Sooraj’s profession embarrasses Ved in Diya Aur…


ved dabh

Sandhya has made Ved get the admission in the international school. Sooraj is glad that he can meet Vansh often now, after spotting him in Ved’s school and meeting Ankur and Ankita there. They recall how Ankur has cut all ties with them and taken away Vansh from them, after Vansh survived the kidnapping incident. Sooraj and Sandhya get emotional seeing their son after a span of six years and recall how good values Ankur gave him. They see all the good things in Vansh and are proud of him. Ved makes a plan with his cousins to teach Vansh a lesson and gets unfriendly with him.

Sooraj and Sandhya take Ved for the first day of his school and everyone wish him all the best. Ved meets Vansh and things do not go well between them. Ved takes part in a fancy dress competition and dresses as a sweetmaker/Halwai, like his dad Sooraj. All the kids laugh on him knowing his father is a Halwai and Ved feels embarrassed of his father’s profession. She tells everyone about his mother ASP Sandhya Rathi and feels proud that she is a police officer. He tells Sooraj that he will not become like him and he will follow Sandhya’s steps. Sooraj gets disheartened seeing Ved not respecting his profession. Sandhya thinks to make Ved realize Sooraj’s sacrifices for his family and why he did not pursue education. Will Ved and Vansh get to know they are brothers? Keep reading.



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