Yeh Hai Aashiqui 17th August 2014 Episode 59 on Bindass, 'Every inning in Life begins with a Toss' – Written Update


Yeh Hai Aashiqui Episode 59 - Rohit and Shreyanka's love story

The story is set in set in Mumbai dating 15th August 2011. Shreyanka is playing Tennis on the court and competing for a match and is getting applauded during the match. She wins the final match of the tournament (inter-college) and wins the shield. She comes to meet her coach and he asks her to buckle up for major tournaments. With a smile on her face, she speaks of doing more practice and Rohit sees her speaking with her coach and smiles.


As Shreyanka begins to leave after ending her conversation with coach, Rohit feels that she is in the right mood and he can ask her for an autograph. Shreyanka is feeling happy with herself and smiles while Rohit approaches her with the intention to take an autograph. A college lad Aditya calls her Babe and interrupts on the way and she then speaks that she is not babe and her name is Shreyanka and he speaks of just approaching her and why she is angry and this is seen by the college nerd Rohit. Aditya speaks of just doing an approach shot at her and then she asks him whether he knows the backhand shot as he has lot of knowledge in tennis. She then slaps him with her left hand like a tennis backhand shot.

After slapping him, she speaks that he just took some words from tennis commentary and trying to hit on her, and suggests that boys like him instead of watching tennis looks at the girls playing it. Aditya feels shame and lowers his eyes and Rohit at his end understands about Shreyanka and her principles. She speaks to Aditya that there is lot of hardwork in playing tennis and its not glamour game and also her career path. She works for it day and night  – 2 hrs work out, 3 hrs practice and the remaining time at college. She then asks him to remember her slap on his face (like an autograph) before approaching her next time and then leaves from there. Rohit at his end speaks that he just doesn’t want to take Shreyanka’s autograph but also deserve it and then ponders whether he needs to learn tennis to get it. Next morning, he comes to meet the tennis coach of Shreyanka and introduces himself as Rohit and then speaks of his intention to learn tennis. The coach asks him whether he has hold tennis racquet in hand and Rohit replies no. Rohit speaks that actually he wanted to take the autograph of Shreyanka and wanted to take it when he deserves it. The coach smiles and understands that Rohit is doing all these things for Shreyanka’s autograph.

Rithvik Dhanjani (the host) welcomes all to the show and there is one thing which we all agree in life that we are fan of somebody be it filmstars, musicians, sportstars but we have only idol and we always try to imbibe some of the qualities from our idol and in the same way for Rohit his idol was Shreyanka. Shreyanka is a tennis player and for her tennis was life and after seeing her dedication and passion Rohit understood that she will be a star one day. Rithvik speaks that Rohit knew nothing about tennis but after seeing Shreyanka he understood that just to win a match of tennis you need to practice for many months and also hardwork and dedication. He respects her a lot because of those qualities. Thus, today’s story is of Rohit and Shreyanka. Let’s see how their story starts and evolves.

The story continues and the coach asks Rohit whether he wants an autograph of an inter-college competition winner and he replies the autograph of a future tennis star. He speaks that she will win next state-level and then international level tournaments and he wants to take her autograph before she reaches those milestones. The coach seems perplexed and then suggests him to not bother and also Shreyanka is a singles  player and she is not interested in playing mixed doubles. He then informs Rohit that he has already seen the method of Shreyanka’s autograph (referring to slap). Rohit remembers how she slapped Aditya when he tried to hit on her earlier. The coach before leaving speaks that she hates boys making Rohit confused and then Rohit wonders whether she slapped the boy because she hates boys or because he was flirting with her. He then wonders whether he even doesn’t deserve her autograph as well. Sooner then, Shreyanka comes to that fitness room and thinks that Rohit is the fitness trainer who is been sent by her fitness coach. Rohit stares at her after hearing it and she wants him to help in her training. She wants him to hold her leg and do not irritate. Rohit holds her leg and speaks to himself internally that if she comes to know about his identity then leave aside autograph his photo will come in the newspaper in the obituary section. He then speaks that he cannot help her and she asks about the reason.

He speaks that she works so much 2 hrs workout, 3 hrs practice and remaining time at college and doesn’t want to give her bad training and waste her precious time. Shreyanka smiles and speaks that she likes his sincerity and asks him what is he doing there. He then begins to speak that he came there for her autograph and remembers about the slap and stops short of saying it. He then hesitantly speaks of coming by auto and will also leave by auto. She then understands that he need her autograph and he covers his face and speaks that he doesn’t want her autograph in the same way as given to that boy earlier.  She smiles and he looks at her with sincerity and then asks him to give some paper and calls him Dambu… He takes out a paper and gives it to her and she then asks him for a favor in return for her autograph. He replies yes please. She informs him that because of practice session she couldn’t study much and then asks if he gives his notes then it will be of much help to her. He speaks of sharing everything with her…and says that means class notes, exam notes and other notes and suggests that she concentrates on her tennis and leave studies pressure on him. She smiles and showers a warm hug to him, he contemplates a bit before holding her back. She thanks God and speaks that her parents will be less worried now and doesn’t want to be an allrounder. She gives her autograph and leaves bringing smile on his face.

Later, Shreyanka again meets Rohit in their class and asks him for some help regarding the problem. He speaks that she looks tough but is very soft from inside. She smiles and suggests that she is like this only. They study together and later he helps her in exercise and fitness sessions. They both enjoy good time while doing exercise in the sun and they share eyelocks and starts to come close. Moreover, they also study together where she shares with him different stories and he tries to divert her attention to studies but in vain [Pehle Hua karti Thi Kehna Ko Hai Mera par sunta nahin… song plays..] He walks away from her since she was not listening to him and she then tries to apologize to him candidly and then both study together. She listens to his explanation very sincerely and shares more good moments in the sun and on one occasion kisses him making him wonder like a nerd and she enjoys his reaction. Soon, the college results are out and she becomes ecstatic on seeing it and comes to Rohit and informs that he has passed successfully with first class and she got passed in third class. She also informs him of another good news which is her selection in inter-state level tennis tournament and calls him Dambu again. He congratulates her and speaks that he is very happy for her. She again kisses him on his cheeks much to his surprise and making other boys including Aditya jealous (Aditya touches his face and remembers the slap). She smiles and then showers a hug with much vibrancy on her face. Rohit also reciprocates the same feelings  [Aa Tujh Mein Bitaoon Ratiya song plays].

Later, Rohit at his home speaks to himself internally that he just wanted an autograph from her but now is falling in love with her and ponders whether he should wait or tell her about his feelings. He suggests that she has already went ahead in her career and also her life plans are sorted out and on his side his life is messed up and even he doesn’t know what should be his career path and what he wants to do. He refers Shreyanka as future celeb and he is Mr. Nobody. Soon, Shreyanka comes to his home and she informs him of clearing the preliminary round and is now cleared to play in the inter-state competition. He congratulates her and then she speaks of going to Hyderabad for training the next day. He becomes surprised and asks her that she is going tomorrow and telling him now. She informs that just after she came to know about her plans she informed him the next moment and then suggests him to take care of his hairs and looks and calls him Dambu again. She asks him how will he manage when she leaves from there and he asks her to not worry and informs that he will mail her notes.  She calls him Dambu again and suggests that she was speaking about their relationship. He becomes surprised and speaks relationship.. and asks from when they are in relationship.  She then asks him whether she kisses and hugs every boy and why she comes to his room and informs about her selection, does she share every talk with boys ? Rohit is still puzzled and speaks that he is not understanding really what she is trying to convey. She speaks that he studies well but he is dumb completely. She then confesses her love for him – I love you.

Yeh Hai Aashiqui Episode 59 - Shreyanka in love with Rohit

Rohit also confesses his love for her and speaks that he loves her from the time when he saw her for the first time. She smiles and hugs him while they are lying down together. He asks so she is going tomorrow. She replies yes she has to go and thats why she was asking him how to manage. He asks her to not worry and love will make them manage everything. She wants him to not joke and asks her whether she heard of long-distance relationship. She nods her head and then she gets a promise from him on their relationship. She showers another kiss.

Rithvik (the host) speaks that shreyanka was selected for the inter-state match and she was happy as her career was progressing but also wanted to see her relationship progress so she confessed her love to Rohit and for him it was dream come true. But, unfortunately from Rohit’s eyes his dream was going away since she needs to go to Hyderabad to play there and they decided to maintain long-distance relationship and they also believe that as the distance grew also the love, really ?

Shreyanka is in Hyderabad and Rohit is in Mumbai and they have video chats  on Internet. As they are talking the power goes off at Shreyanka’s end and they end their talk. Shreyanka during her training on-court receives a call from Rohit and she contemplates to take the call or not and at the same moment she is being called by the instructor there. [Dubki Ke Baad har Kinare song plays]. She doesn’t take the call and at Rohit’s end he feels very lonely and sad in the class.  Shreyanka is seen practising volleys but remembers Rohit during the practice and also the good moments and couldn’t concentrate well. Rohit continues to call her on mobile and days passes by. Shreyanka speaks that she is also missing him and doesn’t call him on college hours and suggests that because of his calls she is scolded by her senior trainer though her mind wishes to talk with him. She informs that she trains for the whole day and if her instructor sees her awake until that time then she will get another scolding. He then suggests her to sleep then and she calls him Dambu again and asks him why doesn’t he react on matters and everything is so normal for him and how come he is so calm. She suggests on not able to talk for the whole day and when she is talking he is suggesting her to sleep. He replies that he thought that she is tired so he suggested her to sleep. She responds yes she is tired which is a taunt and not able to manage anything and nothing is going right. She informs him on able to believe that they are managing things and whatever he said is wrong and also their relationship is wrong and then she disconnects the call without listening to Rohit.

Next morning, Rohit checks for Shreyanka’s message on his laptop and also checks his phone and sleeps again. Shreyanka is not able to concentrate at her training and couldn’t return backhands and is very weak and hitting nets. The coach becomes angry and asks what’s wrong with her ?  She feels dejected and her confidence is low and looks at the sky [Gustakh Dil song plays]. Rohit at his home in the night received an e-mail from Shreyanka and he reads it and Shreyanka writes there – She always like challenges thats why she took tennis games and informs him that her coach said that there is a bigger game than the rest which is the life game which doesn’t have strategies and when he is with her then it looks that she will win this game of life together, and speaks that she doesn’t know whether this game can be played alone and then wants a doubles match if he wants and then says – I love you. Rohit smiles after reading that sweet and inspiring message from her and then next morning prepares to go to Hyderabad to meet her by train. He reaches Hyderabad and reaches her training centre and soon she sees him there and becomes elated. She runs to hug [Kuch Bhi Na Maanu mein song plays] him while he smiles looking at her and both shares warm hug. She is all smiling and  later sits with him at the pool and thanks him for the surprise. He thanks her for taking out time for him and she asks whether it is a taunt. He replies no and then she asks him what’s next. He asks that now she needs to go to the next level and has to achieve lot of things and then wants to promise that he will never come between her and her tennis career. Also he doesn’t have much things in his life and very boring.

Yeh Hai Aashiqui Episode 59 - Shreyanka and Rohit having a good time at the pool

Rohit then goes on to say that he wishes that she wins every match in her career and for it she needs to do lot of hardwork and play every game like a professional tennis player. She smiles and speak that he does good preparation talk (prep talk) and he replies that she does good mock preparation which makes both of them smiles. She speaks that when he is around then she doesn’t need to take tension. She lies first beside the pool and then he also lies down beside her and makes a shape of the heart. Next day, she again reaches late to her training session by 15 minutes and gets scolding by her coach who suggests that instead of improving her performance is reducing in the recent times. He asks where is her concentration and she says sorry to her coach. At the same time, Rohit comes there and speaks that he needs to say sorry instead of her. He speaks that she is late because of him and the coach speaks that he thought that her childhood nature has gone but that is not the case. She replies that it is not her childish behavior and the coach thinks that she is giving him straight replies and suggests that she leaves all those things and focus her energies on the game. He speaks of his efforts towards her and doesn’t want to see it going in vain. Rohit again apologize to the coach and the coach asks him who is he to come between a coach and his student and suggests that Rohit doesn’t have any career and just roams around from one place to another and also instilling bad things in her. She tries to interrupt her coach but the coach is stubborn and wants to see her parents and only after then she will be able to resume her practice.

Shreyanka’s parents come to her training place and her father wants him to go from there. Rohit replies on going the day after tomorrow and her father asks him where is his mind since he was speaking that he has to go permanently. Shreyanka’s mother speaks that the coach said to her that he wants to see Shreyanka as the top tennis player in the world very dearly then why is he coming in between her tennis career. He replies on coming there to boost the morale of Shreyanka and to motivate her since she lost some focus and he came there to just pamper her a bit.  Shreyanka’s father asks Rohit so he will pamper her and then asks him what will he do for her.  He replies that pamper doesn’t mean giving expensive gifts and instead to speak words which will make sure that her focus comes back and he just came to spent some time with her. Her father speaks that Shreyanka doesn’t have time for him and also speaks on the many wins and medals won by his daughter like – inter-school competition initials winning 12 times, 2 times college champion, by next year will be state champion and will go abroad to train for national level championship and then international for how long he doesn’t know. He asks Rohit about his plans for the next three years. Rohit doesn’t have answer and then her father asks him about the plan for the next month. Rohit replies that for now he just wants to motivate shreyanka  and her father asks him to not worry about her. Rohit is then told to leave from there and her mother asks him that the question is not he is there but instead why he is in the life of Shreyanka ? She suggests that until he is present in Shreyanka’s life then her attention will not be fully on tennis and also not on studies as well. She asks him whether he is understanding and then speaks that he is a good boy but an ordinary one. Rohit becomes dejected and she adds more insult by saying that an ordinary boy doesn’t have any space in her daughter’s life and asks him whether he understood.

Rohit speaks that he admits he is ordinary but her love for Shreyanka is extraordinary. Shreyanka’s father becomes agitated after hearing it and suggests him to stop speaking those filmy lines about love. Rohit is then again told to get lost by her father and he replies that if he has to go for the sake of Shreyanka he will do that. But he will go not like an ordinary person but as an extraordinary one and achiever. He speaks of coming not as her Dambu but as her Rohit and suggests that it is his promise and leaves from there. Rohit is about to go from there and meets Shreyanka and she calls him Dambu and asks him whether he is going because of her. He replies because of both and she speaks why they need to choose every moment in the game of life. He suggests that as in a tennis match every inning in life begins with a toss and if he loses this toss even then the victory will be theirs, Right ? She becomes dejected on hearing it and he speaks of deserving her autograph on his cheeks and begins to leave. She asks him if he wants to go then he can go but he should not forget that he will not find anyone like her. He gives her more comfort and speaks that if he doesn’t go then how will he come for them ? She continues to pester him in not going by saying please. He asks her to take care of herself and he departs from her [Yeh Hai Aashiqui title track plays] and before leaving he asks her whether she will forget him when she becomes a top tennis star. She carries tears on her face and nods her head to say no.

Rithvik (the host) speaks that there are two games – in life and sports and in both these games you have to fight it out until the end which is very important. Now, the question is Are Rohit and Shreyanka are meant to be together ? Time will tell.

Shreyanka wins matches one after another and wins many tournaments and cups and her name appears in top headlines of newspapers. The story moves forward by 2 years, after winning one of the cups, while speaking to media she informs them of dedicating that win/award to parents and ….. (stops short to say Rohit’s name). Rohit is seen in New York and at his home sees the photos of Shreyanka winning cups and showers his love for her and he is then informed by his appt mate that its late who suggests him to sleep so as to attend the lectures the next day. Rohit replies that there is more things important than the lecture and then his american mate suggests that if he doesn’t concentrate on his MBA studies then he has to say bye to it. Rohit speaks that will not happen and says that he came so far from India and will make sure that he becomes India’s best business manager. As he is about to close his laptop he encounters that Shreyanka has sent him an e-mail. He reads the mail where she says about her selection in international tennis tournament and like always she is informing him the first. She speaks on knowing that he will not reply to her message but she will wait for a reply to each message that she sent him and also wait for him. Finally, she speaks of missing him and says she loves him forever.

Rithvik (the host) speaks that sports game and life game are very similar and to play them you need to have passion, dedication and patience and very soon Rohit was becoming an achiever and Shreyanka completely trusted him though they were not in touch together but they knew somewhere down the line they will be be together. Rithvik speaks that sometimes its not important that you fall in love and its important to be there in love and its as simple as that. He signs off by saying please keep falling in love. Rithvik wants people to share their opinions/feedback by tweeting using the hashtag #YehHaiAashiqui on Bindass TV twitter page.

Yeh Hai Aashiqui Episode 59 - Rithvik signing off with a message on love

Additional Note:
* We (TellyReviews) believe that this particular episode of Yeh Hai Aashiqui stands out as one of the best (top ranked) in the recent episodes telecast on Bindass in recent months. Kudos to Yeh Hai Aashiqui Team and Bindass.
* Shreyanka is played by actress, model and sports player: Kaizeen Daruvalla.
– She appeared in Ad campaigns on Channel V India – Indiafest 2014 Flash Me (2013-2014)
– Worked in an MTV show in 2010.
* Rohit is played by actor Nakul Sahdev. Nakul’s Twitter page

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  1. […] Info On Cast: * The girl is played by Actress, model and Sports Player: Kaizeen Daruvalla – She appeared in Ad campaigns on Channel V India – Indiafest 2014 Flash Me (2013-2014) – Worked in an MTV show in 2010. – Recently, Kaizeen worked in Yeh Hai Aashiqui Episode 59 aired on 17th August 2014 portraying the role of Shreyanka, a tennis player and starred opposite actor Nakul Sahdev. If interested, read its WU here. […]

  2. […] Info On Cast: * The girl is played by Actress, model and Sports Player: Kaizeen Daruvalla – She appeared in Ad campaigns on Channel V India – Indiafest 2014 Flash Me (2013-2014) – Worked in an MTV show in 2010. – Recently, Kaizeen worked in Yeh Hai Aashiqui Episode 59 aired on 17th August 2014 portraying the role of Shreyanka, a tennis player and starred opposite actor Nakul Sahdev. If interested, read its WU here. […]


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