Boundless melodrama and lugging love in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein



Ruhi plays with some kids in the compound. Ruhi misses Ishita and wishes she comes to meet her. Her wish comes true and Ishita comes to meet Ruhi. Ruhi sees her and runs towards her. She falls down and gets hurt. Ishita rushes her wheelchair towards Ruhi. Ruhi cries and hugs her Ishi Maa. Ishita gets peace hugging Ruhi. Ishita kisses Ruhi. Ruhi turns her face, and yet accepts Ishita. Shagun has filled poison in Ruhi’s mind against Ishita, but Ruhi forgets everything seeing Ishita. Ishita takes her to Shagun’s place and does the first aid to Ruhi’s leg. Raman can’t see Ruhi wound and shouts. Shagun still shows some attitude and argues with him like always.


Ishita comes home and gets busy blaming Raman for making Ruhi get away from her, and says when Ruhi needs her now, she can’t meet her. Raman argues and does not know how to pacify Ishita. He calls Pathak and they discuss the notice sent by Shagun, that Ishita can’t meet Ruhi. Shagun says Ruhi is getting mental and emotional problems because of Ishita, and hides her need of using Ruhi for her financial stability. Raman meets Shagun asking her about Ruhi’s school getting missed because of ad modeling, and she insists him to see the ad video and realize Ruhi’s talent. She says Ruhi can go ahead in the modeling career and he understands very well that Shagun is using Ruhi to earn easy money.

They have an argument and this irks Ishita. Ishita argues how Ruhi’s childhood is being sacrificed because of Raman and Shagun. Ishita and Raman’s arguments make them get distant again. Ishita says she will not follow any court notice and will meet Ruhi. Mihika thinks the social worker Sujata can help Ishita in getting back Ruhi. Will Sujatha’s entry bring positive results for Ishita? Hopefully yes as Mihika makes Ishita meet Sujata. They together reopen the custody case. The court drama is back and Shagun blames Ishita with all wrong things. Sujata defends Ishita and fights for Ruhi’s custody. Mihika and Ishita think Sujata came as Lord’s angel, as she catches some loopholes in the legal docs and makes sure Ruhi’s custody falls in Ishita’s lap again. Keep reading.



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