TR’s Top Spoilers For This Week


TR's Top Spoilers For this Week

Doli Armanon Ki:

Samrat tells Shaurya the truth of his disease. Urmi loses her temper and slaps and beats Samrat for his big mistake. Ishaan comes in between and calms down Urmi. Urmi says Shaurya will die one day, Samrat will not save him, he has always has hatred for him, and now when he is so ill, Samrat has told him everything to break his strength and willpower to live life. She gets angry and leaves from there. Ishaan seeks an answer from Samrat for his doings.



Shekhar’s mum cries and is angry on Ragini that she has refused to marry Lakshya. She asks her how did she become so shameless to break her engagement herself and did not think about her family once. Ragini tells her that she has just said the truth and if it effects her marriage, she can’t help. She has told the truth to Durga Prasad. Her grandmum says she has spoken infront of all elders for the first time, and she will never forgive her. Shekhar supports Ragini and his mum gets annoyed with them in failing all her efforts and expectations.

Satrangee Sasural:

Vihaan buys a new car and presents as a gift to his mum. Everyone get glad and pose with Vihaan and the car. They make Aarushi stand away and does not make her a part of their family. Aarushi feels if she is made so away, how will her mum in laws accept her as bahu, and let her start a married life with Vihaan. Vihaan does not notice Aarushi’s sadness and takes pics with his mothers.

Tere Sheher Mein:

The girls talk to Sneha about leaving Banaras and going back to Mumbai. Sneha asks them to give her some time to think what she can do. Rachita understands that they have to stay in Banaras now and better accept the truth. Rachita calls the electrician and gets the switches work. Amaya gets annoyed and tells her that she will not stay in Banaras, and they are doing things to settle there. Rachita says they have to fix many things. Jaz asks Amaya to accept that they are staying here. Amaya is planning to leave Banaras and Rachita asks her to adjust with the situation. Amaya says she will never make her stay in Banaras permanent and thinks to convince Sneha to take them back to Mumbai.

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Jamai Raja:

Roshni has come in Baweja’s home as a maid. She does all the household work. She cleans the floor and tries to get the keys to save Sam. She drops the glass and takes the keys. She takes the keys impression. She thinks Baweja has locked Sam there and she will free her soon. Sam is not there and Roshni’s plan fails. Sid reaches the place and beats Baweja. He gets angry and Roshni and DD try to stop him. The police comes and takes Sid away.


Sooraj and Sandhya take Ved for the first day of his school and everyone wish him all the best. Ved meets Vansh and things do not go well between them. Ved takes part in a fancy dress competition and dresses as a sweetmaker, like his dad Sooraj. All the kids laugh on him knowing his father is a Halwai and Ved feels embarrassed of his father’s profession. She tells everyone about his mother ASP Sandhya Rathi and feels proud that she is a police officer. He tells Sooraj that he will not become like him and he will follow Sandhya’s steps. Sooraj gets disheartened seeing Ved not respecting his profession. Sandhya thinks to make Ved realize Sooraj’s sacrifices for his family and why he did not pursue education.

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Dream Girl:

Ayesha praises herself and thinks she can control anyone in the world, by using her manipulations and power. Ayesha tries to rule over Meera and show off to Nandini, by fooling Meera and messaging her by Dhruv’s name, showing interest in Meera. Nandini gets helpless seeing Meera getting on Ayesha’s side. Ayesha burdens her by her goodness and favors, to start owning Laxmi by her humbleness. Laxmi does not know Ayesha’s intentions to break her courage and send her back to Jodhpur. Samar sees Laxmi hurt every day and does not know which office she works in. Laxmi hides about Navrang studios and her PA job from Samar.

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Shastri Sisters:

She hires an actor and sends same sherwani as Neil, asking him to take Neil’s place in the mandap. She tells her plan to Neil and he gets worried for Devyaani. Neil starts thinking of Minty’s plan being too much and this could ruin Devyaani’s future. Neil thinks about Devyaani being his good friend and his love for her, and could not imagine how Minty will be hurt if he goes against her now. He gets into a dilemma to save Devyaani or obey Minty. Devyaani tells Alka that she has an intuition that something wrong is going to her with her. Anu tries to find Minty’s plan and keeps an eye on her. She gets to know about the two sherwanis and sees Minty bribing a man between the marriage function. Anu gets suspicious and confronts Minty, telling her that she will not let her ruin Devyaani’s life.

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Dil Ki Baatein Dil Hi Jaane:

Ram tells Anu that he can’t let her die, when he has one thing in hand to keep trying to make her life long. Anu tells him that her death is near and he can’t fight with her death, and let her go as her happiness lies in ending his efforts. She tells him that he can fight with her cancer, but not with her destiny. Ram gets annoyed with Lord as Anu did not get well even after being much devoted to Lord. All her prayers and vows have gone in vain, as Lord did not help them. She asks him not to overhurt himself by having a fake hope, as her death is decided. He tells her that his love will fight with her death, disease and destiny. He does everything to keep her happy and make all her dreams fulfilled. He prays to Lord to give Anu a life. He manages Aarav and Disha after Anu’s illness gets known to them.


Soumya sees Yuvraaj and Suhani close and he again fools her by bringing a comparison. Yuvraaj gives next task to Soumya to take care of Pratima and impress her.Pratima tells Soumya that she will never accept her as her bahu which irks Soumya. She loses her temper and misbehaves, which makes Soumya fall in everyone’s eyes. Dadi asks Soumya to prove herself better than Suhani, else she will kick her out of Yuvraaj’s life. Dadi feels Yuvraaj is more happier with Suhani serving his family well, whereas Soumya is just giving tension to Yuvraaj by being incapable. Soumya realizes Krishna’s worth who treated her like a princess and thinks about him. She tries to reach his letters and is stunned seeing the letters missing from her cupboard.

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Anjali defends what Indrajeet did with them and why Ahilya’s revenge was justified. Anjali asks Shlok not to scold anyone from Sarkar Family and tells them the dark truth of Kavita Pishi. Niranjan is stunned seeing Kavita and recalls his past, how he has done injustice with her. Anjali asks him to answer Kavita and her, about his step to abandon Kavita and ruin a woman’s life. Niranjan gets speechless and Shlok could not believe it. Niranjan pacifies Anjali and apologizes to her, getting tensed when Anjali asks him to give Kavita her full rights. She asks Shlok to return all property to Kavita and Ahilya, and also refuses to be with Niranjan, as her marriage is null in Kavita’s presence.

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Ruhi comes to Shagun’s place and misses Ishita a lot. She gets hurt and recalls how Ishita used to become her medicine. Though she has stopped Ishita from loving her, she still talks to her pic and cries. Shagun attends Ruhi, but Ruhi wishes to talk to Ishita once. She calls Ishita and disconnects being annoyed with her. She feels she had good time with Ishita in Kanchan puja and thinks what to do, to talk to Ishita or not. Shagun sees Ruhi calling Ishita and stops her. Ishita applies to reopen the custody case and there will be another courtroom drama, where Ishita will be getting back Ruhi’s custody from Shagun, leading to Ruhi’s happiness.

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KumKum Bhagya:

Abhi’s family has started having baby dreams and puts some pressure on Abhi and Pragya. They even get books for good baby keeping and also chooses names for the baby. Abhi and Pragya fight for the naming ceremony, and all the misunderstanding get funny. Dadi asks them to choose the baby names, saying if they choose names, then they will definitely have kids. Dadi tries to bring them close. Abhi and Pragya make fun of their respective baby name choices. The function kept for Purab and Bulbul, changes focus on Abhi and Pragya.

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Chakor is accused of cheating in her exam after the teacher finds chits on her bench. The school’s peon actually put those chits to defame Chakor with Bhaiya ji playing his part. Soon after, Chakor is evicted out of school after the principal comes to know of it. The security guard pushes Chakor away from the gate and Imli tries to defend Chakor but in vain. Soon after, other kids start hurling different kinds of insults at Chakor by calling her with names such as – cheater, deceitful, liar, etc. Chakor gets much worried and afraid with such insults, and her honesty in studies has been insulted. Will Chakor with her courage prove to be honest, and no role in cheating thereby giving a big setback to Bhaiya ji and Tejaswini’s evil plotting ?

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Sasural Simar Ka: 

Simar pushes Roli to speak the truth and even wishes Mata Rani to help her. Roli is unable to comprehend the truth and misses Sid dearly. The truth connects with Roli’s identity of Shruti. Prem and family members aren’t happy with Roli’s departure. Roli gets teary eyed and shares an emotional hug with Simar before leaving the Bhardwaj family’s home. Simar is also empathetic but wants Roli to come to terms with the truth after finding it. Will Roli give up everything once she realizes the truth about herself ?

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