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Jamai Raja:

Purab, Bulbul and fake Sanam reach in Roshni and Yash’s marriage. Sid does not get entry in the marriage and he gets beaten up by the fake Sanam (Qubool Hai). She hits him by the rod and tries to kill him. She pulls him and throws him out. The holi special will have Roshni and Yash’s marriage, and Sid reaches there with Purab and Bulbul (Kumkum Bhagya) to help him unite with Roshni. Purab gets a sprain and asks for first aid. The guards at the gate get diverted by Bulbul, and Sid passes inside the wedding hall/ The guards still catch Sid and Sid says he will not let Roshni marry someone else.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:

Amrita comes in the marriage function and stops Nikhil and Rinki’s marriage. She says Nikhil is her husband and everyone gets shocked. Raman joins late and witnesses this. He breaks Nikhil’s garland and then beats him. He gets angry being cheated by Nikhil. Shagun starts blaming Ishita and questions her on how she gave the nod for Rinki and Nikhil without knowing anything well about the guy. Mrs. Bhalla is glad that Shagun has saved them from a disaster and is thankful to her. Rinki breaks down in the mandap as she had all hopes from Nikhil. Mihir goes ahead to marry Rinki for her respect, and also to bring out Raman and Ishita off this deceive from Nikhil.

Diya Aur Baati Hum:

Sandhya’s efforts to teach Emily and Meenakshi a lesson has been successful, and they have realizes their mistakes. The family gets a happy union and great Holi Celebrations. Sandhya’s over the cart love confession along with her good news become a highlight in the party. The Rathi Family is happy as Sandhya has given good news to them about her pregnancy. While she gets drunk in the Holi function, she speaks out about her pregnancy. Sooraj is very glad by this news and there will be happiness soon in the house by Meenakshi and Sandhya’s babies.

28th February Promo:
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Service Wali Bahu:

Dev sees Payal everywhere whatever he does and wherever he goes. He dreams about Payal every time and is completely in love with her. They have some sweet moments and tender romance in the dream sequence, which will be a fresh delight for their fans.


Gunjan has shown some motherly changes in her, as she decides to keep the baby and care for Ranvi’s happiness. She always had dreams to become a heroine and she was going to abort the baby for it. While she gets ready to go for abortion and is taken in the ward for it, but her feelings for her baby get strong and she decides to save the baby. She feels burdened thinking about Ranvi and how wrong is she doing to kill her baby. She thinks about Ranvi’s dreams of a baby and leaves from the hospital. Ranvi comes to know the entire story and is proud of Gunjan to choose motherhood over her career.

Kaisi Yeh Yaariaan:

Manik couldn’t resist in showing care for Nandini after hurting her. She gets glad to see Manik’s care and wants to bring smile back on his face. With fusion concert at SPACE, Manik and Nandini are made to become partners with Nyonika’s plan and he agreed to it. Nyonika wants to see Manik and Nandini apart and shares that both have hatred for her. She is oblivious to Manik’s inherent concern for Nandini which is still alive. Nandini prepares to give her best shot at the concert and assures the principal. Meanwhile, Aaliya is going to fix her relationship woes with Dhruv by putting an end to his doubts. Will Manik concerns for Nandini going to grow during fusion concert with his revenge/hate feelings taking back seat?

Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat:

Bindusara is sending Ashoka to the royal school for studies and Sushim is putting efforts to stop it. Next, Acharya plans an attack on Dharma by sending some goons. His intentions is to make sure Ashoka uses his weapons and come out of the promise in not using violence and follow his duty. Moreover, he wants to see Ashoka protecting his own and how valiantly he could fight. Dharma faces danger with those armed men (goons) chasing her to attack. She runs calling Ashoka and wishes that he knows about her condition. Ashoka was praying and in meditation mode and was unaware of his mom’s situation. But soon he gets to know that she is in precarious state and gets a new challenge to defend and fight for his mom.

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Shastri Sisters:

Minty’s plan to get Rajat and Anu’s honeymoon cancelled and her evil plays failed. Though Minty used Veer’s name to create a rift between Rajat and Anu, their love did not deter and Rajat tells Minty that they will come after finishing their honeymoon. Minty seeks Astha’s help and they both use Veer’s fake presence in Mussoorie to create a valley between the lovers. Minty hires someone to act as Veer, who sends chits to Anu, while Anu follows the chits thinking its Rajat who is calling her somewhere. Anu hugs that person and gets shocked when she sees Rajat standing far. Will Minty really make Veer her pawn to break Rajat and Anu’s marriage? Well. Minty’s second attempt to create misunderstanding also fails, and the clever lady plans to harm Anu to send her off from Rajat’s life. Such a cheapo Minty indeed…


Manohar’s grave mistake to shoot Chakor and Baa getting shot by mistake, becomes a guilty burden on his soul. Baa gets critical and Chakor along all villagers pray for her. This is the first time that Kamal Narayan/Bhaiya ji showed some feelings for his mother/Baa. He gets super shocked knowing Manohar has shot her and shares it with Tejaswini, who laughs hearing the news. She tells him that this is the golden opportunity to knock out Manohar and Baa together. He raises his hand to slap her and she still stays adamant making him accept this. Baa’s sacrifice for Chakor’s Satyagrahs will get education for the village or not. The doctor tells Bhaiya ji that Baa is critical and her chances to survive are less. Chakor prays for Baa and hopes she gets fine. Manohar gets a change of heart seeing his mother fighting with death and also fears to lose Vivaan’s trust and love.

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Chand’s death at Hillary Step mountain pass led to heart-wrenching moments with Abhiyankar, Aaaksh and Anjali feel a big loss and emptiness. Nevertheless, Aakash and Anjali are striving to summit Everest to fulfill the dreams of the ones who couldn’t succeed and take Chand’s life as inspiration in their quest. Ramesh had blackmailed Aakash earlier on bringing Sarpech otherwise canceling the summit and breaking Anjali’s dreams and was exploiting Aakash’s love for her. But with Chand’s loss, Mission Everest is for a bigger purpose with emotions and memories at interplay and the sarpech efforts tacking the back seat. There will be more emotional scenes in the final episodes as Aakash and Anjali inching closer to reach the peak of Everest. The Final Episode telecast is on 1st March 2015 (Sunday) with a duration of 90 minutes starting from 9 PM IST. Stay tuned for it.

Nisha Aur Uske Cousins:

Well, the story shifted more to Nisha and her love tracks, with Viraj and Kabir. Gayatri gets to know about Viraj having a younger brother too, after seeing a sonography report. She decides to find out about him, being unaware of Kabir. The viewers will be getting back the love dose in the form of Nisha and Viraj’s rocking chemistry once again, post her sindoor’s ritual marriage with Kabir. Viraj is all set to make his re-entry in her life, and this time with some feelings for Nisha in his heart, which will raise from ‘some’ to ‘much’ seeing her with Kabir. The fans can rejoice to watch the lovely pair together and get some romance-marriage-love drama twists.


Shivanand and Grierson have a major confrontation scene, after Shivanand doubts Katherine by Rao’s sharing some dense info about her. Grierson tries to capture Shivanand once again and fails. Shivanand prepares to find the last Garuda knowing about the Naagvansh being a threat to all the Garudas. Katherine is going against her real aim to support Garudas and protect Amrit, being trained by Grierson since a decade. Will Katherine be able to find her right motive and get along Garudas? Shivanand is trying to find the root of Amrit at the linkup point of three rivers, Ganga, Yamuna and Saraswati with the help of Professor Rao and DM Tiwari. Maya refuses to identify Rudra in the ashram when he meets her to accommodate an old lady, abandoned by her sons. Meanwhile, Punnu marks a return in the show in search of Rudra. What role Punnu plays in Mahakumbh? Stay tuned to Mahakumbh’s upcoming episodes to unravel the secrets,and some action fights between Garudas and Naagvanshs.



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