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Anjali has been giving mini bolts to Ahilya/Thakur Maa by doing the Holika Dahen and Gudi Padwa at her home. Ahilya gets raged and decides to kill her. Anjali has been talking relieved of her duties seeing how well Sojal is managing and tells Niranjan that she is so happy that even if death comes, she won’t be worried. Niranjan asks her not to say so, and tells her importance in his life, which he has realized now. Niranjan has accepted her with respect and love and very soon the lady will be really going off, leaving Niranjan shattered.

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Mukti is facing troubles from Rocky and his elder brother Sooraj who demeans her in front of media and also points finger at her character. They do not stop there and even does moral policing by forcing her to wear a saree from shawl. Mukti breaks down after facing harassment and Manik & Fab 5 come to support her. Manik prepares to teach Rocky & Sooraj a lesson for their misdeeds, and later Nandini comes to know of it and suggests fightback is needed at the mentality/thinking. Mukti battles it out with able support from Fab 5 for her self-respect while coming up with courage and not feeling weak. Mukti wants to present that no one can judge a girl with her clothes, and its her right to choose about herself. Sunny Leone, Indo-Canadian and American actress is coming on the show this Friday to support Mukti’s ‘ItsNotUsItsYou’ movement.

On another front, Manik motivates Nandini on not losing hope regarding their relationship. Additionally, he has some plans in his kitty which he discussed with Cabir for the fusion concert to go smoothly, giving a hint at his performance alongwith Nandini.

Mukti in Yaariaan

Shastri Sisters:

Neil denies his relationship with Devyaani and points to her ill character. Devyaani gets shattered seeing Neil change and does not know the reason. Minty confronts Neil and he tells her that he did this to take revenge from Shastri Sisters for her tears. Minty feels proud of him and promises to support him. Devyaani breaks out Neil’s name infront of her family, shocking Rajat and Anu. Shastri ji believes her and calls Sareen family. Minty defends Neil and calls Devyaani of bad character. Shastri ji tells his trust on Devyaani and says if she has named Neil, then it has to be him. Sareen also believes Devyaani, but Neil denies the matter. Anu and Alka support Devyaani and Anu tells Neil that she will get the proof against him. Neil destroys the CD and Devyaani worries. The locality boys passes bad comments on Devyaani and she breaks down. Minty calls Astha and tells her how the girls got after Neil to expose him. Astha asks Minty to chill as she has the original video. Anu and Alka plan to take the video from Astha. Will Neil realize his mistake or did he do this drama of denial to expose Astha?

Balika Vadhu:

Nimboli and Anandi come face to face. Anandi tries to help Nimboli but she runs from there as soon her ropes are opened. She utters Maa as she was scared and both have glances at each other. Both are unaware of their relationship with Anandi earlier trying to find out about Nandini by going into orphanage. Nevertheless, Anandi and Nimobli (Nandini) have their first meetup post leap. Will Anandi realize that Nimboli is her daughter Nandini who was abducted by Akhira Singh for revenge?

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Radha has been cheated by Dada ji as he takes her sign on the blank papers. The big twist comes as Dada ji does not break Radha and LD’s marriage by using the paper, but he makes the FIR complaint by Radha against him using her sign. He calls the police asking to arrest him, and show everyone that Radha has complaint against him of domestic violence. He also names all the property to Radha and says he will tell LD that Radha took all the property and blames him of torture. Dada ji is sure that LD will believe him as he loves him a lot and will kick out Radha from his life. Radha’s sister Rupa records everything and Dada ji is unaware of it. Dada ji’s bad plans are soon going to be exposed infront of the family.


Ishita keeps calling Ruhi and Ruhi does not talk to her being annoyed. Ishita breaks down feeling Ruhi does not need her anymore, the one whom she regarded her life. She is unable to bear Ruhi’s annoyance, though she knows Ruhi loves her. She feels Ruhi is accepting Shagun in her place and shares her pain with Raman. Simmi sees Ishita crying a lot and tells her mum. Mrs. Bhalla is worried for Ishita’s unwell state and sees she is taking more stress because of Ruhi. She makes her have a drink. She asks her to try her idea to relieve stress and she shows her cool attitude to giving a drink to her bahu. Ishita says she won’t drink and Mrs. Bhalla closes her nose and makes her drink saying this medicine will work the best for her. She does not tell Ishita about the wine and is sure that this will relieve Ishita. What will be Raman’s reaction seeing Ishita drunk? Shagun loses her car and is worried as she starts having financial problem. The bank people take away her car asking her to pay all her bills.

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KumKum Bhagya:

The kidnapping drama and long running scene have finally ended. Abhi and Pragya have finally come home. Pragya is glad to meet Sarla and Bulbul and hugs them. She touches Dadi’s feet and takes her blessings. Dadi hugs Pragya and does her Grah Pravesh again. Abhi is also glad to meet everyone and everyone get emotional seeing them after a long time and safely back home. Abhi and Pragya share with everyone how they managed in the jungle. He shows his love for Pragya which he realized in the long kidnapping drama. The family plans to give them a welcome back party. Pragya shares with Sarla about the changes that came in Abhi. Sarla gets happy and sees a positive change in Pragya’s life.

Service Wali Bahu:

The Sangeet function of Dev and Payal gets hit by the special performances by Rashami Desai and Sanjeeda Sheikh. Dev’s dad calls the girls to show the neighbors that he will do grand functions for his son as he is marrying an independent and well earning girl. Dev’s dad dances with the girls on the Bhojpuri songs. While his dad is glad to have a Service Wali Bahu, Dev has no such plans about taking Payal’s earnings. Will Payal to get her father in law’s plans?

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Satrangi Sasural:

Aarushi comes home after getting a call from Priyanka Maa as there is Devi Maa Prayers and leaves her office without informing the boss. She gets upset at home and finds support from Geeta and Dadi Maa. The prayers are because of Navratri and also there is Havan with young girls invited to have food. Aarushi is winning the heart of Vihaan’s moms while balancing her work but still some of her mom-in laws are keeping an eye on her to find her mistakes/flaws. It so happens that Aarushi drops the Aarti prayers plate, and Vihaan’s mom intervenes and informs Aarushi on how she should be careful during prayers. She shows her displeasure towards Aarushi. Dadi Maa is moving on from her past inhibitions and superstitious beliefs to give more space to Aarushi. Will Dadi Maa steer Aarushi ahead in winning all mom’s warmth and love ?


Nisha cries and sees her cousins shedding tears. She gets emotional and decides to make her Bidaai unique. Nisha and her cousins decide to make everyone happy and they use the laughing gas. The entire family burst into laughter. Nisha’s plan works and the family laughs seeing the groom and bride laughing. Kabir likes the idea of laughing gas. When the laughing gas effect ended, everyone start crying and the cousins share few things about Nisha. Everyone say how they will miss Nisha and hug her. There is an emotional scene after the laughter riot.

Doli Armaanon Ki:

Ishaan and Urmi are on honeymoon in Maldives and Ishaan’s dad Anirrudh has planned it for them. Ishaan showers love to Urmi and pampers her by making tea, toasts, etc and wishes to have a good time during their stay. Meanwhile, the trouble maker Samrat & Damini are agitated with Ishaan-Urmi’s honeymoon, and he just wants to ruin it somehow. He fills Tani’s ears in going to their Honeymoon to Maldives, and she goes ahead to get the approval from Anirrudh, and even Damini wants to go. Therefore, all of them prepares to go to Maldives. Damini tries to make Urmi worried by sharing about Shaurya’s fever. It has to be seen what Ishaan’s dad Anirrudh has planned, and whether his approvals to Tani & all has some reason. Next, Ishaan & Urmi’s faces a shocking development that cut short their happiness during honeymoon. They come back and learn from doctor that Shaurya is diagnosed to have cancer. Urmi is shattered and Ishaan provides her much needed support.


Bhabhimaa gets much angry on Akshara and drags her out of the house. She pushes Akshara on the ground and says they are not related to Akshara anymore. The entire family is shocked as Bhabhimaa closes the door on Akshara’s face. Akshara is blamed for Dadda ji’s death. Bhabhimaa who used to love Akshara a lot, has now thrown her of the house. Akshara asks her to open the door and Bhabhimaa asks the family members not to let her inside. Akshara cries and recalls how everyone has pressure of Dadda ji’s bad health. Akshara decides in the hospital on everyone’s behalf and signs on the consent form, after which Dadda ji dies. The doctors tried a lot and could not save Dadda ji. Bhabhimaa blames Akshara for his death. The show will be taking a 10 year leap after this big step. Naitik tries to pacify Bhabhimaa and asks her to forgive Akshara. Akshara goes to South Africa and Naitik will be trying to get her back to Udaipur as Naksh and Naira grow up.

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Warrior High:

Vibha gets renewal in her self-confidence on how to manage her students at Warrior High after speaking with Daadi. Parth and Sid’s boxing match is about to take place and its result has implications. Sid is hoping to kiss Siyali with his win and doesn’t have any worry to run with his underwear if he loses. Parth is confident on defeating Sid and even carries some over confidence in defeating Sid-Charlie all alone. Siyali is worried on the match’s outcome and earlier downplayed, rejected Krissane’s accusation that she yearns for Sid’s kiss. Meanwhile, Parth gets support from Niti in speaking to his mom with Krissane’s phone. On another front, Siyali’s presence in Warrior High as Angela is getting unfolded when Anwesha inquires about Utkarsh at his orphanage. Anwesha is puzzled about Utkarsh sharing the namesake to her grandson. What’s in store for Siyali & Sid with the boxing match result, and how it is going to affect their life ? Will Anwesha figure out Siyali’s real identity there & also her role in changing scholarship exam papers ?

Sasural Simar Ka: 

Prem fainting Nagin with the medicine to make animals sleep makes her annoyed later. Sid also gets killed and Roli, Simar, Amar, and Prem are in grief. Roli gets posession of the Trishul  and takes her revenge against Nagin for Siddhant’s death. She finds opportunity to attack Nagin when she was hurting Prem and Amar. Roli hits out at Nagin with the Trishul piercing her body thereby pushing her over the cliff after the attack. Roli carries tears after killing Nagin and takes time to get over the loss of Siddhant. Amar & Prem provides support to Roli.

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The flashback scenes of Ragini & Neil starts unfolding to reveal how Suhani came in their life. Dada ji was the reason for both Neil & Ragini to get married. Additionally, there was a clause in Dada ji’s that only if Neil marries Ragini then he would get the property share. Ragini knows Neil’s flirting & affairs, and is not interested to marry him but at the same time Neil’s study to become cardiologist & Dada ji holds prominence in her heart. It is not easy for her to discard Dada ji’s last words – That Neil is like a horse, and she is the one who can control him. Neil loves his Dada ji but also in serious relationship with his GF Rupali since 2 years while having other girlfriends from time to time. Both Neil & Ragini are contrasting personalities, and the need of a big transformation is the requirement for marriage to take place. There is compromise angle as well as emotional attachment. What was the trigger that made Ragini & Neil to go ahead for the marriage ?



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