Anandi inches closer to recognize Nandini after first meetup post leap

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Jagya Balika Vadhu

Anandi reaches the Jalra village after getting a tip off from police that Nandini might be in that village. She glances at Nimboli from her car window though unware of her identity as she reached the village. Nimboli is doing much work after following her mom-in law Harki’s instructions while also keeping a fast. Nimboli is tempted to eat something since Geeta already ate something before her fast, and also feels hungry a lot. When there is an opportunity, she decides to eat fruits while trying to evade Harki’s eyesight but couldn’t succeed. Nimboli gets caught eating fruit and Harki starts torturing her yet again. Nimboli is forcibly taken away and Harki ties her to a tree and terms it as punishment for breaking the fast.

Harki soon leaves from there. Time passes by and the night comes and at this juncture Nimboli and Anandi come face to face. Anandi tries to help Nimboli but she runs from there as soon her ropes are opened. She utters Maa as she was scared and both have glances at each other. Both are unaware of their relationship with Anandi earlier trying to find out about Nandini by going into orphanage. Nevertheless, Anandi and Nimobli (Nandini) have their first meetup post leap with either destiny playing its role or the motherhood factor helping them. Will Anandi realize that Nimboli is her daughter Nandini who was abducted by Akhira Singh for revenge ? What are the new set of challenges Anandi going to face there ?

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