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Sasural Simar Ka:
After Simar’s fall from the terrace driven by fake Roli under hypnotized state, she enacts a drama of having a memory loss at her home. Her decision was made after some thoughts as she plans to expose fake Roli which is only possible if she doesn’t open up much and instead present herself as not so sound and even memory problem. Amar comes to Bhardwaj’s home after his recovery at the hospital and meets Prem. They find Simar singing a lullaby and regarding the pillow as a baby. Both get shocked to see Simar in such a state and thinks she is not mentally stable. Simar’s current plans are for the safety of her family. Will Amar find Shruti’s parents ? Will Simar succeed in convincing all about her condition and finding opportunity to expose fake Roli ? Also, the mystery of red door and fake Roli’s secret is coming out in track ahead during the Maha Shivratri week.

Ahem speaks strongly with Gopi and was angry with her since she has trusted Radha once again. He reminds her on Radha’s actions hurting the family on many occasions. Gopi apologizes to Ahem for trusting Radha and speaks of not thinking of the deceit. Later, both console each other on not able to find Rashi yet and she becomes his strength in this hard time. How Modi family is able to find Rashi ? What about the clues in finding her ?

Sadda Haq:
Sanyukta and Randhir get a new task but they have to complete it under limitations. Both are handcuffed together with one hand getting locked and they have to use other hand in assembling a bike. They manage to assemble it and complete the task but during its work they exchange sincere eyelocks and manage to come closer.

Bansuri and Balwant’s marriage anniversary and Baldev’s birthday is next in track. To make the anniversary eventful, Veera invites her brother Ranvir and Gunjan and even wants him to give a music performance. Ranvi goes ahead to give an amazing musical performance giving delight to Balwant. He also makes sure that both Bansuri and Balwant have a dance and himself dances with Gunjan. He is also worried to find Veera not coming for the party and it turns out that she is planning a surprise for Baldev’s birthday. However, Baldev thinks Veera is shying away from the party and even have forgotten his birthday. Will Veera bring merry on Baldev’s heart and face with her surprise ?

Nishi’s marriage preparations have brought Neil and Ragini to spend considerable time together. On their way to the farm house, Ragini learns on loosing her purse with expense items for Nishi at some place and Neil supports her in finding it. She cries profusely and after some search he finds it thereby wiping out her tears. After reaching the farm house, she reminisces the flashback moments going back to their younger years specially the kitchen romance which they were doing away from others and how Pam mark her entry and to evade her they enact some hide and seek. All those memories revive her relationship with Neil once again.

RV and Ishani have come closer with him confessing his love. They are sailing on the same boat but there are some issues remaining with Baa and Amba both interested in their divorce. To counter both of them, RV and Ishani plays a trick of showing in front of all they continue to fight so that Baa and Amba doesn’t involve in fight. Moreover, by staying seperately and yearning for their love will drive the families to learn the importance of their love and changing their stance. Ishani and RV hope to find opportunties to be in love while concealing it from others – Chupke Chupke Wala love. Will Ishani and RV’s families realize their love and support them in their marriage ?

Devyaani works a lot for the Maha Shivratri function in Singhania’s home and she feels much tired after doing the work. The festive celebrations give another opportunity to Naitik and Akshara in having good family time and also romance.

Nisha Aur Uske Cousins:
Kabir scares Umesh’s dad Veerendra at the jewellery shop with his antics. Later, Nisha is preparing to go for an outing away from home for some time and Veerendra doesn’t want her to go and even have a small fight with Ramesh at the bus stop. Kabir comes there and threatens Veerendra in changing his stance by reminding him about the shop’s incident. Veerendra was compelled to give the go ahead and Nisha prepares to go for her trip. Will Kabir accompany and manage to come close to her during the trip ? What about Viraj’s end during his stay in London – Is he going to come to terms with his endearing love for Nisha ?

Diya Aur Baati Hum:
Amidst the resort stay of Sandya and Sooraj comes a romantic sequence with both of them having a good time at the coast and he is presenting her a gift and puts it on her waist. It could depict a dream sequence. Next, in the track is Sooraj getting full doubt on Sandhya giving her kidney to Bhabho via her medicine prescription and letters. Will Bhabho steer them in coming closer once again ?

Shivanand met his son Rudra and mom after 24 years. He informs Rudra that they are blessed to protect Amrit on the last day of Mahakumbh and moreover informs Rudra that he is going to the most powerful Garuda. Meanwhile, Swami ji learns that Nagvansh aka 7 Nags [with snake signs on their back] are preparing to attack Garudas during their weak emotions. The Garudas vs. Nags plot thickens as Mahakumbh proceedings to begin soon and Rudra gets another opportunity to protect Maya. Who is the 7th Garuda and whether Maya is connected ?

Kaisi Yeh Yaariaan: 
Nyonika is playing her game in tandem with Mr. Khurana and is trying to create further complications. She finds Nandini trying to prove Manik’s innocence and then plans to trick her by putting the blame. Will Manik come out to counter Nyonika in her deceit-driven ploy which entagles even Nandini ? On another front, Dhruv continues to love Aaliya though his words spoke otherwise but his actions prove his love. Will Aaliya realize her over possesiveness about Manik and Nandini’s love, and accept her feelings for Dhruv ?

Jodha Akbar:
Salim learns that someone used his name in giving problems to Anarkali and compelled her to become a dancer. He hears the sounds created from her anklets and gets restless and prepares to find the truth on who is the person responsible for it. He is now engaged to Maan Bai but Anarkali’s revelation brought a twist. Jodha feels worried on seeing Salim and Anarkali together and also on his efforts in going far from palace to know something. Next, Akbar would be knowing of Salim and Anarkali’s love. What about Salim and Maan Bai’s relationship since now he knows the truth of Anarkali ?

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:
Raman gets a surprise which he has not imagined. There is a entry of a girl Sonia on the show and she visits him at his hotel’s room. Sonia is a belly dancer and informs Raman of coming there on Ishita’s insistence. As she tries to uncover her clothes with the intention to perform belly dancing, Raman gets much nervous and requesting her to leave. He wonders when she spoke to him about Ishita. She is undettered to give a performance and asks him to relax. She also informs him about his marriage anniversary with Ishita and tries to give reasons to stay with him. Raman – the Ravan Kumar and the one having an attitude couldn’t have replies to Sonia. Meanwhile, Ishita is also looking for Raman and could find him with Sonia at the hotel room. Sonia has connection with Shagun and possibly sent by her to create some misunderstanding. Will Ishita and Raman learn about Sonia’s identity and relation with Shagun if any ?

Tarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chasmah:
Daya and Jetha – an interesting couple are swayed and drooling in romance on the occasion of Valentine’s Day. Jetha sings a song for Daya and they exchange gifts. She gives him a big heart. He offers a small nice gift and they groove on Ek Main aur Ek Tu song.

Sahir comes to know of Anam being Anu – the last person spoke to Zeenat before her accident. He tries to unravel her connection with Zeenat and also gets doubt on Vikram to be connected with Zeenat. Later in the track, Aarzoo gives Sahir a big surprise by presenting red baloons to celebrate Valentine’s day. Sahir was not expecting such a thing but nonetheless both get another opportunity to come close. The twist comes with Aarzoo finding a revelation in terms of a letter about Zeenat. Will Aarzoo and Sahir come closer with that development or develop distance for some reason ?

Ajeeb Daastan Hai Yeh:
Shobha is distraught with her fake MMS and gets able support from Vikram. Sarika still doesn’t want to be away from Vikram and arranges a meet-up with him on the pretext that matter is for Shobha’s benefit. Though he is not interested to meet her but eventually agrees to meet. Sarika traps him in her plan by showing he has an affair with her. The heart-burn duo – Sarika and Samarth are happy but at the same time she keeps pressure by reminding him on exposing his truth.

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