Vihaan-Aarushi couple of steps away to realize their marriage in Satrangi Sasural


Vihaan and Aarushi wedding

Vihaan and Aarushi’s pre-wedding rituals – Haldi, engagement, Sangeet are underway. Vihaan overcomes Dadi Maa’s argument that the Haldi ceremony won’t take place after Haldi got fallen down by Geeta maa and was thought as bad omen. Next, the sangeet ceremony takes place and Vihaan and Aarushi celebrates it by dancing with much fervor and share intense eyelocks while having romantic time. Vihaan also dances with two of his moms. Amidst such good time, there comes a twist with Girish’s theft of watch comes out in open but Vihaan manages to control the situation by suggesting he presented the watch as gift. Vihaan earlier lied to Aarushi on not helping Girish financially and he is covering Girish-Prahlad’s mean behavior for her and family’s happiness.

Later, at Aarushi’s mom her dad Prahlad gets beaten up by grandpa since he is the one who setup that plan with his greed and eye on Vihaan’s money. In the next pre-wedding rituals, Vihaan and Aarushi wear special dresses with royal touch and in particular Vihaan seen wearing a special Sherwani. All the moms of Vihaan dances during the occasion in amazing spirit and even Dadi Maa joins them making the event rejoiceful and full of happiness. While, Aarushi and Vihaan are couple of steps away from their marriage with pre-wedding rituals going on by overcoming some jitters. But the larger question that still remains is Dadi’s maa hiding something about Aarushi and for the same reason she was having fears and compelled to agree for marriage without having much enthusiasm. Will Vihaan and Aarushi’s love overpower such jitters and take them in their stride in realizing a happy marriage ?


Note: This entire week is the wedding special telecast of Satrangi Sasural.

Wedding Special Promo:
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