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Bhaiya ji and his wife Tejaswini are not happy to see Chakor’s remaining defiant to study and continues to go to school, and all their plans are failing. They come up with another plan and wants to compel Chakor leaving the school by herself. Chakor attends the school and writes the exam, and the teacher finds chit at her bench, and concludes that she was cheating. Chakor gets shocked to hear the accusation from her teachers and have loss of words. Such accusation hits at her honesty & self-respect. How Chakor tackles this obstacle, and prove herself honest and no role in cheating ?

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Nandini keeps some distance and doesn’t let Manik come close. Dhruv has helped Manik & Fab 5 at the bar and slowly reconciliation between them is on the cards. Aaliya & Mukti discuss relationships, and Aaliya feels dejected to see Dhruv’s negligent and not caring attitude towards her. To make matters worse, she might be getting more problems arising from her relationship with him. Cabir is in a fix with Navya’s mom who thinks her daughter carries all the manners of to-be bride for him. He tries to deal with his mom who came there to see her to be daughter-in law. Cabir gets pressure from both families – Navya & his own mom in getting hitched. His mom even tried earlier with tears to change his stance of being gay. Will Cabir succumb to family pressure, or find a way to escape the marriage problem ?

Warrior High:
Siyali’s truth of taking the identity of Angela is known to Anwesha, the head of Warrior High, and Anwesha also knows of Siyali & Utkarsh came to stay at orphanage in their early childhood by NGO bringing them there, and Siyali remembers Utkarsh as Rajput from that time. She thinks Utkash is not merely her grandson’s namesake but in all certainly he is actually her grandson. Anwesha asks Siyali but couldn’t get the answer well, but nevertheless she would give a chance to Siyali to stay at Warrior High while keeping things confidential. Parth at his end has to win back the trust of Siyali, Niti and also Utkarsh after running away from boxing match as he just wanted to go home to save his mom who was getting beaten. Vibha supports and motivates him in earning back the friendship. He prepares to win Siyali’s lost confidence in him as she believes Utkarsh considered him as brother but he ditched him when needed the most. Utkarsh gets fine after getting severe thrashing at the boxing match, and he would be getting his box which has his Maa from Sid.

Finally, Urmila is in two minds – to believe or not to believe on Utkarsh being her lost son who went missing at the market when he was just 2 yrs old. Will Anwesha inform Urmila on Utkarsh’s past – getting admitted into orphanage at early childhood alongwith Siyali by NGO? How Utkarsh’s life revelation & presumably relationship of a son with Urmila cast its effect on her ?

Sasural Simar Ka:
Amar comes to Bhardwaj family’s home and informs Simar and all on getting two evidences – Mangalsutra and also a man, and he is sure the truth will come out soon. Roli marks her entry after listening to Amar and in a teary voice asks him to stop. She suggests there is no need to find the truth as Siddhant is not alive. Later on, Roli leaves her home covertly and blindfolds herself in the car. Simar senses Roli is hiding something and she prepares to find it out.

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Tu Mera Hero:
Panchi is putting efforts for Titu to study and wants him to succeed in the interview to go to New Jersey to work there. She teaches him general knowledge subject but his aunt Rekha brings snacks and drinks to divert his attention. Panchi is fine with Titu eating while studying but makes sure he doesn’t sleep. Titu finds excuses to not study but Panchi with her smartness and wits convinces him to study for mutually agreed amount of time. Panchi is optimistic and overcoming all the obstacles coming in Titu’s path which are created by Rekha, Mukund, Vaishali, and Manorama. She wants to see Titu succeed and go to US. Well, her efforts would be bearing result with Titu’s getting acceptance to work in US but her larger intentions is to change Titu from a lazy fellow to hardworking, and had promised to Titu’s dad Govind. Will Titu start showing qualities of a hardworking man ?

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Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar:
Suhani wants to meet Ragini, her step-mom as she know all the truth from her dad Neil. But she is not finding right excuse to go to Ragini’s home and Agam comes with an idea.  Meanwhile, Raj prepares to talk with Ragini about Suhani’s truth since she doesn’t know the relationship with her. At the time of divorce, Ragini hates Rupali’s child believing Neil is the father, and thus the revelation of Suhani as that child is not easy for her. Neil is circumspect on Ragini’s immediate reaction. Nivedita pushes Pam to arrange engagement with Neil but doesn’t get favorable response as Suhani and Neil-Ragini’s past is reflecting on them. Neil is still mistaken about Ragini being married with Aman, and it has to be seen what role Raj would be play in bringing Neil & Ragini close ?

Kumkum Bhagya:
Abhi and Pragya have a romantic dance for sometime upon Bulbul’s insistence at the party to celebrate their return. Pragya carries nervousness and is not comfortable since Abhi is angry with her, and her feelings get curbed. Both continue to show some affection as everyone are present there. Abhi showed care and concern to Pragya before but now flipflops to remain in anger mode, and Pragya’s feeling of love for him taking a backseat.

Tarak Mehta Ka Oolta Chashmah:
Dayaben and Jethalal have found new happiness in their life after finding a girl child (infant) at the temple and has brought her home. They gave her the name Khushi and soon gets emotionally attached to the baby. Moreover, all the Gokuldham society are excited to see the baby’s arrival and also Jethalal’s family members take care of the baby. Dayaben and Jethalal are also worried on the prospect of the child’s actual parents coming to their home one day soon to take the baby away. They get anxious on that thought but also admits that could happen in reality as well.

Diya Aur Baati Hum:
Sandhya and Sooraj begin a new phase in life post leap with son Ved growing up with them and doing all the mischieve which a child of his age does. He acts like an officer and presents himself to other children and his grandparents Bhabho & Babasa. Sandhya comes back home after doing her police duty and makes Ved calm down and also to make him sober. But Ved’s childhood innocence also has mischieve written all over it and Sandhya will be going to manage her son well in times to come.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai:
Akshara gets teary eyed and cries after her long wait of 10 years to speak with her family bore fruit. She gets a call from Nandini who apologizes to her for putting blame on Dada ji’s death. Akshara hopes Bhabhi Maa also forgive her one day after knowing the full truth. Nevertheless, Akshara carries mix emotions with Naitik and keeps hope of things getting fine in her extended family whom she loves the most. In her new journey in Cape Town, she works as a Hindi teacher at University of Cape Town, and her son Naksh is also a student who attends her class.

Nisha Aur Uske Cousins:
Nisha does her own Grah Pravesh after marking her entry in Kabir’s home. Kabir helps her by bringing the rice in a plastic mug instead of Kalash. She goes on to decorate the entrance and wants to shoulder the responsibilities in having a good feel and outlook to her home. Around that same time, Viraj made his entry there and she thinks he is disturbing and doesn’t want to take his help. Nisha & Kabir does the household chores together and they inch closer to each other.

Suhani Si Ek Ladki:
Yuvraaj speaks his heart out to Suhani about the truth of his life. He manages to convince her in putting efforts to make Soumya realize her mistakes so that she can rectify in time. The trust plays the binding element in their relationship. He speaks of trusting her and wants to also realize his Dadi on her mistake and plotting. Suhani’s parents maintain aloof and not interfere in her matter now but Soumya’s mom continues to remain upset with her daughter’s scheme of things. Soumya stays in Birla home but carries worry on her face. Pratima gets consolidated from Sharad on things and he suggests Yuvraaj will handle things well. Additionally, Dadi’s words on making Yuvraaj marry Soumya not coming true, and not to be taken seriously. Moreover, with changing landscape of Dadi giving more affection to Soumya makes Rags unhappy while Menka starts pondering on doing the righteous. Will Suhani & Yuvraaj in tandem instill in Soumya to rectify her mistakes and not get influenced in her life decisions ?

Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi:
Ishani stays with Shikhar after she helped his mom from goons and she wasn’t aware of her relationship with him. Shikhar informs his mom all about Ishani. Meanwhile, Ranveer misses Ishani while she also misses him at her end. However, RV takes care of the responsibilities of Ritika and has saved her earlier from fire in kitchen. Another instance of his support comes to forefront when he defends Ritika who was getting taunts from ladies at the Godh Bharai function. RV bats for Ritika and her self-respect at his home. RV continues to believe Ishani is not alive and it so happens that Ishani comes to RV’s Godh Bharai place while following Shikhar but both RV & Ishani doesn’t see each other. While Derwash and Mala know about Ishani to be alive but keeps quiet, the former one listens to his mom Chaitali’s shrewd suggestions and the latter doesn’t know when to speak. Will Ritika come to know of Ishani, and what she is going to do with that revelation : keeping mum to act selfish or informing RV ?


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