Aarzoo's brave front to be tested with Kurti Apa and Zeenat's veiled attacks in Humsafars


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There are lot of things happening at Sahir’s home. The current track focuses on superstition angle to the maid Rubina’s death and many other shocking things that Aarzoo and Kurti Apa saw for instance Aarzoo’s anklet gift turning into a scorpion. Aarzoo wants to remove the superstition about the maid Rubina’s death and sky blue color dress. She goes ahead to wear that dress inspite of her mother’s Nausheen insistence that she should not do such thing. Meanwhile, Kurti Apa is glad that Aarzoo is asking for troubles by herself, and her intentions is to give a send off to Aarzoo from Sahir’s home by any way possible even if its crook or crime-based.

Zaki comes back to the home and also brings Zeenat to home from the hospital. Aarzoo now knows of Sahir’s first wife Zeenat since he earlier informed her on being married earlier. After Zeenat’s entry, Aarzoo’s troubles are going to increase many fold since Kurti Apa will be working with Zeenat to trouble her. Everyone understands that Zeenat is in coma state but that would be challenged since in reality it is not so true. Zeenat goes on to trouble Aarzoo by holding her hands which gives a big shock to her and gets mentally disturbed. Aarzoo informs Sahir and all about how Zeenat tried to get hold of her and when they come to see Zeenat they find her in idle and unconscious state. Now the challenge rests with brave Aarzoo on how she convinces others about Zeenat’s new avatar and reality. Kurti Apa is respected by Sahir and others and her role of conspiring with Zeenat cannot be easily unearthed.

There is a new entry in the show – Vikram Singh Rathore who is the police inspector dealing with Rubina’s death and suspects everyone at Sahir’s home and carries different shades to his character. Coming to Zaki, he regards Aarzoo as his friend and willing to take her troubles first and understands about her marriage. What role Zaki would play in Aarzoo’s new troubles arising from Kurti Apa and Zeenat’s wicked plans ? Will Sahir show his care and trust to Aarzoo in this framed superstitious-driven time ahead ?


  1. On the episode that aired on the 22nd January 2015, Kurti appa’s mold seems to have moved from her right cheek to her left cheek. I wonder if the creators noticed.


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