TR’s Top Spoilers For This Week


TR's Top Spoilers For this Week

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: 
The Godh Bharai (baby shower) function of Ishita’s sister Vandita brings a twist with happier time changing to difficult time. Ishita’s dad is charged with theft of 5 Lakhs rupees at Raman’s company where he works as well. The cause of Ishita’s Appa getting framed is caused by Romi and the police comes during the function and finds 5 Lakhs in Appa’s cupboard. He clarifies on getting the money after selling off the jewellery and he didn’t have any role in theft and the police clears him. It also happens that Raman’s job is at stake since he took business decisions that didn’t go well with the MD of the company. Ishita provides support to Raman who gets much sad and in tears. Ishita assures him that he will be fine in his work. With time, Raman woild be able to clarify the matter with his boss but for time being the ensuing drama has brought sadness to Mrs. Bhalla as well. Raman prepares to remove the charge on Ishita’s Appa and giving him a clean chit.

Akshara’s baby daughter is named Naiara.  But before coming to conclusion on the baby’s name, the Singhania family had a naming ceremony function where everyone put forward their suggetions and girls come as angels to wish the new born baby. Amidst the celebrations, Naitik and Akshara find time to come closer and shared romantic moments. Naitik first pampers Akshara so that she comes close to him. He compliments her that she doesn’t look like the mother of 2 kids. She gets impressed with Naitik’s sweet words and showers a kiss to him.  Naitik’s mom Devyani is glad that her thoughts on baby’s name Naiara has been selected.

Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar:
Nishi’s marriage celebrations are going on with destination wedding venue. Ragini, Neil, Aman and all reach the farmhouse where there are some flashback moments of Neil and Ragini are revisited and at that time they were happy. Also, the introduction of Pam’s lover Raj is shown and he makes his entry in DDLJ style. The story comes back to present with Neil, Ragini and Aman looking in good mood and also participating in singing. They all sing and seize the moment.

Qubool Hai:
Aahil’s dad killer mystery was getting unravelled with Suleiman Chacha. Aahil and Sanam comes to meet Suleiman Chacha another time and Tanveer comes to know about it. She gets much annoyed as her interests dictate Aahil doesn’t know the truth about her being the killer of his dad. She decides to kill Suleiman but then changes her mind and instead wants to shoot and kill Aahil. Rehan who was preparing to go to Dubai also comes there and Ganpati celebrations are going on at that place. He finds Tanveer aiming at Aahil and runs to  protect him and takes the bullet shot at himself. Tanveer gets shocked to see the bullet hit close to Rehan’s heart. Rehan falls in the pond and Aahil dives in to save him. Amidst the chaos, the new bride finds Suleiman chacha and shoots him down. While, Tanveer was able to stop Aahil in knowing the truth but she couldn’t cope with the fact she has mistakenly shot at her own son. She gets in much dejected zone. What follow after is Sanam and Seher coming to know the truth of Tanveer being not blind when she tries to escape from power cables getting tangled and falling down on ground. Will Rehan’s life get saved ? What Sanam and Seher do next knowing well that Tanveer is not blind ?

Tu Mera Hero:
Panchi is the newly wed bride and prepares to live with Titu – her beloved husband after the Grah Pravesh ceremony. She fulfills the duties of a daughter-in law (Bahu) by doing prayers – Aarti first thing in the morning with much dedication.  It is also reminded that Panchi fell down during the Grah Pravesh ceremony but got Titu’s support. Panchi is quite opposite of Titu since she doesn’t like laziness and is very organized and wishes to do things perfectly. She begins to take care of kitchen and prepares a sweet dish – Badam Halwa. Titu’s mom Surekha gets happy with Panchi’s prayers – Aarti and sweet preparations. Titu carries on with his fun banter with Panchi but still doesn’t realize his love and also didn’t come to terms with marriage. Titu and Panchi will come closer and his laziness has to take the back seat during the upcoming outdoor get together. Will Titu find space to balance his laziness and married life with Panchi’s support ?

Sasural Simar Ka:
The fake Roli is creating further problems for Simar. She hypnotizes Simar with the intention that she harms herself after getting into that zone. Simar gets hypnotized and is compelled to fall from the terrace. She jumps and falls down on the ground and gets a head injury. Also, it is noted that the fake Roli doesn’t want to kill Simar by herself thus used hypnotize method. Though Simar will recover from head injury but will face severe side effects and some implications will be her strange behavior henceforth. How and when the fake Roli gets exposed to the Bhardwaj family ?

Kumkum Bhagya:
The kidnapping drama continues with Pragya managing to escape from the goons by going through hide and seek. She calls Abhi after getting an opportunity and updates him on how she escaped from the goons. She expects Abhi to come and rescue her in heroic fashion.  At Abhi’s end, Tanu continues to emotionally blackmail him and asks him to not go for Pragya. She even threatens him on breaking off their relationship. He puts forward the argument that he will go to rescue Pragya as he has to accept the responsibilities of a husband. Will Abhi manage to rescue Pragya from the goons with ease ?

Diya Aur Baati Hum:
Sooraj starts to sense that Sandya is hiding something big from him after seeing on how her brother is talking to her and showing extra care when she lifts items. He finds on more occasions similar behavior. Sandhya’s truth of giving kidney to Bhabho is going to get revealed to all in the track ahead.

Kokila, Gopi and Modi family are looking for Radha who has stolen Rashi. Kokila finds Radha but she is no mood to listen to her. Radha forces Kokila to follow her orders and only then she will inform her about Rashi. She takes revenge against Kokila by first asking her to bow down and asks for mercy , second she wants her to caress the nose against the ground and  thirdly she slaps her many times. Radha keeps quiet on the fact that she has lost the baby and thinks that Kokila and Gopi might have the baby with them and is only interested to demean her. Kokila brings a cash bag for Radha as ransom amount for the baby and she gladly accepts it. Kokila senses Radha will not return the baby and what follows after is the fight between them. Radha overpowers Kokila and injures her. All such events are happening at the lake and Gopi was at the other end and was just a mere spectator to Kokila and Radha’s fight. After Kokila gets injured, Gopi runs to provide care to her. Kokila recovers from her injury while Radha is still on the run and the mystery of missing Rashi continue to thicken. Will Modi family be able to find Rashi ?

Suhani Si Ek Ladki: 
At the forest where Soumya, Suhani and Yuvraj along with others went for an outing, an uneventful event takes place. Suhani mistakenly falls in marshy Swamp (Daldal in Hindi). She slowly inches to get drown and shouts for help. Only Soumya is present close to her. Soumya finds Suhani drowning in the swamp and contemplates whether to save Suhani or not. She decides to save Suhani after getting reminded on the childhood friendship. She fulfilled the responsibilities of a friend and listened to her heart in protecting Suhani. Suhani also realizes Soumya’s efforts and is thankful. Now with this twist, the equations in life between Soumya and Suhani are bound to change. It has to be seen whether Soumya put her efforts just to show off or she really did by heart. What will Yuvraaj feel after coming to know of Soumya’s timely effort to save Suhani’s life ?

Doli Armaanon Ki:
Ishaan and Urmi’s marriage proceedings are going on with the Sindoor, Mangalsutra and Saath Pheras and marriage vows taken. Around that time, Samrat comes there and greets Ishaan by calling him his brother-in law (saala). Ishaan gets shocked to hear such words from Samrat. It turns out that Samrat declares on tricking Ishaan’s sister Tani in marriage and thus now has a relationship with Ishaan as his brother-in law. If what Samrat saying is indeed true, then how Ishaan would deal with Samrat’s cunning master stroke in deceiving his sister ? What will be Tani’s take after she comes to know of Samrat’s truth ?

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Nisha Aur Uske Cousins: 
Viraj falls prey in Gayatri’s plan very badly with Nisha as Aarti’s truth comes out in open. Nisha-Aarti and Viraj’s mail conversations are leaked on the Internet with Sourabh’s mail getting hacked on Gayatri’s orders. Viraj gets much upset and hits out at Nisha and even at Ramesh Gangwal. Dada ji gets much hurt to see Viraj in such a manner and slaps him. Nisha couldn’t cope in how Viraj reacted so badly with her and family. She starts to hate Viraj while getting teary eyed. Kabir marks his entry on the show and speaks to her that a heart which is hurt and electricity bill are alike since you need to take care of them in timely manner otherwise you will get darkness. Kabir’s analogy to usher vibrancy in her didn’t work as she didn’t listen to him. However, he is confident and vows to make sure that she will understand on what he just said. Will Kabir’s entry give Nisha a different perspective on life and the ability to cope up in the hardest of times ?



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