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Naitik and Akshara are sharing the responsibilities of Naira and also Naksh feels to get more trust from his parents and is happy. The Holi track comes next. During the celebrations, Akshara gets teased by some boys who want to create some nuisance. They threw water balloons which hits her. She comes to know of the boys and have seen them earlier too. She decides  retaliate and drenches those guys with water pipe. Later, it turns out that Akshara and Naitik both get infection. She got a chemical reaction after being allergic with the Holi baloons which hit her. Moreover, her cheeks get reddish color and the doctor advises her to stay away from kids and even not touch them. This makes her worried as staying away from Naira and Naksh makes her teary eyed. Therefore, due to her health problem, the responsibility falls on Naitik’s shoulders in managing both the kids and he strives to succeed in it.

After the 10 year leap, Gopi comes to Modi’s home and soon learns that Kokila is staying in Urmila’s home and also taking care of Rashi. She faces the truth of Paridhi kicking Kokila from Modi home after her arrest and even declined to accept Rashi. Rashi regards Gopi as her mom and Paridhi-Jigar as Aunt, Uncle. Kokila is working as maid at Urmila’s home and Gopi learns on Urmila suffering from memory loss. While, Gopi and Kokila couldn’t control their emotions and get teary eyed but with Kokila’s revelation that Ahem hates her is going to bring more pain to Gopi. Amidst all, Jigar just becomes a mere spectator as Paridhi is calling all the shots.

Ishani and RV’s special valentine moments were interrupted with his Mausa ji’s (uncle) and some relatives entry at home. However, RV didn’t deter and was trying to get a valentine kiss from her. Later, he plays trick with Ishani and she goes ahead to support him with artificial respiration for breathing. What follows after is a RV embracing Ishani with love. RV and Ishani get another opportunity to have more romantic moments while celebrating Valentine special another time and depicts Ishq Wala Love. This makes up to the earlier disappointment as RV’s plans were spoiled. However, there is some reason for them to come there and celebrate. RV accepts Ishani’s challenge of getting the go ahead from Baa and thus was able to bring her there. In the next track, RV shares his thoughts that they should open-up to all about not having hatred and instead have love. Around this time, Chirag comes into the picture and threatens Ishani via phone call for hurting RV very badly during Sharman-Ritika’s sangeet night. Will Ishani be able to counter the trouble-maker Chirag ?

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Satrangi Sasural: 
Aarushi goes missing on the wedding day. Vihaan and his moms get worried since the Mahurat time is passing away. He came to Aarushi’s home with his Baraat and was having much joy and happines but they got short-lived. The police comes there as well as Aarushi is missing. This is a testing time for both Aarushi and Vihaan’s love and can be thought of as a Test. Will Aarushi manage to reach the Mandap on time and complete the wedding rituals in realizing her marriage ?

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Jamai Raja:
Roshni haven’t divorced Sid but agreed to marry Yash as DD wants it. Sid’s mom Simran teams up with Rajveer and gets her son’s signature on the divorce papers by some ploy and informs Roshni about it and parting decision. DD at her end arranges Roshni’s marriage though it turns out be inauspicious date. The pre-wedding rituals start and during the mehendi ceremony, Roshni gets engrossed in dreaming about Sid and moreover writes down his name with mehendi on her hand. Sid is not giving up and comes there in disguise to evade Rajveer’s eye who is busy with Kritika. Yash feels happy to be on the side with Roshni and he is not aware whether Roshni is divorced or not. Sid has support from Roshni’s Nani who even tried to not have her engagement and also doesn’t wish to see the marriage. Will Sid manage to create some hurdles in Roshni’s marriage while having Nani’s backing ?

Sasural Simar Ka: 
The fake Roli’s aka Nagin revelation and why she is after Simar, Sid and her family is revealed. The Nagin spoke on how her husband (a snake) died after sucking back the venom from Sid. Thus, she sees her husband in Sid and wants him and also the trunk having the corpse of her husband (snake). The fake Roli played with Shruti’s memory but now Simar got all details. Shruti also got back her memory and knows she is Roli. Sid comes to know of Nagin’s truth and informs her on choosing his wife – real Roli and even threatens to take his life. This leads to a triangular tussle with Simar-Roli- Fake Roli. Fake Roli and Roli compete for Sid and they come up with a challenge of 15 days in getting him without any bloodshed or violence. The  one losing the bet has to leave permanently from Bhardwaj’s family. The fake Roli is going to entice Siddhant romantically with some dance. However, Shruti aka Roli will generate the sound (Been) to distract the fake Roli – Nagin. With such efforts, Roli would try to put some roadblocks for fake Roli’s attempts to win Siddhant. Who is giving to win this tussle centered on 15 day challenge – Nagin or Roli ?

Nisha Aur Uske Cousins: 
Many revelations came to the fore – Kabir as Viraj’s younger brother; Kiara’s truth of being seperated from her husband, and financially broke and how she got trapped and plotted by Viraj’s aunt Gayatri; and most importantly Nisha’s marriage with Kabir under compulsion with only sindhoor ritual got completed. Nisha and Kabir rescue Chandu from Shanti [Bhabhi] but she takes the sindhoor applied by kabir much seriously since lot of values and meaning attached to it. However, Kabir is not taking it seriously but Nisha’s life took a U-turn and thinks it as a step towards relationship. Kiara’s re-entry in Viraj’s life has offset his solitude for time being and he regards her as a friend. Gayatri’s ploy in exploiting Kiara’s financial woes is two fold – wants to get her married to Viraj so as to get 30% of Viraj dada ji’s Will, and also keeps eye on Viraj’s 20 % stake. Thus, Gayatri’s planning is to takeover the 50% stake, and also got info on Viraj having younger sibling. Chandu gets fine but Nisha feels on paying some price. What would be Kabir’s reaction when Nisha opens-up with him about Sindoor’s importance and its core link to their accidental marriage that changed her life ?
* Kiara is portrayed by actress Nisha Nagpal.

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