl’s father. He speaks that his girlfriend’s father is an army man and suggests that they know how to attack. Actually, he is speaking about characters in today’s story and some info on plot.


The story starts with Ragini’s car breaks down in the middle of the road in the night and also her mobile battery have also been drained out. Jigar was going from the same road and stops his car and asks whether she is having a problem. She replies yes and asks otherwise why she would have opened the car’s bonnet. He gets out and she speaks to herself a good looking boy is being sent and have some worry. He comes and checks her car and suggests that if it was day or car was smaller he could have helped. He suggests on dropping her. She replies on needing his phone so she can call his father and he will pick her up. She tries to call her father but learns no network and shows her displeasure. He again speaks of dropping her and calls himself a good boy and she can even speak to his mother if she wants.. and stops since there is no network. She agrees to go with him under one condition that he will not ask her questions. He replies on not talking much and introduces himself as Jigar. She introduces herself as R. She comes with him in his car and during driving he asks about her full name. She reiterates about her earlier condition. He then suggests that she can turn out to be a serial killer and thus wants to know her name. She then replies Ragini and also speaks of not liking to talk with boys. He asks whether she hates boys. She replies no and she is different from other girls and have a papa. He asks whether others are born with sperm donation and do not have papa’s. She speaks of learning an important formula from her father which is that in a girl’s life boys are only pages and she knows how to read those pages. He becomes awe and ask what she thinks of himself. She replies that they are not on the same page.

He stops the car and she speaks of walking to her home which is nearby via a shortcut route though the place looks very lonely. She doesn’t want to extend their meeting since she was told to not keep friendship with boys and moreover if that happens then things are not completed on time. She says that in life discipline is needed. He asks whether he is an Advertisement which runs between the program. She then opens up and speaks that her dad is an army man and does all things on time and will also take the best decision for her. He thinks that if there is something special in boy then the father will think that his daughter has taken the best decision. She remarks that he has something special. He replies on having much hotness and intensity and suggests that she will know once she calls him on phone and talk. She then asks whether he needs phone no and he replies yes and why he will ask about bank account no. She shares an anecdote to him on how once she gave a phone number to a boy and how his father wanted to play tennis with him and also broke the boy’s phone who was busy talking on phone while in tennis court. Another instance, a boy wanted to come to her home and came alone but didn’t go alone and got many hits from his father. She suggests on taking short cut route for this reason so that he will not be seen by her father. He throws a challenge to her and asks what-if he extracts her phone no from her father and hopes to do. She says wow and thinks that he is not worried about his life. He then asks her to give the phone no of her father and she thinks he is showing much confidence. He again reiterates about his name and intensity and suggests that they will also start speaking on phone in sweet manner. She blushes a bit and gives her father no to him and leaves from there. She comes home and greets her father and he asks about her car since he didn’t hear the voice. She speaks of car breakdown and there was no one and he asks whether there was any sabotage. She thinks that the car had a problem since it was long overdue and about time. He remembers his wife on that note and wishes her soul rest in peace.

Kavi (the host) speaks that he is having soft side to Army man’s daughter and more support to their son-in law. Jigar was having strength but can he withstand a brigadier papa.

Jigar calls Ragini the same night and she asks Is he mad to call her. She learns on carrying his mobile with her and he suggests that the mobile wanted her friendship. She asks what he does he need ? He replies his phone and wants her to meet him at the coffee shop next morning. She continues to think he is mad. Next morning, Ragini goes to meet Jigar at the cafeteria and returns his phone. He calls their first date and she directly says that since he cleverly put his phone in her bag so she came to return it. She speaks of knowing him well and calls him typical. She suggests if he thinks on extracting her mobile no from her father then such thing is mistaken. He says that their date will be arranged if he succeds in getting her no from father and asks for the deal. She agrees to him and wishes him good luck. He says that it might be possible that her father will give her hand to him. Jigar calls Ragini’s father Brigadier and speaks of calling from Kaun Banega Pati and her father speaks of not participating in any contest. Jigar replies that he has won because of a lucky draw and has to nominate his children in case he didn’t turn up because of accident, ill-health, and so forth. Ragini’s dad replies on only having one daughter and her name is Ragini. Jigar asks him about her no and gets it.

Kavi (the host) speaks that the next question is whether R will get the opportunity to love Jigar ?

Jigar calls Ragini after getting her no earlier and she asks how did he got her number ? He replies with the same line on having much intensity and suggests that her father is very sweet and gave number very quickly. He reminds about the deal and she suggests that he is a nice guy and doesn’t wish to see him hurt. He asks whether she is having concern for her and calls it sweet. He asks what if her father himself give him the permission to meet her. She then thinks its true that Jigar has that zeal and it has to be seen whether he takes just info or is able to meet her. He replies that he is just waiting to take her on a date and ends the call. Jigar goes to the tennis court and meets her father. Before going there, he stops the partner of the Ragini’s dad who is a physiotherapist. He speaks to him that his partner is not there on time and today no one values time. Brigadier says that after meeting youngsters like him he is sure that good days are coming in the country. He introduces himself as Brigadier Suryakant and Jigar gives his introduction. Jigar makes excuse of not serving in the army since he has a flat foot. Both started playing tennis and the Brigadier wins and Jigar praises him. Brigadier speaks of finding his tennis partner and suggests that they can celebrate and asks Jigar to come to his home for drink. Jigar calls it as his honor. Jigar meets Ragini at the cafe and thinks they met by surprise or it might be the case she is following him or the entire universe wants to see them together. She asks to how many girls has he spoken that line ? He thinks that R (Ragini) is getting more interested in him. She thinks that can happen in dreams and he replies thats true since she started to come in his dreams as well.

She hopes that he can also speak such cute words about her in front of her Dad. He informs on becoming phone friend with her father. She then asks whether he will suggest on becoming his tennis partner as well. He thinks on becoming her partner with her father’s approval and she puts a challenge that such time will never happen and leaves. Jigar speaks that his time has already come. In the night, Jigar comes to her home and makes her heard by creating some goat’s voice. She is worried to see him and he replies that her father has gone to watch a movie with his friends. She thinks that he is stalking her father and soon thanks God as he is not caught by the guards as well. She tries to threaten him a bit lightly and he says that Ragini Sandhir is coming closer to him. He has already found what he intend to know. On that note she blushes and carries smile and wants him to go. He says ok and then showers a kiss on her cheeks and leaves. She is much surprised and smiles. Some other day, Jigar comes to meet Brigadier who asks him whether he didn’t have problem in finding his home. Jigar replies on knowing the area well and used to come earlier to get inspiration from army people. He then speaks of becoming a fan of the brigadier and praises him. He wants to learn a lot and to hear bravery stories from him and suggests on not liking partying, dating like other boys. Brigadier replies that Jigar have the DAC (Discipline, Ambition and Confidence) and suggests that he would have given him full support if served in his army’s batallion. Ragini comes there and becomes surprised to see Jigar. Ragini’s father ask whether they know each other and Jigar speaks of meeting her once and doesn’t know each other well. Ragini’s Dad asks where they have met. Both gives different answers but Jigar manages to tweak it so as to not cause any suspicion in Brigadier’s mind.

Kavi (the host) speaks that Brigadier opens up more after drinks and becomes relaxed. It might be the case that he will burst on Jigar, and either agree or disagree in giving nod to Ragini’s proposal for him.

Ragini’s Dad asks Jigar whether he likes her ? Ragini steps in and suggests that there is nothing like that. He asks Jigar ? Jigar replies Yes sir. Ragini’s Dad speaks of understanding all and also gets the answer from Jigar that he will take care of Ragini and keep her happy. He then suggests that Jigar is alive today there because he has OBQ. Jigar wonders about OBQ and Ragini informs [obedient boy’s quality]. Ragini’s Dad then informs that still he has to check Jigar’s PFM [Potential for marriage]. He informs Jigar of his final test next day at 12:00 noon to assess his levels on marriage. Jigar is at his home and gets a call from Ragini and she thinks he is serious and will die for sure. He thanks her and prepares to meet her next day. Jigar couldn’t sleep and dreams of many boys rejected by her father and imagines himself getting the wedding garland from Ragini and getting fired. Jigar comes next morning and meets Ragini and her father and asks about the test. Ragini’s Dad wants to see assets of Jigar and his family either original papers or photocopies gazzetted by senior officer. Jigar thinks her father is joking but he replies on his need to get content whether Jigar is suitable for his daughter. Jigar asks whether some papers will help him in getting contentment. He also wants to see loan papers if Jigar took them. Jigar asks her Dad to get his daughter arranged with a fixed deposit instead. He speaks of thinking him as his hero but now find no difference in him and a businessman. Jigar leaves from there by saying that he is looking for a fixed digit salary boy for his daughter. Ragini stops Jigar and thinks that he has insulted her father. Jigar counters by saying that he got insulted and if the father can do this today then tomorrow she can also do the same.

He speaks that she is doing things according to her father’s thinking. Moreover, he became friends with her so to see her living fully and also to speak with her as well. But suggests that it is his fault and he should have not done meeting her, friendship, and also love.. stops and leaves. Ragini learns and realizes about Jigar’s feelings of love for her and smiles. Later, both Ragini and Jigar are quiet and are searching for answers in their home. Next morning, she remembers about Jigar and their past nice moments – first meeting, jigar’s zeal, and his kiss. Jigar also remembers Ragini and thinks to call her. She wanted to write I am sorry message but didn’t send and shows her unhappiness and her father sees her in that sad state. Next morning, Ragini gets a call and the caller (actually Jigar) speaks of Kaun Banega Pati contest and she has won the lucky draw and have earlier got nominated by her father. She learns about the contest place and goes there. She learns that Jigar is the person who has called her and finds him there. She thinks that he has again tricked her to come there. He speaks of not having fear of any father. Ragini’s Dad also comes there and speaks that Jigar doesn’t need to fear him. He then informs on taking test of Jigar when he spoke with him last time and actually wanted to test the attitude of a boy with whom he was impressed. He speaks on being proud since Jigar has the self-respect quality which should be present in her life partner. Ragini feels happy to hear it. Her Dad informs how he met Jigar and planned things and for this reason she is there.

Jigar thanks her Dad on that note. Ragini’s dad speaks to her that he has always protected her and taught on discipline and also gave teachings like boys are like pages of a book but actually Life is like a book which needs a partner to read. He asks her to throw that book and begin a new chapter in her life. She cries and hugs her father. He showers a kiss to his daughter. Ragini and Jigar finally becomes lovestruck with her father’s approval and both share sincere eyelocks. He holds her hand and asks her father whether he can take her for a date. Ragini’s dad speaks ofcourse you can and now you are on your own and there will be no Papa Ka Siyapa [Love By Chance title song plays]. He begins to kiss her and her dad just shouts for fun. Jigar and Ragini have another hug and laugh. The story ends on that happy note.

Kavi speaks that the boyfriend is much blessed who has the blessings of his girlfriend’s father. Jigar has that intensity and has melted Brigadier’s heart. Kavi signs off by asking the viewers to share their opinions using the hashtag #LoveByChance on Bindass TV twitter page.

Info On Cast:
* The girl is played by Actress, model and Sports Player: Kaizeen Daruvalla
– She appeared in Ad campaigns on Channel V India – Indiafest 2014 Flash Me (2013-2014)
– Worked in an MTV show in 2010.
– Recently, Kaizeen worked in Yeh Hai Aashiqui Episode 59 aired on 17th August 2014 portraying the role of Shreyanka, a tennis player and starred opposite actor Nakul Sahdev. If interested, read its WU here.

Additional Note:
* We (TellyReviews) believe that Actors have given an amazing performance to a layered and thoughtful love story, this episode is one of the best of Love by Chance series. Kudos to Actors, team and Bindass TV.
* The director of this episode is Kapil Sharma. He has directed couple of Love by Chance episodes earlier and well-known as the director of the movie I, Me Aur Main (Me, Myself, and I, released in 2013) which starred actor John Abraham alongwith actresses Prachi Desai and Chitrangada Singh.

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