TR’s Top Spoilers For This Week


TR's Top Spoilers For this Week

Jamai Raja:


Simran’s heart melts towards Roshni and she is glad that Roshni won the Punabi Cooking contest. Roshni gives the winning credit to Simran for teaching her good tips and tells everyone that her mum in law has taught her everything. Simran feels she has kept her respect and gets soft corner for Roshni. She claps for Roshni winning the contest.


Anjali gets glad that Astha has done the Gudi Padwa puja at their home on her behalf. Also, Ankush and Mala’s marriage gets fixed and the show will have the next track on them, apart from Poornima’s love track. The trendy lass Poornima has fallen for the honest and hardworking Ballu and makes efforts to be around him. While Astha senses Poornima is upto something, Shlok does not believe that Poornima can like him. With Indrajeet and Poornima getting after Astha and Shlok, the one who supports them next in the house will be Kavita in the upcoming episodes, knowing about their love and being impressed by their devotion in Lord.


Nisha finally gets married to Kabir infront of the family by all the rituals. He makes her wear the light weight mangalsutra as per her choice. He shows his concern for her. After much difficulties, they have got married. Kabir decides that he will go away from Nisha after completing three months. Nisha will be going to her inlaws home now and she will be getting stunned seeing Viraj infront of her again.


Veera and Baldev have a conflict over the disputed Panchayat land which was allotted to Baldev for agriculture, but it did not yielded anything and remained useless for two years. Baldev now plans to make a shopping mall on it, whereas Veera wants to support the village and asks him to give the land back to Panchayat for making a higher secondary school for the village kids. While she explains him the benefits of providing education, he agrees to return the land, but later Manjeet fills his ears and tells him about big businesses bringing much benefit to school. She asks him to make the mall as it will raise the name of Pritampura. Baldev falls in her words and thinks business will be more fruitful than education, and decides to make the mall over the place. Veera gets against it and supports Ratan and Panchayat. Manjeet gets glad to use this matter and create rift between them.

Shastri Sisters:

Rajat gets ashamed seeing Priya and feels sorry to doubt Anu. Veer understands his state of mind, and explains him about Anu not meeting him in recent days and he was with Priya all the while, when Rajat assumed her to be Anu. Veer explains Rajat the need of trust in marriage and also to keep his love strong. Rajat feels bad and apologizes to Veer and Anu. Veer tells Rajat about moving out to some other city and wishes him all the best for his future. Rajat is glad that all his doubts have been cleared and tells Minty about it. Minty gets tensed as her plan fails.


Rudra clubs with the Garudas, after his dad Shivanand gets captive by the Naags. Katherine gets against Swami Balivesh and Grierson after they have harmed Maya with the help of Naagvansh. Katherine gets moved after seeing Maya’s state and joins the Garudas to support Rudra. Maai Mui becomes a driving force in Rudra’s life, as she appears to him to guide him through the purpose of his life. Rudra accepts his fate and his fight with evil starts with Rudra being the most powerful Garuda of all and he assures of protecting Amrit from wrong hands and also win the battle with Naagvansh.

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Sasural Simar Ka:

Roli informs her family and Pandit ji on facing any threat to bring back Siddhant to their home. Simar, Prem, Amar are anxious and Pandit ji speaks of a Trishul being hidden in a deserted place close to old Delhi. Once she gets it then she can counter any problem. Roli goes to that place with Amar and finds it. She gets glad to have it with teary eyes but soon some men (naga sadhus) come there to confront her. She gets worried to see them. Will Roli be able to save her husband Siddhant from Nagin?

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Acharya Chanakya has recognized Dharma and she is alive, and Nirjara was the one who has lost her life. Ashoka started believing that his mom is not alive and prepares to go back to Pataliputra and listens to Samrat Bindusara’s words. Meanwhile, Dharma meets Chanakya and informs him on her want to meet son Ashoka. But Acharya doesn’t agree with her and reminds that by saying so she is inviting troubles for Ashoka. She then informs Acharya on not hiding the truth of Ashoka’s dad identity from him. Thus, she wants to reveal to Ashoka of Samrat Bindusara as his father. She defies the suggestion of Acharya, and emotions to see her son drove her to reach the hut where Bindusara & Ashoka are staying. She glances inside the hut and both Ashoka and Bindusara come to know of her presence. Ashoka gets glee on his face to see his mom and utters the word Maa, while Bindusara is in shock on how Dharma is alive.

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Ahem has come back to Gopi for Kokila’s sake. Gopi’s trust has been proved that Ahem has come back home after a long time of 10 years. He brings his daughters too. Kokila requests Ahem to come along, and he agrees as she suffered from a heart attack. Mansi sticks to Ahem even now. Jigar says Ahem loves everyone, but his annoyance has become strong over all these years and Kokila is hurt as Ahem is still rude to her and Gopi. Kokila asks Gopi to come along, and Ahem takes Kokila with him, saying he will not go to Modi house, but to Urmi house where Kokila stays. Jigar takes Gopi home and they get sad. Kokila regards Gopi as her daughter and she is sure Mansi will leave from Ahem’s life one day, and she will unite her son and bahu again.

Qubool Hai:

Sanam/Jannat gets ready and struggles to fix the back buttons and string. Shaad fixes her back buttons. The romance sets out for them. Shaad tries to maintain distance from her, but the situation always gets him close to her. While Jannat assumes him to be her husband and finds the moment very romantic. She gets glad and smiles. She has forgotten her past and Shaad is still unknown to her past. He gets away from her, and Jannat stops him. When such moments come, Jannat gets confused seeing him get away, not knowing the right reason. Sanam will soon face Aahil when her memory comes back. The new Aahil/Rahul Sharma will be entering the show, replacing Karanvir Bohra. Tanveer’s daughter Misbah hates Shaad and wants to recover a key from him. The show will be getting new twists.


Suhani is recovering at the hospital and her truth of being Neil’s daughter is not known to Ragini. Suhani wants to meet her mom, and knows she is the reason of parents’ divorce. This info might be leaked by Nivedita who wants Neil to start blaming Ragini again, and to make him forget about Ragini’s efforts in saving Suhani’s life without even knowing her relationship. On other front, Dimpy, Karan and Nivedita want to stop Suhani in meeting her mum Ragini. As Ragini was approaching to meet Suhani, Dimpy, Karan hide Suhani in a cupboard at the hospital while also put efforts in evading her from Aman. They panic in doing so but nevertheless Aman finds them making noise. Dimpy sits on Suhani’s wheel chair to keep their plan under wraps. Neil earlier has a change of heart and respects Ragini’s humanitarian stance in helping Suhani while also admitting that humans feel helpless at one point or other. Will Suhani manage to meet her step-mom Ragini ?

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