Yeh Hai Aashiqui Episode 83 starring Tia Kar & Zaan Khan, 4th January 2015 on Bindass TV – Written Update

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Yeh Hai Aashiqui, Zaan Khan, 4th January 2015 Episode 83Yeh Hai Aashiqui Episode 83 4th January 2015

The story is set in Dehradun and Param speaks to fellow students and friends on organizing a cultural event since he is the cultural secretary and wants to give others the opportunity. He speaks of dance, music and also there will be a play of Romeo and Juliet for that event. Megha comes there and says why not something new and Vampire’s story will be much better. He looks at her and feels in much awe. That scene turns out to imagination of Megha who was sitting at the last bench. Param looks at her and wants her to participate. Megha doesn’t want to participate though her friend Shabia suggested that he have looked at her. She wonders whether he has actually noticed her. He stops her and asks whether she will participate. He even asks if she wants to participate in elocution and even she is topper in history. She declines to participate and he urges her to participate since she would get credits as well. He suggests that she is talented and can show it to lots of people and asks her to think and let him know.

Megha still doesn’t want to participate. Later at her home, she listens to the radio and wonders on how to listen to inside voice, what about romance, dance and wonders why she is afraid after seeing lot of people. She meets her father who runs a radio station and thinks that his RJ’s have a difficult job. He says that RJ’s convey his/her feelings while sitting at one place and speaks whatever he/she think at the moment and also wants to say something which the listeners want to hear. He speaks of organizing a new inspiring radio show but is unable to find a best match RJ for it. Megha ponders on that note and thinks that tension are always there and even didn’t have a solution to her own problem on unable to expess her love to Param. Next day, Megha is being advised to express her feelings to Param since she is keeping it inside since 2 years otherwise some other girl will take him away. Param speaks of getting attracted to a girl after listening to her voice and his friends are puzzled since boys are attracted by looks. He thinks he will listen to the voice of his dream girl. Megha at her end prays to God that her love is true and what’s inside her heart should be passed on to Param in some way.

Rithvik Dhanjani (the host) speaks the story is of Megha – simple girl and confident and handsome boy Param. She has some fears. Megha loves Param but is scared to tell and express her feelings to him. Will she able to do it or destiny will play its part ? Both are of different personalities but a love story between them is possible..

Megha comes home and meets her father and finds him bit stressed. She thinks he is lying and not sharing his stress. He opens up and speaks of his show which was going to start but haven’t got a RJ for it. All the audition guys don’t know college lingo or about college life and is worried since he got paid from sponsors and would face big losses. She recollects Param’s words telling her that she can show her talent to other people. She then goes to her father and asks whether RJ performs almost alone and he replies yes and not many people are not allowed in the studio. He learns whether she wants to give audition and he supports her and knows how much talented she is. He speaks of a proverb that people who try don’t fail. He motivates her for the audition and she regards her father as the 2nd person who appreciates her talent. Her show name is Yuva Express and became a hit in the college and all students are speaking about it. Param is confident to hear it. Meanwhile, Megha starts her radio show in the company of her father and the clock turns 12:00 noon. The college students including Param are listening to her radio show. She introduces herself as RJ Varashti/Vrushti and starts with Pehli Baar song and goes on to talk while playing different songs. She gets appreciated by her father and even Param and other students like her show.

Rithvik (the host) speaks that Megha is changed and have made a new personality – RJ Vrushti.

In radio show, she speaks of music and feelings of love are the most important feeling in life. She speaks of many changes in 21st century but love remained constant – unconditional, unexpected are some of its kinds. Param gets impressed with RJ Vrushti and feels that her voice has something special. His friends suggest that college girls are impressed with him but he is impressed with her. He speaks of finding Vrushti and Megha’s friend Shabia hears it. Megha comes to her college and wonders whether the students come to know of her reality. Shabia comes there and informs that Param is much impressed with her radio show and also loves Vrushti which means he loves her. But the problem is that he doesn’t know she is Vrushti. Later, She is sitting at the cafeteria and Param comes there and speaks of knowing something. He wants her father’s help in meeting Vrushti. She replies that Vrushti doesn’t like to meet people and he requests her dearly to arrange an appointment with her. He holds Megha’s hand and speaks of magic in Vrushti. Megha is quiet and declines to help him and he asks how come she doesn’t want to help him in his pursuit of love. He asks her to fix a love date with Vrushti and also ask about Vrushti’s mobile no. She gives some excuse and he thinks Megha will surely talk with Vrushti and goes from there. Shabia again tells that Param loves her.

Later in the night, Megha wonders whether to call Param and decides to not call. Soon, she gets a call from Param and he asks whether she spoke with Vrushti. She says yes and he learns that Vrushti agreed to meet him but there is one condition. The condition is that no one should know that she is coming to meet him. He thanks her and speaks of liking the old songs like her. She is happy to arrange the date with him as Vrushti. She goes to meet Param at the cafeteria and wonders what and how to say that Megha and Vrushti are one. He finds her and asks about Vrushti and she replies that Vrushti’s health is bad so she came personally to inform him. Param gets sad and dejected and asks Megha to tell Vrushti to take care of her. He asks Megha for coffee but she declines and he holds her and feels some connection. She also looks at him and he gets some composure and speaks of giving her treat since she has helped him. He asks about her favorite season and speaks of liking winter and eating ice-cream. She speaks of liking rainy season and can play with water droplets all her life. He compliments her and says that pink dress suits her much. Both begin to chat on phone more often and on other end she continues with her RJ work and he listens to the show patiently. Later, he meets Megha and asks why she is not attending 12:00 noon lecture and she replies on being busy at that time. He asks her about speaking with Vrushti and she replies no. In the evening, she goes home and finds Param at her home speaking to her dad. He is praising her dad on his hit radio show and Megha meets them. She signals her father to not inform Param about Vrushti.

Param and Megha are spending some time together while eating and watching TV. She looks at him earnestly and they spend more time together at her home. He finds Megha to be much emotional who can get tears while watching some horror. Later, they play cards and he calls her allrounder. He asks she is so talented and why then she keeps low profile. She excuses herself on that note. Param is watching the TV show while Megha goes to sleep but subconsciously hold his hands. He recollects some past moments with her and how he felt some connection with her. Next day at collge, he becomes confused since she loves Vrushti but why he is feeling something for Megha. Later Param meets Shabia and she speaks that he is engrossed always on the show and Vrushti. She informs him that megha is at her home taking rest since since morning she is having hiccups non-stop. He then listens to the radio show and learns that Vrushti is getting hiccups on her chat show and she speaks to listeners of having it since morning. In very less time, he understands that Vrushti and Megha are one and recollects some old moments which proved the same. He translates the rainy season and it turns to Varashti and validates his belief that Vrushti and Megha are one. He feels shocked and runs to the radio station. Param finds Megha as RJ Vrushti and her father couldn’t stop him. Megha’s dad thinks that they need to talk and face the real world. He speaks of being confused since many days since he was getting attached to Vrushti and Megha. His discussion goes on the radio live. He speaks of liking her but she thinks he likes Vrushti and her voice. He suggests that Vrushti gave new dimension to her and many people get inspired and wants to connect with her.

He asks her for how long she will hide her identity and asks her to reveal that Vrushti is a college student Megha in Dehradun. He speaks of listening to her heart and even her voice and goes on to hold her hands. He bends down on his knees and confesses his love to her – I love you. Megha also confesses her love to Param and all the students/listeners hear their love confession. She also opens up about loving him since 2 years right from the 1st day of college. She showers a warm hug to him. He holds her face and asks her to not cry otherwise floods will happen. He kisses on her forehead to become lovestruck [Yeh Hai Aashiqui title song plays]. Meanwhile, the college students at their end are jubiliant and have made Megha – Param as the hot couple of the college. The story ends on that happy note.

Rithvik speaks that Megha was no longer an underdog and have become a confident individual. He suggests that love is much stronger than fear and her fear vanished as rain droplets passed by after rain, and it was only possible because of Param. Moreover, Rithvik suggests that saying is right that love changes everything and also for better and signs off by asking people to keep falling in love.

Additional Note:
* We (TellyReviews) believe that Actors – Zaan and Tia have given an amazing performance to a layered and offbeat love story. Tia is acting for the first time and is a singer thus commedable. Kudos to Actors, the team and Bindass TV.

Some Info On CAST:
* Megha/Varashti/Vrushti is portrayed by Actress and Singer – Tia Kar

* Param is portrayed by actor Zaan Khan
– Portrayed the lead character Dhruv in Channel V’s Jhalli Anjali Ke Tootey Dil Ki Amazing Story [2014].
– Recently worked in Pyaar Tune Kya Kiya Season 3, aired on 26th December 2014 and portrayed the role of Rohan. That Episode WU here.
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    This love story is different from other love stories as i have seen.This love story is awesome and now this is my favourite.

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