Nandini, Manik and Fab 5 fight for Navya's dignity & truth and her re-entry in SPACE Academy


kaisi yeh yaariyan

Nandini, Manik alongwith Fab 5 are working to get back Navya in the college with respect. The college principal did the wrong in blaming and suspending Navya from the college as she is pregnant. To make sure that the principal and the society at large accepts their mistake, Nandini got an idea with Fab 5 support and she wants to run a secret ballot asking students whether they had sex. Nandini’s idea is basic and not directly related on how Navya got cheated with Harshad, and how he has hurt her emotions; broke her trust and belief. It rather just wants to suggest that Navya is like others and the only differences are – once she fell in Harshad’s trap she came forward to expose him which is a bold move unlike many who would have not dared to take such a step. In essence, Navya said Halla Bol and didn’t worry about her reputation because Harshad should be the one feeling and worried about it.

However, Nandini and Navya’s campaign of secret ballot face difficulties with other students making fun at Navya on the lines of insult and abuse. Navya gets shaken but with able support from Mukti, Cabir she got courage. Manik was initially circumspect about Nandini’s idea of campaign for Navya but later supports it well since there is no other possible way to get back Navya into college with dignity. He confronts students and even goes on aggressive mode to support the righteous and his believe on leaving to the students to decide whether they want to take part in the campaign or not. The students needs to overcome their personal inhibitions to exercise their answer in the poll and it is certain they will participate. But the question arises even if the majority of students speaks of having a physical relationship but how does it connect with the principal and society’s perceived outlook on Navya who thinks she did a wrong and shameful thing. Will there be more truths coming out with the campaign poll which makes sure the principal retracts his decision on suspending Navya ? Will Navya find acceptance with dignity at her college ? Is there any role of Nyonika – a trustee of SPACE academy in Navya’s fightback ?

Manik and Nandini’s friendship cum unspoken love continues to grow and Cabir tries more to bring them more closer while Soha is defiant to not leave Manik easily with her obsession continues to increase. Manik senses there is something amiss with Soha’s intentions and would be now consistent with Nandini’s earlier suggestion asking him to be careful from Soha. Will Manik and Nandini come to know of Soha’s earlier attacks at her which didn’t materialize ? Abhimanyu is battling life with his disease but has ushered change in Mukti who has some feelings for him and even bullies him when doesn’t get attention. She is oblivious of the fact – Abhimanyu’s cancer and approaching death.  Abhimanyu is living in the present and trying to enjoy the life without worrying much on how his friends react after knowing his condition. Aliya and Dhruv are coming closer and she is thankful to him for his contributions. Dhruv is also opening up and reciprocating well for instance when Aliya showers a kiss to him. Are they going to take next steps in their blossoming love soon ?



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