Pyaar Tune Kya Kiya 3 Episode 14 20th February 2015 starring Chandni Bhagwanani & Shantanu Maheshwari – Written Update

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Surbhi Jyoti (the hostess) starts the show and speaks that people are lucky to have a happy ending story. Today’s story is about youngsters Rahul and Teena who are from Mumbai and they pursue love with much passion. The story starts with Rahul playing guitar at his home and doesn’t entertain his younger brother. His mother comes and asks him to go and talk with his brother. He listens and talks with him and also apologizes. Both brothers hug each other on that note. Rahul’s happiness was gone when he was detected with 2nd stage of lung cancer and that event has changed his life.

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Teena is seen with young kids celebrating their birthday. One of the kids speak of dying early and she motivates them to celebrate. She takes the kid to the hospital and there she finds Rahul arguing with a nurse. He speaks of his helplessness and knows on having a cancer. She goes to talk with Rahul and thinks he is not interested in living. He informs her on having terminal cancer and doesn’t want to live with a false hope. She asks whether he thinks people are lying. She asks him to keep hope which is great but he doesn’t listen and leaves. Later, in the evening, his mother tells him to join a cancer awareness program camp. She takes a promise from him and he agrees on visiting. Next morning, he reaches the camp – Cancer Awareness Program 2010 and Teena is one of the volunteers there. He speaks of coming because of his mom and she thinks his attitude will change. She thinks he can get smile on his face. He introduces himself to other patients there about having lung cancer and thinks therapy is a waste of time. He has accepted that he is going to die and asks them to have reality check. Teena speaks how smile is important in one’s life and its much better than being angry. She gets cough and speaks that we can decide to live with smile or with sadness. She goes out after coughing up and he comes out to learn that she is also having cancer.

She opens up more and speaks on having 4th stage blood cancer and doesn’t know when she is going to die. She smiles and lives her life with happiness always. She take every day as a fresh start. Rahul apologizes to Teena. She thinks an angry man is saying sorry to him and says its fine and have forgiven him. He asks why she haven’t shared with him about her illness and asks whether she is not scared to have 4th stage leukamia (blood cancer). He wonders on how she is living with happiness. She replies on not leaving the dreams incomplete and the need to be happy. He learns that she got diagonosed about her illness some months ago when she was reciting a poem at her college. She also informs of being a volunteer at the cancer foundation and likes much on bringing smile to kids’ faces. Next day, she takes him to an orphanage and calls it as her second home. She thinks he will be happy to see kids there. Both begin to have good time with kids and he becomes a clown to bring smile. She gets happy to see him enjoying there. [Khwabein Ke Lehre.. Khushiyon Ke Saath song plays]. They spend more time together and she thinks he has many things and he can learn if he sees from other person’s perspective. Later, she comes to his home and visits other places and spend more time with kids having cancer illness. They go for outing. Surbhi (the hostess) speaks that love comes without asking and life changes. Rahul and Teena weren’t aware that they will find love. Love was knocking at their doors and only realization was to happen.

They are seen spending time with kids who want Rahul to say his wish. He speaks of composing his own songs and becoming a singer. Teena is asked next but she doesn’t say any wish which makes Rahul puzzled. He asks her and she gives reply of not having any wish. Later, in the night Rahul gets an attack (relapse) and is taken to the hospital. Teena also comes there and he is admitted in the ICU. She accompanies his family at the hospital. Rahul’s younger brother thanks her for changing his brother’s life. She goes on to take care of Rahul as he is recovering. He is discharged from the hospital and both meets another time at the orphanage. He speaks of not having much hope and she tells him to not be negative. He speaks of not having time. She suggests why not to be happy in such limited time. She tells in love its important to being in love rather than being together. Both confesses their love for each other and she speaks a surprise for him next morning. She takes him to a sound recording studio next morning. He begins to record a song while she records the video. He sings the song [Tu Hai Ki Nahi song]. The voice team and Teena is happy with Rahul’s performance and applauds him. They come out and she begins to cough hard and spits blood. He learns that she got an attack and takes her to the hospital. The doctor informs Teena’s mother that she needs to be taken to ICU since her health condition is very bad. She gets discharged after some time and the story moves forward by 4 days. She is at her home looking at her diary and soon finds him there. She tries to hide him and doesn’t reveal his presence to her mom. He asks why she is so scared and she counters why he came from balcony instead of coming from the main door in heroic fashion so as to pull his leg. He goes away by taking her diary with him.

At his home, Rahul looks at poems from Teena’s diary and wants to fulfill her dreams and regards them as his own. Teena wakes up and looks for her diary and even calls her mother and asks her to find it. She then goes to the orphanage and meets Rahul there. She speaks of losing her diary and thus her mood is bad. He takes out the diary and asks whether she is looking for it. She gets bit angry at him and he speaks of reading her diary and wanted to give some fresh air. She asks what he felt about it. He just pulls her leg and then compliments her emotional poems. She speaks of finding rejection at the publication house. He thinks she has taken his dreams and wants to fulfill her dream. She doesn’t want to try once more and he insists more. She asks why and he opens-up again on loving her in angry voice. Surbhi (the hostess) speaks Teena also got much positive change after meeting Rahul. They want to fulfill their last wish somehow..

Both start working while he tries to contact publishing house [Kinare..Khud Hi to Hum song plays] and on other hand she is trying to contact recording houses. They get frustration on not finding leads. Her friend suggests that she need to make a video and put on the Internet and thinks it will go viral. Teena thinks it as good idea. Later, she goes out with Rahul and they sit near the coast and have good time. He speaks candidly with her and wishes the time to get freeze for forever and thanks her for coming in his life. He thinks on wasting his life before her entry and she has made him realize on the importance of living. Moreover, he wasn’t scared of death but now is scared of going away from her. He just hope that they get married soon so they can remain together always. Both confesses their love and tease each other. Soon, she gets an attack and is admitted in the hospital. At the hospital bed, she wants a promise from him that he isn’t going to cry. He also wants her promise that she will get well soon. He gets a call from Blue Link publication that next week they are going to publish Teena’s poems. He gets glad but his happiness gets short lived since Teena gets another attack and she passes away. He prays and wishes much that Teena doesn’t die but eventually accepts the reality. The story moves forward by 3 months and he is speaking about Teena on her book launch. He says Teena is fine wherever she is and smiling. He compliments her on becoming a writer and her book has poems which has her own feelings. He wishes that the book also found a special place in his and people heart. He thanks Teena and speaks of going to miss her dearly. He comes home and his family inform him of having a suprise on his birthday. He learns about Teena’s video message for him which she has made before her death. She reminds him on being together always and wishes him Happy Birthday and he then also looks at his own video of singing which is shot with kids and family.

Surbhi (the hostess) speaks that Teena has fulfilled Rahul’s last wish and he became famous with his music video recording. Also, by publishing Teena’s book he has fufilled her wish. He died exactly one year after Teena’s death and their immense love testify such coincidence. His last wish was to buried close to her and the same thing happened. Surbhi speaks that their love became eternal and doesn’t regard their love was incomplete and moreover cites that as one said truly – Being together is fine but its more important that love should be true. She signs off by asking viewers to share their feedback on their story using the hashtag #PTKK on Zing TV’s facebook and Twitter pages.

Info on Cast: 
* Rahul is portrayed by actor Shantanu Maheshwari
– Born on March 7, 1991 in Kolkata, India
– Shantanu worked in Channel V’s Dil Dosti Dance – D3 and well-known for the role of Swayam [201-2015].

* Teena is portrayed by actress Chandni Bhagwanani
– Chandni was born in 1993 and made her debut with Ad commercial at the age of 7.  Working on her Bachelor of Mass Media (BMM) degree.
– Well known for portraying Amita in Sony TV’s Amita ka Amit [2013-2014], Anjali in Channel V’s Jhalli Anjali Ke Tootey Dil Ki Amazing Story [2014] and as Dimple Sood in Channel V’s P.S. I Hate You [2014].
– Worked in Zee TV’s Kohi Apna Sa [2001-2003], Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi as Bavri Chirag Virani [2000–2008], Star Plus’ Tere Liye as Paromita [2010-2011]. Chandni’s Twitter page

Image credit: Twitter page of Chandni.

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