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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:

Romi confronts Shagun for using him to strike Raman, Ishita and Mr. Iyer. Shagun asks him to take the responsibility of what he has done, and asks about his guts to tell everyone of his impotency. Romi gets beaten up by Raman and then accepts his mistake of stealing the cash. He clears all the allegations from Mr. Iyer and apologizes to Raman and Iyer family. Romi does not clear about Shagun fooling him, as she will tell everyone about his truth. Ishita becomes Jagga Jasoos again to find out Romi’s problems and bring him out of it. Sarika comes back into picture by Ishita’s efforts to reconcile her with Romi. Ruhi sees Romi’s wounds and does the first aid in her cute way. Romi gets touched and realizes the need of children in his life. Ishita decides to teach Shagun a lesson doubting her involvement in Romi’s matter. Will Romi realize all of his mistakes and change for the final good this time?

Shastri Sisters:

Veer and Anu dance in their engagement as Veer shows his romantic side. Anu stares at Rajat and Veer notices it. Anu’s sacrifice for her family gets touch for her, as she sees Rajat getting teary eyed. Rajat shows a fake smile to everyone and cries going away. The ring does not fit Anushka and Veer jokes that Rajat did this intentionally, making Rajat and Anu tense. Veer then lightens the situation. It’s Veer’s plan as he does not wish to make Anu bound in a wrong relation.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai:

Naksh feels get ignored and acts stubborn. He breaks the camera that took the family photo and that of Naira. Naksh feels insecure after Naira’s entry in their lives. But has got the go-ahead to have a friends party on the occasion of birth of Naira. He gets much glad… Naitik and Akshara celebrate valentine’s day and she greets him with red flowers. He is trying to show on forgetting Valentine’s day but gives a special surprise. He has planned something special for her. Varsha throws a grand party for valentines, and makes Akshara get a new makeup. Naitik dances with Akshara, along with all the couple of Singhanias and Maheshwaris. He compliments Akshara to look the best even after being mother of two kids. All the couples revive their romance infront of everyone. They play a balloon game and Nandini and Mohit win the round. The valentine’s party is made special by modern games set by Karishma. The dance competition between everyone make Naitik and Akshara show their dancing skills and win the round.

KumKum Bhagya:

The viewers will see a rock performance by rockstar Abhi after a long time. Everyone enjoy his performance and dance to his tunes. Abhi sings Tu Aaja Mere Mahi relating it to Pragya who is missing. Abhi was finding Pragya and the question arises why did he stop on the way and start performing. Its Abhi’s plan to find Pragya. Abhi looks for Pragya and wants his voice to reach Pragya. He comes to know that Pragya is in that area and starts reaching her. He misses her badly. Abhi does not know he loves Pragya, but he wants to keep his promise to Dadi to get Pragya back.

Maharana Pratap:

Pratap is locked in jail and Ajabde goes to meet him and recollects their promises. She gets much teary eyed and consolidates Pratap in his hard time with her emotions flowing. Pratap got the death penalty from Udai Singh and going to get hanged. Pratap has given a vow to Dheer Bai on protecting Jagmal and is ready to give the sacrifice.

Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi:

Chirag’s planning with Girish to hurt RV via harming the girl whom he is protecting bites the dust with RV saving her at the hotel and Ishani comes to know of RV and Ritika’s connection with her and intriguing connection is on the cards to unravel. Later, RV arranges a business delegation with traditional Gujarati setting. Chirag comes to meet RV and threatens him and also wants to expose Ishani [with her photographs] and her character if RV decides to get the contract. RV gets much anger and thrashes Chirag badly after hearing it. RV confesses his feelings of love for Ishani next and also break things there as he is still angry with Chirag. Ishani gets hurt and RV shows more care and love for her. Ishani trusts RV fully with Nitin’s words on love and trust and with RV’s showering love, Is she going to stop going ahead with the divorce arrangements ?


By the less oxygen cylinders, the team decides to leave members back. Abhiyankar and Akash know very well what Everest summit means to Anjali, and they allow her to go ahead and Akash stays back to give his chance to Anjali. Arjun gets angry as Akash does not record his documentary ahead. Abhiyankar’s commands irks Arjun and he decides to go forward to summit Everest in his own and does not need anyone’s help. Abhiyankar comes to know about Arjun leaving alone and goes to find him before he falls in any big trouble. He fails to get Arjun and gets sudden pain in his wounds generated by ice storm at Camp 3. Chand and Tashi think to go back and Anjali decides to go ahead to achieve her dreams to make her father proud. Will Ramesh get the sarpech and make his family proud by proving his plan successful for Century Corp? Will Arjun summit Everest without following Abhiyankar’s right guidelines?


Chakor gets courage and defiance to speak-up and takes a firm stand. She decides to go ahead with the Satyagraha [Insistence on Truth] and follow the footsteps of Mahatma Gandhi. She informs Bhaiya ji on being resilient in her Satyagraha and will fast until he accepts the truth and give them their due by their enrollment in school. She chooses to stay outside the school for her movement and gets support from Baa, other children, villagers and her parents. Will Chakor compel Bhaiya ji to change his shrewd stand and give them the right to education without any fees?

Suhani Si Ek Ladki:

Soumya prepares for valentines surprise for Yuvraaj and Suhani and Rags becomes curious to know about her foolish step. Soumya tells her that she is doing this for her benefit, and win Yuvraaj. Soumya starts showing Suhani about her grief by Krishna’s dishonoring her. Soumya takes Yuvraaj saying she wants to meet Krishna. She buys some flowers and asks Yuvraaj to hold it, and then takes it back, showing as if Yuvraaj is giving her flowers. Its Soumya’s plan to show Yuvraaj loves her and she is innocently keeping friendship with Suhani.

Qubool Hai:

Tanveer sheds tears seeing Rehaan’s dead body and Aahil pacifies her. Tanveer takes a decision to kill Sanam and Seher and pledges to settle scores. She regrets to shoot Rehaan and is more raged on the sisters. Aahil is sad on his brother’s loss and Seher is shattered as Sanam breaks the news to her. Tanveer’s daughter will bring in new twists and take the show ahead for good time.

Diya Aur Baati Hum:

Sandhya sees Sooraj’s photo and smiles. She maintains a distance with him and talks to his pic, saying she loves him a lot. Sooraj’s romance makes her play hide and seek with him. She confesses her love and acts like sleeping when he comes to her. Sooraj doubts on her weird behavior and comes to know about her secret. He gets her medicines and sees her prescription concerned to her medical state. He gets the doctor’s call about Sandhya’s appointment, and he is shocked knowing about her sacrifice for Bhabho. He blames himself for questioning Sandhya’s loyalty towards them. He gets annoyed with her for hiding such a big matter and also respects her for saving Bhabho’s life by giving one of her kidney. Will this truth bring any unwanted rift in their lives?

Nisha Aur Uske Cousins:

After the verbal spat between Viraj and Nisha over their descriptions for love and fake name usage, Nisha hands over his passport letting him free and calling him unworthy for her love. Kabir who has been watching them all the while comes to Nisha to bring a hope of light and positivity back in her life. Viraj heads back to London and will be less shown in the show, giving space to Nisha and Kabir’s new track and their bonding. Nisha realized her mistake by lying to Viraj and trying to win his love and is taken back by her unnecessary argument, waiting for Viraj to return. She finds a new friend in Kabir who motivates her to take life as it comes. Nisha is unaware of Kabir’s relation with Viraj. How will their loves turn by Viraj’s entry back in Nisha’s life?

Satrangi Sasural:

Aarushi is successful in impressing Vihaan’s moms one after another with only Narmada mom remaining. Her good nature was the key and all pour their heart out for her but they are oblivious of Prahlad to be her father. After all 7 moms get impressed, Vihaan and Aarushi’s private Roka/engagement goes on with each of his mom bringing ring for her. Vihaan gets confused but then decides to put all the rings on Aarushi to complete the ceremony. Aarushi and his mom get glad. Meanwhile, Prahlad and Girish intentions to keep relationship with Vihaan is money-minded and Vihaan tries his best to keep them away from his moms. Will Vihaan’s moms find about Aarushi’s family – Prahlad, Girish ? How Vihaan and Aarushi’s love counters and gets undettered with her identity revelation to his moms ?

Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar:

During Nishi and Jignesh’s Haldi ceremony, Neil and Ragini goes in flashback mode since the farmhouse – the destination wedding venue is the same location where they have spend their younger years. The flashback scenes show how Neil has protected her and their romantic cycle ride and their good time together. Back to present, Nivedita and Aman are also present and she wishes to have her Haldi with Neil as she keeps aspirations to have him as her partner. Will Neil and Ragini come closer during Haldi and other ceremonies next – Mehendi, Sangeet ?

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