Revenge and Romance go hand in hand in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein


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Mihika’s new fangled MMS – Marriage Motive Scene

Ishita and Raman’s romance got down by Mihika and Ashok’s marriage. Still the viewers can expect to see their romance in bearing the new tortures of Ashok and Shagun. Ishita and Raman go to meet Ashok and Mihika at Ashok’s home. Ishita aims to confront Mihika. She is shocked to see her supporting Ashok. Mihika defends Ashok as his goody goody wife and asks Raman and Ishita to leave. Ashok feels proud of Mihika. Ishita is hurt by Mihika’s stupid move and reminds her of Mihir’s love and expectations from her. She asks how can she marry the man who has killed her respect in the society, and when she could not accept Mihir’s proposal stating her name should be cleared first, then how did she marry Ashok. Mihika is speechless and shows them the door. Ishita gives a head shaking slap to Mihika and curses her that she will never be happy with Ashok.

She says Mihika did not value Mihir’s love and will always long for true love in her life. She asks Mihika to remove the mangalsutra as she can’t accept this baseless marriage. Mihika asks her not to touch her mangalsutra, and sticks to Ashok. Raman beats Ashok red and blue and Mihika acts protective. Ashok’s face turns red, but his tongue is still long enough to argue. Raman gets fed up by the fake love drama and takes Ishita home. Ishita gets very disturbed by Mihika’s marriage. Shagun resides in Bhalla house with Adi, and starts eyeing Raman again by her sobbing emotions. Meanwhile, Ishita is unaware of Shagun’s intentions of revenge. Shagun determines to make Ishita leave Raman’s life, as Mihika made her leave Ashok’s life. Poor Ishita will be struck for Mihika’s mistake. Another revenge pillar in the show is on Mihika’s shoulder……

Mihika has married Ashok, for taking revenge from him and clear her name. This is another stupidity done by Mihika. Mihika starts troubling Suraj and Ashok to make their life hell. She keeps a Christmas party at home in Ashok’s absence, by using his credit card. She hires few dancers for making the party hit, and asks Suraj to dance with the girls. She threatens Suraj and makes him dance with them. Ashok turns up, and Mihika forces him to get in the Santa costume. Mihika takes the revenge from them for insulting Ishita in the Bachelors’ party. Well, it looks like she will take every revenge for her loved ones’ humiliation from Ashok. Keep reading.


  1. The show turns out to be boring as in the upcming episodes it will b seen toshi asking ishita to leave the house for sometime.Why shagun has entered the bhalla house.we wanted to see raman and ishita romance.I have stopped watching this serial


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