Chakor to give Bhaiya ji a reality check in Udaan


udaan chakor

Chakor has seen Ranjana’s hatred towards the bandhua/bonded labor staying in haveli and being around her all the time. While Ranjana makes fake promises to the villagers about giving them education and pointing her finger on Bhaiya ji’s promises, Chakor takes a stand for Bhaiya ji saying he is better than Ranjana, as he spells out his anger and also keeps his promises once done, and he is not like Ranjana who is double faced. Shhe tells the villagers about Ranjana hating the villagers and regarding them as animals. Ranjana clears that the villagers are like her family and cries to win their votes.

Chakor tells everyone to not believe Ranjana, and give their votes to Bhaiya ji as he has always kept his promises towards her. While Ishwar is worried for Chakor’s blind faith born suddenly for Bhaiya ji, he is adamant that he won’t let Bhaiya ji win and offers support to Ranjana. Ranjana challenges Chakor to bring Bhaiya ji in the village and make him stay in between the bandhuas for just one night. She claims that Bhaiya ji can’t even breath between them and he is the biggest liar among all. Chakor takes the challenge and informs Bhaiya ji about the same.

Bhaiya ji gets angry on Chakor asking how can she accept the condition, without asking him once. Chakor tells him about Ranjana’s plans to show him down in the villager’s eyes. Manohar asks Bhaiya ji not to worry as he will see Ranjana and control her. Ishwar tells Bhaiya ji that evil can’t win, when Ishwar (Relating to himself and Lord) is infront of them. Ishwar and Chakor make Bhaiya ji get a reality check and Bhaiya ji worriedly agrees to win villager’s votes by spending a night in the village. Chakor plans to make Bhaiya ji see how the villagers suffer in no facilities homes, while Ishwar is sure Bhaiya ji won’t care about anyone. Whose belief will win… Chakor or Ishwar? Keep reading.


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