Zindagi Wins 6th Episode 28th March 2015, Aaliya’s concerns – Saving Job & Ishaan’s new phase, on Bindass TV – Promo


Zindagi Wins new show on Bindass TV

Aaliya is adapting herself with the needs of the hospital and learnt on how to promise to herself in saving the life of patients instead of giving them or their relatives promise. Malvika has made Aaliya realized that facet of medical profession and is glad with her. Malvika hasn’t realized and introspect much on why she told Ishaan to move on and feels uncomfortable to see him with Aaliya. Aaliya before getting praise from Malvika had made a mistake of sending a patient to MRI scan without checking medical history, and Malvika spoke of terminating her from job. But with change in developments, Aaliya’s job is secure, and there are reasons to support it. Malvika has another aspect than her strict outlook which is helping the needy quietly. Aaliya comes to know of Malvika paying the bill of the accident patient, and gets much awe of her.

Later, Malvika assigns a task to Aaliya on taking care of a patient. She then speaks with Ishaan bit rudely and doesn’t entertain him much. Aaliya puts her thinking hat and asks Ishaan about his relationship with Malvika and thinks it is going no where. Later, she goes out with Ishaan and both get drunk. She wants Ishaan to forget about Malvika and move on as such thing would be best for him. She gets Malvika’s photo after snatching one from him, and burns it with the lighter. She reminds on helping him so that he can move on from Malvika, and takes him to a bar to celebrate his official breakup. They take shots there and get drunk another time. After a while, they come to her home after getting high and goes to sleep without knowing about it.


Ishaan wakes up in half-sleep state and soon realizes he is in Aaliya’s home and finds her sleeping in the same room. He gets worried on the thought on having slept with her in drunken state without him knowing about it. Whether Aaliya & Ishaan unintentionally spent that night together, or there is more to the story ? The larger question is, What will be Ishaan’s decision & thoughts about moving on from Malvika ? Stay tuned to Zindagi Wins this Saturday @ 7 PM on Bindass TV.

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