Ayesha artfully fools and tortures Laxmi in Dream Girl

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laxmi dream girl

The small town Laxmi who has immense trust on Ayesha, does not know her true side. She shares all her secrets and problems with Ayesha, thinking Ayesha regards her sister. Ayesha fools Laxmi cleverly by showing her fake plaster and making her do all the work. Karan, Amrita and Nidhi make things tougher for Laxmi as per Ayesha’s plan. While the fish tank cleaning task has injured Laxmi a lot, Ayesha’s bad step to bite Laxmi’s fingers when she made her have food is ridiculous. Ayesha praises herself and thinks she can control anyone in the world, by using her manipulations and power. Ayesha tries to rule over Meera and show off to Nandini, by fooling Meera and messaging her by Dhruv’s name, showing interest in Meera. Nandini gets helpless seeing Meera getting on Ayesha’s side.

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Later on, Laxmi gets in a fix where Karan brings the rats and drops in Ayesha’s cabin, giving the responsibility to Laxmi to free the cabin off the rats. Laxmi attempts a lot and does not succeed. She uses all her wits and tries hard to send the rats. Ayesha’s costly statue gets broken in the process and Laxmi panics thinking about Ayesha’s reaction. Ayesha burdens her by her goodness and favors, to start owning Laxmi by her humbleness. Laxmi does not know Ayesha’s intentions to break her courage and send her back to Jodhpur. Samar sees Laxmi hurt every day and does not know which office she works in. Laxmi hides about Navrang studios and her PA job from Samar. Will Samar be able to help Laxmi? Keep reading.



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  2. jagdish patel Avatar
    jagdish patel

    To much tortures by Ayesha,it not looks reality. Not worth to watch

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