High Five Spoilers


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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:

Ruhi visits Bhalla house for the last time and brings her anger out on everyone for choosing Adi over her. Ruhi asks Shagun to take her away as she don’t want to stay with Ishita. Ishita is in pain and gets more unwell by Ruhi’s anger. She fears that Ruhi is going away from her. Raman vows to unite Ishita and Ruhi by some means, not giving up to Shagun so easily. Ishita goes to meet Ruhi at her school and gets sad seeing how Ruhi is avoiding her. Ruhi acts good towards Shagun and disappoints Ishita. Ishita and Ruhi again come face to face when the family goes for dinner and Shagun brings Ruhi there to add some spice.


Ishani has been saved by Shikhar, on Ranvir’s request. Ranvir has taken Shikhar’s help and made him bail out Ishani. Shikhar acts a good friend to Ishani and helps her start a new life and she is unknown that its Ranvir’s love which is making her breath in fresh air again. While Ranvir blames their love that Ishani took this step to save him, he sticks to his words that he will always safeguard Ishani from all problems.

Nisha Aur Uske Cousins:

Viraj creates a scene in Nisha’s marriage. He holds Kabir’s collar and Kabir moves his hand away. Nisha’s dad asks Viraj to leave from there and he pushes him down. The anger getting on in Viraj’s head makes him misbehave with Nisha’s dad shocking her. Kabir supports Nisha’s dad and holds him, showing the exit to Viraj. Viraj does not know whats happening to him, as he was running away from Nisha first and now he is unable to let her marry someone else. The truth of Viraj and Kabir being brothers will be the next twist to shake up Nisha’s life.

Mere Rang Mein Rangne Wali:

LD and Radha’s Sangeet function starts in grand way and the couple make everyone dance along, and even Dada ji dances with them. LD makes an entry on a horse model and looks unique. He dances with Radha, not caring for his family watching them. Radha is enjoying her marriage functions and gets involved by her heart. Everyone is happy for LD and Radha. Radha misses Suhasini as she has gone for some important work. LD and Murli’s fight has ended. Murli becomes a part of the function and hugs LD. Radha is happy seeing Dada ji attend the function and family uniting. LD and Radha romance after the function and they re-confess their love.

Suhani Si Ek Ladki:

Suhani is shattered after she comes to know about Pankaj blackmailing Yuvraaj. She hears Pankaj and Yuvraaj’s conversation and can’t believe it. She feels her marriage did not had anything concrete on which it could succeed. She feels there was no love, no respect and no trust too. Will Yuvraaj finally realize about his already grown feelings for Suhani? Yuvraaj decides to let things be as going now, and before bringing Suhani back, he conspires to kick out the root of all problems… Soumya. Sharad and Yuvraaj take a step to Krishna again to know the reason of his marriage breaking and fix Soumya back to him again.



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