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Ved makes a request to them to enroll him in an international school and Sooraj feels short of his needs. The four year span of Sandhya being away from Ved, makes her feel that he needs his mother care to become a disciplined boy. She turns strict to Ved to control his mischief and talks to Sooraj about Ved’s request. Sooraj sees the news article about the kidnappers who had taken Vansh, and cries missing Vansh and recalling his death. Sandhya and Sooraj break down by Vansh’s memories and decide to do the best for Ved.

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Yuvraaj and Suhani has teamed up to show Soumya her mistakes, which she could not realize even when her mother Madhuri disowned her. Madhuri is very ashamed and apologizes to Suhani for failing to give good values to Soumya. Later on, the entire family sits to have dinner together. Everyone praise the food made by Suhani and does not care for Soumya. Yuvraaj gets the idea to start working out his plan by showing Soumya’s bad points to Dadi. Suhani is tensed as her planning can come out. Yuvraaj finds it hard to be sweet to Soumya, but does good drama to fool Soumya. Suhani feels bad to fool Soumya, but Yuvraaj explains her this is necessary to bring Soumya’s life back on right track and unite her with her first love Krishna. Yuvraaj thinks to use Rags and Menka to kick out Soumya by using the women’ jealousy factor which can work in his favor. He makes Rags realize of losing her status in Birla House by Soumya’s presence.


Nisha and Kabir come close by some reason. They argue over the diary and buy vegetables together. He gifts her bangles as a marriage gift. While they snatch the diary from each other, Nisha falls over him and they get busy in a minute eyelock, then recalling their rules to not fall in love with each other. Kabir’s mischievous and cool attitude matches well with Nisha. Nisha takes the control of his house in her hands and assures Kabir that she will manage all responsibilities well. How will Viraj’s entry in their lives affect them? Nisha gets troubled by Viraj’s sight at the door and asks Viraj to leave from their home. Kabir does not have any family and its sweet to see how Nisha settles in Kabir’s home and converts his house into a lovely home.

Satrangee Sasuraal:

Vihaan knows the money shortage at Aarushi’s family and goes to meet her mum. He hands over some money to her mum and asks her to keep this matter hidden from Aarushi, else she will not forgive him and this can hurt her. Her mum agrees and keeps the money on Vihaan’s insistence. Aarushi enters the home and is stunned seeing Vihaan giving money to her mum. She gets many things in mind seeing Vihaan help them financially. Vihaan gets tensed seeing Aarushi and does not know what will be her reaction.


Radha and LD’s hearts get broken again. Radha tells everyone that she does not love LD and she did all the wedding drama to take revenge from LD, as her family has also bear much insult because of LD. They lost the family name and she says she wanted to break his family and succeeded too. LD’s family gets stunned and even Sudhakar and Suhasini can’t believe what Radha is doing. LD gets the proof against Radha and he decides to part ways with Radha. Suhasini scolds Radha, while Sadhna’s trust breaks on her. Will LD know that Radha is covering up Dada ji’s mistake?


The land matter has already started creating differences between Veera and Baldev. While he goes against Balwant and Ratan, and makes his mall decision final. The panchayat gets against Ratan for favoring her son in law and Ratan finds it best to resign from her sarpanch post to end all allegations. Ratan asks the village panchayat to elect any new sarpanch and the nominations for the post starts. Ratan shows her trust in Veera as she has done a lot for the pind and asks her to take her place. While Veera gets glad seeing Ratan’s trust, she later comes to know that Baldev too is nominated for the sarpanch post. Manjeet uses sarpanch nominations against them and makes Veera leave the home. How will Ratan manage her children’s lives and their respective marriages.


Shlok and Astha have been trying hard to get the Power of Attorney papers from Indrajeet. Shlok’s failed attempt to steal the POA makes the POA land in bank. Shlok makes the necessary docs and asks Astha to take Indrajeet’s sign to get the POA back on Niranjan’s name. Astha succeeds in taking Indrajeet’s sign after much difficulty. Shlok does not know that Anjali was being kidnapped and assumes the goons attacking her for gold chain. Ahilya takes the matter in her hand knowing Indrajeet has failed to keep his promise. She makes Kavita invite Anjali to her home for the puja. Anjali gets glad thinking her presence in puja can make Kavita happy and forget few of her sorrows. Ahilya sends the goons to kidnap and kill Anjali. Though Kavita regards Anjali a good friend, will she come to know about her mum’s crime? With Anjali’s death, Shlok and Astha will suffer a major change in their lives. Ahilya succeeds in breaking Niranjan and the show is heading towards a short leap with Niranjan fighting back with Ahilya and coming face to face with Kavita and his past.


Ruhi gets heartbroken seeing Ishita doing the Navratri Mata Rani Bhog puja with Ananya. Ruhi takes her belongings and does not stay in Bhalla house even after everyone requests. Ruhi states that Shagun is best for her and she will be with Shagun by all her will now, asking the family to rejoice with Adi. Ishita cries and finds hard to manage her stress with Ruhi going away and Mihika’s matter. Suraj bails out Ashok and they plan to use Raman to hurt Ishita and Mihika. Ashok lands to meet Mihika and cleverly makes the words fall in Ishita’s ears that Raman works for him. Ishita gets stunned and confronts Raman for hiding the matter. Raman admits to work under Ashok to balance the family and Rinki’s marriage expenses. The couple consider the troubles they faced by Shagun and Ashok, and now Ruhi is used by them. How will Ishita end Ruhi’s Ad contract and take her back from Shagun?


Bhairavi, the seventh Garuda guides Rudra by taking Maai Mui’s avataar as he was most close to her than others. Rudra dies to take a rebirth as a Garuda and possesses all the powers to become the Garuda Head. Bhairavi guides him towards his motive to protect Amrit. The new entry is Leela, who is a positive rebel in the Naagvansh. Dansh loves her and Leela does not have any feelings for Dansh knowing his cruelty and madness. Leela meets Rudra and becomes his helping support from the Naagvansh. Shivanand is beaten up by the Naagvansh. Dansh comes to know about Rudra changed into Garuda head and speeds up his process being sure of getting victory over all Garudas. Will Rudra succeed in saving his father and also the Amrit?

Shastri Sisters:

Everyone waits for Devyaani’s decision about marrying Neil. Devyaani thinks of Neil’s love before he cheated her for Minty’s revenge, and gives her nod to marry Neil to end the tension between the families. On the other hand, Neil did not expect Devyaani to say yes for the proposal and gets a shock. Sareen asks Neil to agree to marry Devyaani else he will disown him. Neil helplessly agrees to marry Devyaani and shocks Minty. Minty plans against the sisters again and shows her total acceptance towards Devyaani, which alerts Anu and makes her doubt on Minty’s motives. Rajat asks Anu not to worry as he will always support her and make sure Minty does not harm Devyaani by any way.

Tere Sheher Mein:

Amaya manages to carry off the duties of Rishi’s Tehrvi by Mantu’s help, when Sneha was worried for the Mahabhojan for Pandits. Sneha’s dad comes to know about her stay in neighborhood and asks everyone in his family to avoid Sneha and her daughters. While Sneha’s mum has her own free thinking and does not get under anyone’s decision, she tries to help Sneha out in odd times. Rudra keeps his hatred for Mathurs a secret and continues to exploit their money and resources on pretext of help. Rudra delivers the gas cylinder late to Sneha and makes excuses. Sneha does not understand Rudra’s intentions, but gets glad seeing a major change in Amaya. Mantu gets to know about Rishi’s death and how Amaya is facing troubles, and gets friendly with her.

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