Adi goes missing and angers Raman on Ishita's carelessness in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein


Ye Hai Mohabbatein ishita

Adi tries using Mrs. Bhalla love for him, which is her weakness to support him over Ishita. He decides to make Mrs. Bhalla against Ishita and make his mum take Ishita’s place. Adi gets irritated seeing Raman and Ishita’s romance and togetherness in the Pongal prayers and their marriage vows retaken. Adi vents out his frustration on Ruhi and tells her that he will never accept Ishita as his mum, and will bring Shagun back in their happy family pic. Ruhi gets worried for Ishita. Adi starts planning to show Ishita’s carelessness towards him, and to use Raman’s anger for breaking their marriage and plant Shagun back in Raman’s life.

Raman and Ishita will be seen fighting like always, but this time it’s much anger between them. The arguments get serious and she gets upset with Raman. She says Raavan Kumar can’t become human ever. Well, the fight is about Adi gone missing. Raman says my son is missing from home, can’t you take care of a little kid and scolds her for being so careless. While Ishita defends herself saying she does not know Adi’s mindset, but she just came from clinic. She says she is always attentive towards Adi. Raman asks her to stay at home, as Adi did not come here to stay with furniture. Raman and Ishita’s love turns into fight because of Adi, and she decides to not talk to Raman. Raman asks her to stick to her words atleast this time and goes to find Adi. Will Adi’s efforts to make Ishita experience Raman’s anger succeed and kill their growing romance? Will Raman come to know about Adi’s conspiracy? Keep reading.


  1. Adi !! Should understand when her mum was not there , Ishita always there for him and Ruhi . Aleast she knows her responsibilty what she is doing for them . Aleast Adi should know the difference between Ishita @ Shagun !!…


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