Love By Chance 36th Episode 31st January 2015 starring Priya Chauhan on Bindass TV – Written Update


Today’s Love by Chance Episode name is Desi vs. Videshi. The story starts with a girl Zeeba Khanna coming to a courier office and confronting the person there and asking for her study table. He couldn’t find it and instead proposes some travel package and mixer grinder. But she suggests on ordering another study table for her. He tries to speak more things but she couldn’t get it and uses his laptop in sending resignation to his boss which is even accepted quickly. She leaves from there by reminding him on working as a journalist for Sacchi Khabar TV channel. Later, Zeeba tries to find study table and checks online and calls one seller who has the online ID – night warrior53. She calls him and he thinks she has called him just to give advice and suggestion and regards it as a local problem of people in India. He then asks how come she got his ID and phone and asks whether she is stalking. She speaks of not having any interest and suggests of seeing online that he is selling the study table.

Kavi Shastri (the host) speaks that Zeeba got connected with Onil Chakravarty – a young animator who was about to move to United states.


After talking with Onil, she comes to his home and supports him as he fells down from a chair when fixing the tubelight. He imagines her as a super heroine. He compliments her for fixing the tubelight. Both argue a bit on lighter note and she asks him whether he has drawn the female super hero. He speaks of the powers of a female superhero who saved the life of a hero but also admits that such concepts are not working. She thinks he is narrow minded and reminds him of the study table. She asks why he wants to sell it and also goes on to check whether it is broken. He informs her on going to America and thus selling it. She pays him 3000 rupees and asks him to clean it. But he doesn’t want to listen to her and she then pushes the table by herself and takes it out but falls down at the stairs. He helps her and makes a taunt at her for not saying thank you. He speaks about another option – dropping her and the table by car. He takes her in his car and they reach her place. They go to the kitchen and he wants to prepare a coffee and thinks she will call him again. As they were taking coffee, his mother calls him and he introduces Zeeba as a friend. She speaks of not saying a lie to her mom and he thinks if they were in abroad things would have been different. He speaks of getting visa in 2 days and he will leave in one week. She asks about his job. He replies its a trainee job. She wonders why he is leaving a senior Animator job to work as a trainee. He comes close to her and speaks of speed dating’s existence abroad and asks how about no strings attached. She asks him to stay away and reminds that he is going away in a week. He calls it as her loss. Kavi (the host) speaks that both Zeeba and Onil have different idelogies but have already become friends. Zeeba is idealistic and Onil wants to leave without having concete thinking.

Onil is anxiously waiting for his visa response and gets a call from his mother and she suggests him to eat curd with sugar before opening the letter for auspicious reasons. Zeeba tries to help him in eating curd and soon they share a nice moment of clearing the curd from their lips. Onil gets visa approved and hugs her. Next day, Onil and Zeeba came to a pizza restaurant and she thinks on asking for a cheap treat from him.They are eating chicken pizza but he makes some remarks on pizzas. They come out and he holds her hand. He clarifies that he is flirting her and speaks of getting a tingling sensation after touching her. She thinks there is some romance and magic if he does slow and easy and follows the discussion with a taunt that he can go to US and work as a trainee. He finds a Pani Poori stall and started eating. She asks what he will miss about India. He speaks of missing the car and Pani Poori uncle. He speaks of giving her discount if she wants to buy it. Kavi (the host) speaks that just friends and no strings attached fundas are not working since they are roaming and hanging for the whole day as they are attracted to each other.

Onil comes to Zeeba’s home and finds her parents. He wishes them and Zeeba’s mom tries to make him more comfortable. Soon, Onil and Zeeba leave for the party and at the party scene she wonders how he has touched her parents’ feet. He thinks that Indian parents like such gestures and feel nice. She reminds that he is going in 2 to 3 days and so why such sweet manners. He speaks of wanting to say something and finds her drinking. He stops Zeeba but soon she gets high and forces him to dance. He gradually gets in the mood and dances. In drunken mode, she asks him to not go to US. Next morning, she wakes up in Onil’s home and asks him why he didn’t drop her. He informs that she was so much drunk that he decided to not drop at her home. She calls her mom and informs on having stayed at some friend’s place. He starts to speak things that happened last night and speaks in emotional tone that she came close to him. He shows the lipstick marks on his chest and suggests that many things have happened last night. She bursts out laughing as she understood his prank and speaks of not believing him. As she come close to kiss him, he decides to not have that kiss and informs her that his fight is in the evening @ 8. She asks why he didn’t got courage to speak and why is he going. She speaks about his friends and loving mom and can become a trendsetter in India. He asks her to give one good reason why he shouldn’t go. She reminds him on what he said about no strings attached. She gets emotional and in teary voice speaks of getting attachment and is sure that its not one-sided. Kavi (the host) speaks that as he had said in this story both got heart break.

Onil reminisces the past moments he shared with Zeeba and contemplates on what decision he should take. He ponders more and also remembers the most recent words of Zeeba. Later, he calls her but she rejects his call and lies on her bed and even not interested to take meals. She doesn’t want to come out of her room and her parents inform that someone came to see her. She comes out and finds Onil at her home and becomes surprised. He speaks of missing his flight since she didn’t give a goodbye and cites about the croatian tradition where such thing is popular. She learns that he has intentionally left his flight for her and has cancelled his plans. He speaks of proposing as in the traditions of Eastern Greece and shares intense eyelock with her and they are about to kiss but her parents start coughing to stop them. The story ends on that happy note with both realizing their mutual love and becoming lovestruck. Kavi speaks that Love happens when you have least expectations and signs off by asking the viewers to share their opinion/feedback if any using the hastag #LoveByChance at Bindass TV’s Twitter page.

Some Info on Cast:
* Zeeba Khanna is portrayed by Actress Priya Chauhan
– Priya is originally from Shimla and now lives and work in Mumbai.
– Role of Alina Khurana in Star One’s show Pyaar Kii Yeh Ek Kahaani (2010-2011).
– Worked in Jaane Kahan Se Aayi Hai movie (2010); Role of Taani in Sony TV’s Kya Hua Tera Vaada (2012-2013); Yeh Hai Aashiqui’s Episode 31 in the role of Priya as party escort and also worked in MTV Webbed (2013)
– Recently worked in Bindass’s Yeh Hai Aashiqui Episode 53 aired on 27th July 2014 in the role of Priyanka opposite a young boy who is a writer who wrote Promises and Lies novel depicting their love story. If interested, read that episode’s WU on our site here.
– Currently portraying the role of Dhanalakshmi aka Lucky in Star Plus’s weekly show Private Investigator.
– Priya’s Twitter page

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