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Balika Vadhu:

Shiv calls Anandi and says Puneet is supporting his wife. Anandi asks what shall I do. Shiv says friendship is at its place and duty is at his place. I will talk to Police and asks them to bring the child from his house. He asks her not to take law in her house. Anandi agrees. Shiv talks to Inspector Rathode. Mandira asks Jyoti, what was Anandi talking to you? Jyoti says nothing. She beats her badly. Anandi sees her beating the girl. Shiv brings the Police and asks them to do the needful.

Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi:

Sharman says she loves her dad a lot, as she is wearing his stopped watch.
RV comes out of the washroom, and wonders if she has left with the saree on the opposite side. RV greets the guests, Ishaani holds him back and hides behind him.

Sasural Simar Ka:

The women have risen here. Its time to respond to your atrocities. Give us Sanju and Anjali or we will kill your God. Arrange our way out. All the women start hitting their woods on the ground. Simar comes with a rod in front of Vikrat. Daksha says he should be punished. Simar hits him hard on head.

Shastri Sisters:

Karishma fills Minty’s ears. Rajat’s room is checked. The Cd is not got in Rajat’s home. Minty says she knows who has the CD. Rajat asks where. Minty looks at Anu and says with her. Anu is shocked and looks at Rajat. Anu’s room is checked and Sareen apologizes to Shastri ji. The operation Cd is found and shocks everyone. Karishma smiles. Minty says I told you Rajat. He is shocked.


Aditya says I can’t think how will Chakor feel when she knows Imli is becoming Bandhua. Bhuvan cries and tells Chakor that Imli is being made Bandhua by Bhaiya ji, if she does not come back, then Imli will get the same stamp. Chakor says but this is Lord’s blessing. Bhuvan says no, its Bandhua’s stamp. Chakor is shocked.


Nandini says that to find space in someone’s house and jump in the fire it takes some strength. Meethi standing on the side hears this while Nandini says that the outcome of this is I found a place in that old woman’s heart and as well as Akash. She tells Meethi to just wait and watch on how she snatches Akash from her.


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