Pyaar Tune Kya Kiya Season 3 Episode 6 starring Ashita Zaveri and Zaan Khan, 26th December 2014 on Zing TV – Written Update

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Pyaar Tune Kya Kiya season 3, Ashita Zaveri & Zaan Khan, 26th December 2014

Surbhi Jyoti (the hostess) welcomes all and speaks about coincidence and love. The story is about Komal and Rohan from Mumbai who met by coincidence but eventually fell in love.

The story starts with Komal angry with her ex-BF Kapil since he doesn’t respect her love. She tries to erase his memories and soon begins to cry. Komal’s friend comes and speaks to her that Kapil had used her. She replies that Kapil haven’t respected her. She goes out and vents out some anger on a car. A boy Rohan who is the owner of the car comes and tells her to move from there and calls her insane and then asks her to move from there. She continues to walk with some friends and still in dejected mode with her break-up abuses her ex-BF. She throws some juice drink and it falls on Rohan’s car and he hits the car with a tree as a result and again gets angry with her. Later, Rohan calls Komal and she thinks him as Kapil her ex-BF. He introduces himself the one whose car she has damaged in the morning. It turns out that her wallet remained with him and thus he got her number. He is waiting to get hold of her. Next day, at the college he comes and finds her. He asks her to give him the money for car repair. She gives him some change and he replies the car’s repair cost is 50,000 INR. She doesn’t entertain him and threatens him to call some people. He decides to call police and then she softens her state. She informs him of throwing the juice by mistake and he asks her to pay 50,000 and she becomes worried on not having that money. He gives her 3 days to come and repair his car otherwise he will deal with her strictly. He asks her to not run away or switching off the phone. Komal imagines a bank theft and shuns the idea. Komal is worried since she couldn’t arrange even 500.

Komal’s friend speaks nice things about Rohan but asks her to first pay the rent. She doesn’t get support from her friend. At Rohan’s end, he was waiting for his parents for eating dinner and learns that they have already eaten outside. He wants to speak with them and asks about time. His mother suggests that they can talk tomorrow. Rohan says that his parents are busy in parties. His Dad asks him whether he wants money. He reminds whether they know when they have eaten food together. He decides to leave the home and goes away. Rohan comes after 3 days and meets Komal at the college. He asks her for the money and takes her in the car on the pretext of going to the police station. She again gets teary eyed and he wants to get car repair. He then decides to not take her to police station and instead sends her to a lonely place so that she can face troubles. She speaks of coming from lower middle class family and suggests of not able to give him money. He speaks about having some alternatives. She doesn’t answer and then he informs her that she can give the money in installments and has to pay 1600 each day. She continues to be worried. He speaks of another solution which is she needs to work as a maid at his home for 30 days. She speaks of not agreeing to become his maid. He warns to inform her parents if she doens’t agree. She signs the agreement with him.

Surbhi (the hostess) speaks that Rohan will not leave Komal since he loves car much. Komal was having many financial struggles and she doesn’ t have any other option but to listen to him.

Komal decides to put some of her jewelery on mortgage to get money but finds that money she got will not even run for 4 days. Rohan calls her and informs of being waiting outside her P.G. accommodation and wants the installments. She comes and gives him the installments for 3 days. Before leaving, he reminds her that the money is just for 3 days. After another 3 days, he calls her and asks about money. He tells her to pay else she needs to work at his home. She decides to work at his home as a maid and goes next day [Mere To….song plays]. Though she is bit annoyed but does all the work and even prepares food. She feels content on her first day and her friend again asks her to pay the rents/bills. Komal wants her friend to manage but doesn’t get support. Next day, Komal leaves her P.G and comes to stay in Rohan’s home. He is surprised to see her and then is happy to have a maid who can stay and work at his home 24/7. Surbhi (the hostess) speaks that problems can come any time and Komal was having new problems. Now, Rohan will be getting some problems. Komal starts work at Rohan’s home and his mother comes to home. Rohan’s mom asks why he is angry and not coming to their home. He speaks of being angry still and will come to his parents home whenever he needs help. She gives him support and then speaks of bringing some sweets – Halwa. She asks whether he needs money. He looks at Komal and replies to his mom on not needing money. She hugs Rohan and leaves. Rohan goes for shopping with Komal and even buys clothes for her. Soon, he finds his car got punctured. She helps him in changing the tyre and they share a cute moment. Sooner then, they leave for a party. Komal enjoys the party and Rohan looks at her and comes to dance as well. [Locha-E-Ulfat song plays from 2 states movie].

Rohan and Komal spend more time together [Chaar Kadam song plays from P.K. movie] and do Nok-Jhok and tries to pull each other’s leg as well. He begins to come close to her and she also reciprocates her feelings. She asks him to open-up and remove the negativity about his parents. Rohan’s dad sees his son spending outdoors with Komal. Later, Rohan is being called and his father speaks to him that they are good girls in their community and he only found a maid to love. Komal is also seen there and sees Rohan’s dad fury at him. Rohan speaks to his father that Komal is not a maid. Rohan’s dad suggests that he is not an orphan and have been given freedom. Rohan reminds dad about his own parties and how he has been neglected since childhood. Rohan’s dad asks him to enjoy the life but suggests that he should be in love with some other girl. He insults Komal and asks her to leave. Komal gets teary eyed and starts to leave. Rohan tries to stop her but she leaves him saying that his dad is right to say that she is a maid. He becomes more upset and break the things at home in dejection and heart-broken state. Komal comes to her friend’s accommodation and remembers nice moments shared with Rohan and also Rohan’s dad taunts at her [Preet song plays from Khoobsurat movie].

Surbhi (the hostess) speaks that when you are in love it doesn’t mean that you are happy in many other things. All the things hinges on Rohan and he has to convince his parents and has to think emotionally and practically.

Rohan comes to Komal’s college and meets her. He speaks about longing for his parents love and shows his helplessness. She informs him of coming from her lower middle class background and reminds him how she has worked at his home as a maid. She also reminds him the agreement days are complete. Rohan continues to be dejected. Later in the night, Rohan meets his dad and wants to speak about Komal. He informs him on not leaving Komal since she has filled his void in his life when he didn’t got parents support and love. Rohan is advised to go abroad and enjoy life by his dad. He speaks of seriously thinking to leave the home permanently and takes a firm decision and leaves. Komal at her end is made to leave the accommodation of her friend. She was sitting lonely at some place and Rohan comes there. She informs him of getting out from a home since she didn’t pay the rent. He informs her of not having money since whatever he used to spend comes from his father. He speaks of not wanting any money, respect from his dad but wants her love. He suggests that if she comes with him then they can start their life and succeed as well. He confesses his love to her – I love you komal [PTKK title song plays]. She hugs him and reciprocates her feelings to him and accepts his love. The story ends on that happy note.

Surbhi speaks that its true that to get something you might need to loose something. Rohan didn’t got love from his parents and his loneliness was blown away by Komal’s entry in his life. Though their love story started with some fight but they met by coincidence. Rohan was forced to leave his parents and did the appropriate thing and stick to love and truth. Surbhi asks the viewers what they would have done if they were in the place of Komal and Rohan using the hashtag #PTKK on Zing TV’s facebook and Twitter pages.

Additional Note: 29th December 2014
* We (TellyReviews) believe that Actors have given an amazing performance to a layered and emotional story. Kudos to Actors, the team and Zing TV.

Info On Cast:
* Rohan is portrayed by actor Zaan Khan
– Portrayed the lead character Dhruv in Channel V’s Jhalli Anjali Ke Tootey Dil Ki Amazing Story [2014].
Twitter page of Zaan

* Komal is portrayed by actress Ashita Zaveri

Image credit: Twitter page of Zaan

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