Shagun and Adi team up to trap Ishita in their web of lies in Yeh Hai Mobabbatein

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Shagun is back to ignite spark in Ishita’s life, by using her son Adi as the weapon. She asks Adi to apologize to Raman and Ishita. She says she wants to shift somewhere else, as she knows Adi is Raman’s weakness. Raman meets Shagun and Adi at Mihir’s house and asks Mihir to explain Shagun that Adi needs a better environment, as the doctor told them to make Adi feel secure. He asks Mihir why did he bring Adi to his home after knowing all this. Shagun asks Raman not to scold Mihir. She starts a new drama to make her place permanent in Raman’s life, and is trying to show she wants to go away from Raman having her hold on her fake self esteem and not share her life with Ishita now. She asks Adi to get ready and go home with Raman, and she will stay back at Mihir’s house. Adi too dons the actor’s cap and sticks to his words that he won’t move even a centimeter without his mother. He says he won’t go anywhere. She asks him not to say this, as he can come anytime to meet her, and till when will she stay there at Raman’s house. Raman and Shagun get into an argument, which ends on Shagun going back to Bhalla House, as Raman is very concerned for Adi, and Ishita too asks Raman to bear Shagun for Adi’s sake.

Adi acts stubborn and asks Raman to get Ishita to apologize to Shagun first and only then he will come back to him. Raman asks Ishita to become Adi’s Ishi Maa as she is for Ruhi, and how much he tries to bring them closer, he fails. He says my fate is bad that something or other happens, why did you scold Adi, that made him leave the house. He is frustrated as he is unable to bear Shagun. He gets angry on Ishita as Adi went from home and blamed Ishita for this. He said Ishita has spoken bad about Shagun and should apologize to her. Raman believed Adi and argues with ishita, and says he won’t come now, as he is annoyed with you. Ishita knows Adi has lied to him, and she feels hurt seeing Raman not believing her. They both give each other an angry stare, as Shagun sticks to Raman and his family having a good time, and distancing Ishita from him. Raman is keen to bring Adi home. Will Ishita apologize to Adi? Keep reading.

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  1. poorani Avatar

    how raman hurt ishitha again& again .in past days so many wrost behaviour by adi why raman not notice evil face of shagun.atleast ruhi will help ishimaa by told about their brother behaviour with her.

  2. Chandu Avatar

    The serial is pictured in such a way a CEO(RAMAN) cannot even able to understand a person and his body language. He don’t know how to convince a single person. He either shout or beg. On the other hand a decent CEO has perfect qualities to head people. Since June 2014 I am addicted to this serial….. but now I repent for wasting my valuable time on such a nasty serial.

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