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Nishi’s marriage with Jignesh is underway and her parents – Neil and Ragini comes forward to do the Kanyadaan [Gift of a maiden] ceremony of their daughter. Nisha gets married after completing marriage rituals and Saat Pheras and cries profusely during her Bidaai function. Nishi’s bridal attire was a mix of Saree and Lehenga with Gujarati touch. The mystery about Suhani was there in the show since some time, and now there comes some twist in Nishi’s marriage with Suhani’s revelation and it could cause some hurdles in Nishi’s marriage. Moreover, there is a big secret to get unraveled with focus on Neil-Ragini and Nivedita.

Nisha Aur Uske Cousins:
Nisha and her cousins celebrate Holi with dance and colors. Kabir also joins them and enjoys much as it is his first Holi in India and he got an entry there afer some efforts. Viraj also comes there with Kiara and Nisha’s thoughts on him seeing there comes true. Kabir tries to push Nisha in dancing with him but she hesitates since Viraj is also present there. It so happens that Nisha falls in Viraj’s hand and both share intense eyelocks. Kabir finds them in such romantic setup and controls his feelings. Along with dance, there is fight there with Viraj hitting Kabir after finding him falling over Kiara. Kabir fell over Kiara due to an accident but Viraj is oblivious about it. Kabir also hits back at Viraj and both gets engaged in some fight with jealousy playing its part, and Nisha stopping it with her intervention. Nevertheless, for Nisha with Viraj-Kabir’s fight, the fervor and festivities of Holi got spoiled. With the story moving ahead with Viraj-Nisha-Kabir, it is interesting to see how love and other relationships play out.

RV was getting threats from Chirag but he was downplaying it. Finally, Chirag comes to attack RV near a forest area. Chirag first overpowers RV and thrashes him badly. RV counters back and both fight vigorously and Chirag resorts to using Mirchi powder and throws in his eyes. Chirag falls in the trench after getting pushed over by Ritika accidentally when she was holding on to some keys which he wanted. Meanwhile, RV was lying down unconciously and soon learns of Chirag’s possible death at the hands of Ritika. He takes the blame of murder of Chirag on himself in order to protect his friend Ritika. Ishani also comes to know of RV and Chirag’s fight and what happened after. The show is going to take a leap with both RV and Ishani going to get seperated once again.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:
Raman informs the family about winning Adi’s custody from Shagun and does not disclose the money matters to them, as he has hidden his job in Ashok’s company too. With too many things hiding from Bhalla family, they are in celebrations mode and rejoice to get Adi back. While Adi does not know what Shagun has taken in return from him, this time Adi does not enter Bhalla house to hurt Ishita and genuinely likes all of them. Both families celebrate Holika Dahen and do the puja. Raman wants to apply some color to Ishita and  she goes away for some work. He gets a shocking phone call and Ishita tries to know about it. Raman hides everything from her.

Naksh got saved from the fire incident at the market but he gets much shattered with his parents. He believes that Naitik and Akshara like Naira more and even during the fire they saved her but forgot and sidelined him. Akshara cries and gets teary eyed  to find herself in helpless state as Naksh is angry with her and also with Naitik. Soon, he realizes his mom’s care and concern for him and showers his love for her by forgetting about the incident and more preferences to Naira. Next, Naksh enjoys family bonding and share some good moments of togetherness with his parents. Next in the track is Akshara and Naitik preparing to go with family to a village for Muskaan’s marriage since her in-laws wanted the same. Naitik and Akshara’s romance goes on as they play hide and seek and it is one of the highlights in the show.

Kumkum Bhagya:
The Kidnapping drama continues with Abhi and Pragya tricking Neil from the forest and reaches a Dhaba (road side restaurant). They play Holi at the Dhaba and apply colors on each other’s faces after getting drunk and high with Bhaang. Neil also comes there but they tricks him again and manages to escape from there. During their time, they unintentionally celebrate Holi and even tease each other.

Qubool Hai:
Sanam gets kidnapped on her way when she was searching for Seher and is taken for human trafficking and going to sold off to a Sheikh. Aahil is on the lookout of Sanam and Seher and knows that Sanam is not angry with him and hopes to clarify things about him. Seher who escaped from the goons got hit by a truck and her chances of survival are less.  The new bride Sanam feels glad to have her evil plans working and even got the money from the Sheikh. She comes with a fake pregnancy report and tries to trick Aahil but didn’t succeed. Next, as Sanam is sold off, she is seen being married to a Pakistani soldier. However, the case is such that she is unaware of her identity and how she has reached there. This intriguing plot has some mystery to unravel. Will Aahil get the slightest chance on knowing about Sanam’s whereabouts and how is he going to tackle new bride Sanam ?

Tu Mera Hero: 
Rekha got another partner in crime Manorama – Rachna’s mom-in law. Rekha and Manorama create a scenario to expose Titu’s laziness truth in front of Panchi who is their common enemy. Panchi tells Titu to take care of the prasad for the puja and attends the puja. Titu in his lazy mode is lying down on a bench while the plate of prasad is near him. He goes to sleep while his buddy Golu is sent away by Rekha. Manorama enacts her plan and directs dogs near the plate. The plate falls down as dogs encounter it and Titu comes to know of it. He finds dogs eating the prasad and gets tensed. Panchi and all come there to find prasad being eaten by dogs and the plate on ground. Titu always manage to escape from peculiar situations which highlights his laziness by some smartness. He would be having his own take on dogs eating the prasad as his innocence & understanding of things is unique and offbeat. Panchi looks at him in angry mode. Will Titu come up again with something valuable that offsets his laziness truth and evades Panchi’s ire ?

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Suhani Si Ek Ladki: 
Dadi suggests Soumya to ruin the Holika Dahen ceremony by making the woods wet. Soumya obeys her and Suhani again manages to keep the ceremony on by seeking family’s help. Soumya’s plans fail one by one, but she stays mistaken that Yuvraaj loves her, and takes his gestures wrong. Suhani notices Soumya stooping for Yuvraaj, and Sharad asks her to wait till he exposes Soumya infront of Yuvraaj and Birla Family. Dadi does not know that Sharad and Pratima are working in Suhani’s favor and thinks she is the most wisest person of the family. Suhani and Sharad catch Soumya on the terrace, where she gets mistaken about Yuvraaj and speaks out everything.

Maya becomes more calm with Rudra’s Dadi assurance and also revelation that she is the one who can unite Brahmanishta and Shreeshant kund. Maya stays in Ashram but oblivious of Rudra’s mom – Ganga identity there though both know each other. Ganga is searching for her son whom she lost 24 years ago. Rudra meets Maya in the market and confesses his love – I love you with much innocence and purity which strikes a chord in her heart. While, Love is blossoming between Rudra and Maya but his wish that she doesn’t leave him has to face some challenges since Maya is his weakness. Thus, Swami and Nanu wants to exploit and harm her for making Rudra weak. Shivanand & Rao learn about Katherine as a Garuda and he injects some medicine in her and thinks she will not astray from the path of Garuda. Meanwhile, Swami is planning to attack Rudra’s another weakness – his mom Ganga whom he isn’t aware of. Rudra and Maya’s endearing love for each other is going to face many dangers. Will Rudra be able to sustain their love while shouldering his duty in protecting the Amrit in 144th Mahakumbh ? What about Maya and her special role in Mahakumbh ?

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Kaisi Yeh Yaariaan:
Holi celebrations are round the corner and it brings some drama and test for Manik and Nandini’s relationship where there was some hope of revival. Manik is reluctant to show his feelings while showers concerns for her and on other hand she is optimistic about him and their relationship. With Holi, there is bound to have some friction between them. Manik pulls Nandini in swimming pool and applies Holi to her and himself and wishes her Happy Holi in suave tone. They share an intimate moment with the festival of colors & love bringing them close and Nandini feels much awe and at the same time carries nervousness. There is also fusion concert next after Holi and whatever happens during Holi will cast its effect in the concert. Aaliya puts much effort to remove the doubts from Dhruv’s mind and he needs to open his eyes, keep a healthy perspective and have believe. Only then their relationship can move ahead and sustain itself.

Sasural Simar Ka:
The 15 days challenge is bringing many things to the forefront. Sid learns that Amar is alive and also of the truth of Jhumki – lookalike of Roli. Jatin and Sushma’s truth on bringing Jhumki as Roli to secure their stay in Bhardwaj’s family and role in killing of Daksha and Leela. Amar & Prem couldn’t get much support from Chacha ji – knowledgeable person in soul and Nagin’s controls. Jhumki aka Roli is not going to go back and continues with the challenge with Simar’s support. Amar is going to inform Sid about the fake Roli’s role in his accident but she drifts him closer to her. She entices Siddhant on a romantic dance after spiking his milk drink. She tries to come close to Sid on Raat Akeli Hain song. Will Roli & Simar manage to create hurdles for the fake Roli and expose all her past crimes ?

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Service Wali Bahu:
Dev’s father Jogeshwar Babu tries to impress Payal’s uncle by making him heard that he will not take a single penny in dowry. Payal’s uncle hears him and gets interested. Will Jogeshwar succeed in getting a service walu bahu ?


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